Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 96

Lu Wan felt a little dizzy. What the hell was going on? Could they have some manners?

To actually stop the car on the road was a bit ridiculous.

It was because of these unruly guys that passersby think that the rich and powerful families all have dog-blooded disputes; either you die or I die!

Couldn’t they follow the normal process and send an invitation first?

If they send one, it would be easier to avoid them.

Today, auntie said that she would make braised meat for her. There were pig’s trotters, duck feet, shrimp, and abalone with a large pot full of ingredients.

Auntie marinated it at noon and took a photo for her. That sauce color…… It looks delicious.

Lu Wan wasn’t picky about food. At the beginning, she only needed to eat as much as she could, but after upgrading, she only needed to eat delicious food.

As for her favorite food, she quite like braised meat.

The auntie was very good at cooking and could make food several times tastier.

And eating it in front of Lu Buyu, who was on a daily diet, would even double the deliciousness.

So could they change it for another day? She’s in a hurry to go home for dinner now.

Zhao Yueming leaning on the cane said with a solemn expression, “You are Lu Wan, right? You’ve been back for half a year but haven’t come to see me, this elder, so I had to invite myself.”

Lu Wan: “……”

The old man in front of her looks to be 80 years old and his hair was all white.

But he should be in good health. His voice when he talks was full of energy.

Ah, not kindly a person at all.

Zhao Jinming also got out of the black car and he gave a cold grunt, “Today is grandpa’s 80th birthday. Letting an 80-year-old man come and invite you in person, you guys are really good!”

Lu Wan: “……”

Sorry, she didn’t want the old man to come at all.

Zhao Jinming was keeping an eye on Lu Wan at school every day, making reports to the Zhao family and creating trouble.

Lu Wan honestly didn’t take the other party seriously.

On the contrary, every time this guy was about to make a move, Haley would find trouble for him, both openly and secretly.

Haley was very popular in school and he had a lot of thoughts. Zhao Jinming became a lot more honest after suffering a few secret losses, and he didn’t dare to mess with the little sissy again.

Lu Bainian hesitated for a while and said, “Old Mr. Zhao, this is a bit improper.”

Zhao Yueming frowned. “You’re calling me Old Mr. Zhao? Why aren’t you addressing me father-in-law? Many people have congratulated me on my birthday. As my son-in-law, don’t you have anything to say? It’s still you, husband and wife, who never put me in your eyes.”

Lu Bainian: “It’s only right for me to go and congratulate you on your birthday, but Wanwan cannot go. She has a lot of homework since she’s on her third year. I will let the child go home by herself.”

When he and his wife got married, the old master said that even if he died, he would not recognize him as his son-in-law and was extremely dissatisfied.

Lu Bainian was just a researcher at that time, much poorer than the marriage partner arranged by the Zhao family for Zhao Jianing, and he had no bright future.

However, he never felt inferior, nor did he feel that they weren’t a good match.

The two of them really love each other, and he has a heart that loves his wife.

It was absolutely unexpected that the old master would change his tune now and call him son-in-law……

It’s better to call it frightening than flattering.

Zhao Jinming: “Nonsense. There’s no homework today. Besides, aren’t Lu Wan’s grades pretty good? It didn’t matter if you miss one night.”

Zhao Yueming laughed. “Today, all the guests know that I went to invite my daughter to my 80th birthday party. If you don’t go, let others see how disrespectful Zhao Jianing is to her parents!”

Lu Wan’s head hurts again.

Old geezer, if you’re inviting your daughter, then go to the company to find President Zhao.

What was the purpose of blocking her in the middle of the road? Wasn’t this just bullying a little girl like her? Did he really think she would be frightened by this show of imposingness?

Tracing back the reason, wasn’t it because Uncle jokingly said that she was the heir of the next generation, so these people took it seriously and was completely convinced that it was true?

In Lu Wan’s perception, not everyone who was old can be called an elder. She doesn’t think of the other person as her grandfather.

How should she put it? This was an unkindly old geezer.

Lu Wan shrugged. Of course she couldn’t let Old Lu go to the Zhao’s house alone.

Wasn’t that equivalent to a sheep entering the tiger’s mouth?

How could high-level intellectuals be the opponents of this group of dodgy people?

Besides, it was obvious that these people came here for them. She’s afraid that if only Professor Lu go, others would not agree.

Lu Wan frowned slightly. “Fine, you’ve already said it up to this point. I’ll go and give a toast for your birthday.”

Lu Bainian was a little bit astonished, “Wanwan, you……”

Lu Wan gave him a look, reassuring that she had it all figured out.

Whether it was Zhao Jinming who had been probing, or the rest of the Zhao family, Lu Wan wanted nothing to do with them because it was particularly meaningless.

Taking advantage of the large number of people today, she could make things clear at once.

That’s okay too.

What Lu Wan didn’t know was that the Zhao family wouldn’t have been in such a hurry.

For the geezer to come over in person, it obviously meant that he was desperate and couldn’t wait any longer.

Lu Wan reminded Lu Jinye to be careful of the Zhao family, in order to give him a wake-up call and not be set up.

As long as he was on guard, many things would not succeed.

Lu Jinye gave it serious consideration. Wanwan wouldn’t say that for no reason.

So he decided to take the initiative to attack. In the past month, he had made things difficult for the Zhao family in every possible way.

Anyway, Lu Jinye had been displeased with the Zhao family for a long time.

Lu Jinye was influential and he had an amazing network accumulated over several generations. Basically, if he wanted to make things difficult for anyone, the other party wouldn’t have a good day.

