Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 95

Lu Jinye had his head lowered assembling a gun. He heard footsteps and raised his head to see Lu Wan coming.

“Wanwan, do you want to give it a try?” Lu Jinye said, taking apart the newly assembled gun and putting it on the table.

But because he wanted to demonstrate to Lu Wan, he deliberately slowed down the steps.

The people in the room looked over in an instant, including Lu Buyu.

“Okay, I’ll try.” Lu Wan sat down opposite Lu Jinye.

She picked up the parts one by one, and within half a minute, she successfully reassembled the gun.

Lu Wan was good at physics and had helped repair a washing machine for Xu Yao in the past. She had it disassembled and repaired.

She doesn’t think it was very difficult. There were more than a dozen parts, but she just had to remember their order and position.

Ah Biao said loudly, “Young Miss, you’re great!”

Lu Buyu: “……”

How freakish was this? Was Lu Wan a girl?

Lu Jinye nodded. “Very good.”

He just disassembled it, but he didn’t expect her to put it back together according to the order he took it apart.

For a person who had never been exposed to firearms before, this wasn’t easy.

Lu Jinye had a very high acuity when it comes to guns, which was inherited from his father.

It’s a pity that neither Lu Lin, Lu Bainian, and Lu Buyu had the talent in this area.

Someone with talent finally appeared again! Lu Jinye was very happy!

Lu Buyu walked over quickly and defiantly said, “I want to try too.”

He spent fifteen minutes, repeatedly tried a few times, and finally put down the parts in his hand in a sulk.

“Never mind. It’s not fun.”

Ah Biao turned his head. “Little master, you can’t afford to be played?”

Lu Buyu: “……”

The bodyguards on the side were trying very hard to stifle their laughter.

Ah Biao was too direct. He still had to give the little master face. If he got angry, who would coax him?

Lu Wan withdrew her eyes and said, “Uncle, I have something to say with just the two of us.”

Lu Buyu: “Not even I can listen?”

Lu Wan resolutely refused, “You can’t.”

Lu Buyu: “……”

Lu Jinye nodded. “Wanwan have something to say to me? Okay, let’s go to the reception room nearby.”


Seeing the backs of the two leaving, Lu Buyu couldn’t help muttering, “Lu Wan won’t speak ill of me, right?”

Ah Biao and the other bodyguards couldn’t hold back the sound of their laughter this time.

The little master was so cute. No wonder he was popular.

Lu Buyu looked gloomy. “What are you laughing at? Do you know that you’ll frighten children like this?”

Ah Biao: “Did it scare the little master? I’m sorry.”

Lu Buyu: “???!!!”

Lu Buyu almost wanted to shout. Why do these people treat him like a child?

This was discrimination! How come they didn’t think of Lu Wan the same way!

No matter what, he was five years older than Lu Wan! This was too much!

Ah Biao shrugged his shoulders. The little master grew up in jar of honey[1]grow up in perfect comfort and was pampered. In fact, they liked him very much and hoped that the other party would always be carefree and happy every day.

But the young miss was different.

The young miss was the heir appointed by the boss, and was also highly regarded by the uncles and the company’s senior management.

The two people couldn’t be lump together.

Translated by Pocketrobbin at S h a n g h a i f a n t a s y


Lu Wan’s thoughts turned again and again, before finally deciding to get straight to the point.

“Uncle, I don’t think the Jiang family have any good intentions. Recently, someone from the Zhao family has also transferred to my class. It can be seen that the Zhao family has never given up. Will they collude to make trouble?”

Lu Jinye: “Our Wanwan is very far-sighted. But just because they want to go after me, it doesn’t mean it’s possible.”

Lu Wan: “What if there’s a mole? I mean if they conspired with an important person.”

Lu Jinye was stunned for a moment, then turned to look at her seriously. “Wanwan, what makes you think so?”

Lu Wan: “Probably intuition. If I were Madam Jiang, it will undoubtedly be a good step to conspire with my opponent’s close associates.”

Shopping malls were like battlefields, and such things were actually quite common.

Lu Jinye pondered for a moment and said seriously, “I know. I’ll be careful. Then do you have someone you suspect?”

He greatly valued this niece, so he would naturally believe every word she said.

Regardless of the fact that Lu Wan still doesn’t know anything about the company right now.

Having said that, she must have given it careful thought.

Other than that, Lu Jinye was only 20 years old when he started helping the family.

Not much older than Lu Wan.

Lu Wan: “Not yet.”

But as long as his uncle was on guard, those people might not succeed.

Their whole family was just a backdrop to support the happiness of the protagonists, and there were only a few sentences written about them in the original novel. Lu Wan had a hard time figuring it out.

Lu Jinye looked at the frowning person.

He felt that Lu Wan had a boyish air about her.

This actually had nothing to do with the length of the hair. It was the indomitable and fearless youthful energy.

Because of this, the elder uncles and Ah Biao like her very much.

“Wanwan, what do you want to do in the future? How about inheriting my group?” Lu Jinye asked somewhat carelessly.

Lu Wan told the truth, “I haven’t made up my mind yet.”