The old master of the Zhao family was getting old and the younger generation were all mediocre talents. They were going downhill for more than ten consecutive years.

Lu Jinye handled matters in a tough manner. In his eyes, the Zhao family was nothing more than a bunch of riffraffs.

The gap between the two sides was too large that it was basically a one-sided crushing.

The Zhao family soon came to a dead end.

There was not enough time for the Jiang family to get rid of the relationship. They feared that Lu Jinye would go crazy and deal with them together.

Madam Jiang was a clever person.

The plastic friendship between the Zhao and Jiang family fell apart at the first touch. Not to mention forming an alliance, they almost became enemies.

Lu Jinye felt comfortable now. What Wanwan was worried about would never happen!

Whoever wants to mess with him must be prepared to have a hard time.

Zhao Jinming grinned, “Lu Wan, changed cars.”

“No need. We’ll drive there by ourselves.” After Lu Wan was done speaking, she walked back to Lu Bainian’s car.

Lu Bainian came back to his senses and hurried back to the driver seat.

Zhao Yueming: “Let their car drive in front.”

Zhao Jinming: “Grandpa, I was thinking the same way. Don’t lose them on the way. Lu Wan is full of tricks and much more cunning than Lu Bainian.”

Zhao Yueming sneered. “If she is the same as Lu Banian, will Lu Jinye say that he will train her as his heir?”

But then again, Lu Jinye was reckless.

Was there no man in the Lu family? Wasn’t there Lu Lin? No matter how bad Lu Buyu was, it was still better than handing it over to a girl……

He couldn’t understand and would never do so.

Zhao Yueming regrets it very much now. He shouldn’t have let Zhao Jianing go to the company at the beginning as it raised her ambition.

She actually colluded with outsiders to go against her own father and older brothers.

If one found a well-matched marriage for one’s daughter, it could bring more benefits instead.

Zhao Yueming thought that Lu Jinye’s actions were instigated by Zhao Jianing, but he never expected that it was Lu Wan who was fanning the flames behind the scenes.


In the car.

Lu Bainian asked anxiously, “Wanwan, are we really going?”

He forced himself to calm down and drive. After all, his daughter was still in the passenger seat, so nothing could happen.

“Yeah. People came to our door.”

Lu Bainian: “But…… I’m afraid you won’t be able to handle it.”

“No problem. With so many people today, can they still tie me up and not let me go?”

And even if they want to tie her up, would she just stand unmoving and let the other side do so?

Hearing what his daughter said, Lu Bainian nodded. “All right. After all, the old master came in person. If we didn’t return for his birthday it wouldn’t look good.”

The main reason was that he didn’t want Zhao Jianing’s reputation to be bad. In most people’s eyes, all were under their parents. No matter how harsh the parents treated their child, if the daughter was not filial, she would be called into question by people.

The old master came in person on his birthday. This was moral kidnapping.

Lu Bainian: “I’ll call your mother.”

Lu Wan: “Okay.”

The call was made and was quickly answered.

After Zhao Jianing finished listening, she was silent for two minutes and asked, “Have you decided to go?”

Lu Wan: “Yes.”

Lu Bainian: “We must straighten things out. I don’t want you to be discredit.”

Zhao Jianing sighed inaudibly. “I know. I’ll rush over now. We’ll go into this as a family.”

Lu Bainian: “Okay, be careful on the road. Drive slowly and don’t worry. We have also just set off.”

Yes. It’s been many years since Lu Wan was abducted. It’s time to have a closure.


Lu Buyu wanted to curse just when he walked in. The auntie was making braised food and the whole house smelled absolutely fragrant.

For those on a diet, this was equivalent to death penalty.

Eat, eat, eat. It’s best if Lu Wan gain ten catties and become a big fatty who won’t be able to marry.

It was seven o’clock and Lu Wan hadn’t come back yet. Lu Buyu felt that something was wrong. Putting aside that Cool Guy got delayed at school, why weren’t Old Lu and President Zhao also hadn’t come home?

Lu Buyu waited until eight o’clock and began to wonder if the family of three left him to go out for dinner.

He couldn’t help but call Lu Wan.

When Lu Wan received the call, the car just stopped in front of the Zhao family’s house.

The villa was brightly lit.

His eightieth birthday was a big one, so he invited many guests to wish him happiness?

It was in this house that she was lost more than ten years ago.

Lu Wan had never celebrated her birthday for seventeen years.

After all, for the old her, it was good enough to survive. In the eyes of her adoptive parents, she was nothing but a waste of money.

As for her biological parents, they should be tossing and turning every time it was her birthday.

Not to mention that these people were so lively now when their whole family hasn’t even gathered together.

It’s pretty ironic when you think about it.

“Are you with Mom and Dad?” The voice on the phone brought Lu Wan back to her senses.


Lu Buyu jumped up from the sofa at once. “You guys are going too far. How could you ah! Am I not a member of the family? The three of you left me to go out? Go to have a family party?”

Did they really regard him as a left-behind child?

Lu Wan: “Not to party. I have something to do here. Because you’re a little princess, I let you to wait at home. We’ll come back after we deal with it.”

She hoped things won’t be too ugly.

But when it comes down to it, it doesn’t really matter.

“……What?!” Lu Buyu vaguely felt that something was wrong. He added with a frown, “So where are you?”

Lu Wan: “I’ll tell you when we got home.”

Hearing the busy tone over the phone, Lu Buyu rolled on the sofa in anger.

What the? She didn’t even say it clearly.


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    Uncle lu shoulda destroyed them earlier, but i guess he’s still respecting the zhao and letting wanwan face slap them in his stead.


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