Lu Jinye: “Or perhaps just like your father, pursue academia?”

Although in this case, he would inevitably be a little disappointed, but as long as it was her dream, he would support her.

Lu Wan shrugged and said frankly. “I really didn’t think about it carefully, but when I returned back then, I thought that I should be true to myself in the future.”

She would never hide again, no matter whether it was gender or other aspects.

Lu Jinye: “Yourself?”

Lu Wan nodded her head. “I hope that in the future, the ‘me’ in the eyes of others and my real self will become unified.”

Hearing her words, Lu Jinye’s heart suddenly became very soft.
He said lovingly, “It will be. Uncle will always support you behind your back.”


Lu Jinye had lunch with the two juniors. He had to leave in the afternoon because of work, but before he left, he said, “You can go play at the shooting range anytime. It’s a gift from me to Wanwan.”

Lu Buyu: “Uncle, you’re playing favorites. What about mine?”

Lu Jinye: “I ordered a piano for you and it will be shipped to the country next month.”

Lu Buyu: “……”

How was that fair? Lu Wan was a cool shooting range and his was a piano?

He wanted a shooting range too. It’s badass!

As soon as Lu Jinye led his men away, Lu Buyu immediately moved to Lu Wan’s side.

“Let me discuss something with you. How about I give you the piano and you give the shooting range to me? Let’s switch.”

Lu Wan: “You are level 10 in piano, and I don’t know how to play it. Besides, if you want to come to the shooting range, you can do it anytime.”

Lu Buyu: “How can the guest and the owner be the same? I just want to switch with you.”

“Not switching.” Lu Wan ended the topic with two words.

When the siblings got home, Professor Lu and President Zhao were watching a movie at home.

It’s rare that the children weren’t there and as it was also the weekend, of course they have to enjoy their time alone.

Lu Buyu was still thinking about how to exchange gifts with Lu Wan.

Fighting her was impossible, so he could only think of other ways. He went to instigate President Zhao in an attempt to get her to speak for him.

“Piano is good for self-cultivation. I think Lu Wan should learn it. What does she need a shooting range for? Uncle obviously got our gifts backwards, so we must correct it.”

Professor Lu came over and just heard this sentence. He said with a smile, “It’s good that he gave you a piano instead of a doll.”

Zhao Jianing: “I remember that our son also liked playing with dolls when he young, so it’s fine to send that as a gift.”

To be precise, the preschooler Lu Buyu both like little boys’ remote control cars and the dolls that little girls love to play with.

The Lu family couple said that they bought some dolls for him at that time, and he praised them for their cuteness and often hugged and played with them.

Lu Buyu: “……”

This topic went a bit far away.

All right, fine, he’s completely given up.


The weather was growing colder and Christmas was only a week away.

Lu Wan and Chen Nianqing finished the latest recording of 《Math and Science Tournament》, and now there were only eight people left.

The finals would be recorded half a month later.

The final episode would not be recorded in advance, but would be broadcast live.

When the two of them set off from the TV station to the airport, snow fell from the sky.

This was the first snow of the year and passersby exclaimed in surprise.

Chen Nianqing took off the scarf around his neck and went over to put it on Lu Wan. “Girls are afraid of the cold. Don’t get sick.”

“No need. I’m not an ordinary girl.” Lu Wan took off the scarf and returned it to the other party. Smiling, she added, “If you don’t believe me, touch my hand, it’s very warm.”

Chen Nianqing froze for a moment, then reached out to touch the other person’s hand two seconds later.

Her temperature was surprisingly higher than his.

The two people’s hands were placed together, forming a sharp contrast.

Chen Nianqing’s hands were of someone that studied musical instruments, with fair complexion, long fingers, and beautiful nails, like a work of art.

Lu Wan’s hands were big, with distinct joints, and there were various tiny scars on it, all of which were left from previous jobs or injuries.

In comparison, Chen Nianqing’s hands were more like a girl’s.

Lu Wan felt somewhat embarrassed. She took her hand back, smiled and said, “Your hands are slippery.”

“Probably because I’ve applied hand cream. I carry it with me. Do you want some?” Chen Nianqing asked and already opened the cap after taking it out from his bag, motioning for the other party to extend her hands.

Those who learn musical instruments pay special attention to protecting their hands, and he was no exception.

Lu Wan had no choice but to stretch her arm and Chen Nianqing squeezed the hand cream onto the back of her hand.

She spread the hand cream. It was the first time she used this kind of thing. Not only was it moisturizing, it was also not greasy.

She raised her hand and lowered her head to smell it. There was a faint fragrance. It was very light that you had to get close to smell it.

It was the same smell that Chen Nianqing had when he helped her tie the scarf just now.

Ah…… This person lives so exquisitely. In comparison, Lu Wan felt a little embarrassed for her roughness.

“Why are you staring at me?” Chen Nianqing asked with a smile.

Lu Wan: “I’ve been wondering about something. Your lips are so red every day. Did you put on anything?”

She felt that the lipstick girls apply weren’t as good-looking as the color on his lips.

Chen Nianqing didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “No.”

“You really didn’t?”

“Why don’t you try wiping it?”

Lu Wan looked suspiciously at the other person. If he didn’t, then it was so. She didn’t need to wipe it.

The two chatted while walking as they quickly went through security and waited to board the plane.


Lu Wan arrived home in the early morning and received a bunch of Christmas presents.

All sent by those uncles.

She doesn’t accept sports cars, money, or expensive gifts.

Basically all the things sent last time were returned, except for the hair growth essential oil.

After all, in this world, almost no one could refuse hair growth products.

A problem arose. Those uncles were worried that the gifts would be returned and they would lose face, so they all gave hair growth essential oils.

She didn’t know whether they had sent it by coincidence, or they have discussed to send it together.

A bottle or a set was too little and each person gave hundreds of sets.

Lu Wan was struck dumb. This would last until eternity. A bit too over-the-top.

Lu Buyu teased at the side. “How afraid are you of losing hair? You can also apply it on your legs to promote the growth of leg hair. It will make you more masculine. How can a real man have no leg hair?!”

Lu Wan: “……”

This guy probably wanted to eat apples again. But since Christmas Eve was approaching and the price of apples was very high, she better not.

Lu Wan stood up, looked at him calmly, and shouted without warning, “Old Lu— Dad, Lu Buyu scolded me again.”

Ten seconds later, Professor Lu ran down with the book he was reading and gave his son a smack as he admonished him.

Lu Wan made room for the two of them and give them free rein. She went up the stairs humming.

Halfway through, she glanced back at Lu Buyu who was in the throes of death.

As for those essential oils, Lu Wan had a good idea. Wasn’t it nearly Christmas? She heard that many students would prepare gifts for each other.

Shangde High School was an aristocratic private school, not an exam-oriented one. The third year was not much different from other grades, except for the additional monthly exams.

This Christmas and the upcoming New Year’s Day, the school would have activities. Especially for the New Year, they said that there would be a big celebration.

Lu Wan decided to give each student a bottle of essential oil as gift. They could even ask her for another if they ran out.

After all, it would be a waste if it just expired at home.

She believed most students would like it. Hair loss was an international problem after all.

From now on, everyone’s hair would be guarded by her!

There were hundreds of bottles of hair growth essential oil in Lu Wan’s house, and they weren’t cheap. There would still be a lot left after giving some away to students.

She decided to sell it so that it would not go to waste.

On Christmas Eve, everyone was giving out apples, while Lu Wan was sending bottles of hair growth products.

Except to Zhao Jinming.

All the students were in very complicated moods, and they didn’t know whether to be moved or pained.

Zhao Yan was very speechless. She touched her hair. It should be good, right?

The hair growth product given by Lu Wan made everyone in the class nervous. They began to think about their own hair volume, and looked at each other’s hairlines to see if there was any problem.

Haley, who had thick curly hair didn’t need this stuff, but he still wanted a bottle.

This was a gift from President Lu and it might become their token of love in the future.

President Lu not only had a strong physique, but also had an interesting soul.

Ah, she was so creative even in giving things. It must be very fun to be with her.

Lu Wan sent out more than forty gifts and received even more.

She decided to bring some more to school as return gift. Soon, the whole school would smell of the same essential oil.

Lu Wan received so many presents that they couldn’t fit in the school locker. She could only pack them in two big bags and prepare to take them home.

It was not convenient to take the subway with so many things.

Lu Wan seldom acts tough, so she called Professor Lu and asked him to send someone to pick her up.

It was rare for his daughter to make a request, so Professor Lu naturally couldn’t let other people pick her up. He went home and replaced the electric bike with the Mercedes Benz that he hardly use, and went to pick her up in person.

Lu Banian picked up Lu Wan smoothly, but they encounter a problem after only a few hundred meters.

A black car came up from behind and intercepted them.

Lu Bainian drove very cautiously, keeping a strict distance between them, and was almost scared to death by the car as he was complaining about it.

Lu Wan didn’t think it would be…… a robbery in broad daylight.

The father and daughter looked at each other, and Lu Wan raised her vigilance.

The door of the black car in front opened and an old man got out and walked over with a cane.

Lu Wan frowned, opened the car window and said, “Old man, what do you mean by this? Our car didn’t touch yours, right?”

Was this a scam?

Lu Bainian hesitated for a moment before saying, “Lu Wan, this is your mother’s father. Logically speaking, he is your grandfather[2]maternal grandfather.”

However, it was only logically speaking, and he doesn’t meet eye to eye with their family.

After all, Zhao Jianing had a very cold relationship with her family because of her parents’ partiality and unfairness, and would only visit to give something during the holidays.

It was just for appearances sake. After all, the money she earned for the Zhao family far exceeded what they had spent on her.

Since the disappearance of her daughter, Zhao Jianing didn’t even go during the holidays and the two sides almost severed their relationship.

Why ‘almost’? Because how could the people of the Zhao family be willing to put aside their relationship and stop thinking of making a profit? They had never given up on repairing their relationship over the years.

It’s just that if the heart was dead, no amount of mending would help repair it.


1 grow up in perfect comfort
2 maternal grandfather


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