Salted Fish Become Viral After Ignoring the Love System!
Salted Fish Become Viral After Ignoring the Love System! Chapter 32

When the guests called it a day and everyone was about to go back to their rooms to rest, most of the audience realized that Ning Xiaoyu had changed into a brand new look.

【Xiao Yu’s hair seems to have been trimmed, it’s much more pleasing to the eyes than before!】

【Xiao Yu’s glasses match perfectly with the birdcage from before.】

【No way, no way, your idol seems to be wearing reading glasses? How can you even brag about that?】

【Tsk, tsk, reading glasses at such a young age? She’s been prescribed glasses?】

【What? Appearance isn’t important. Anyway, I became a fan of Xiao Yu because of her character and she stays true to it.】

【Even if Xiao Yu changes to an afro and wears black-rimmed glasses, I’ll still like her though it’s so old-fashioned!】

Generally speaking, most of the audience were face dogs[1]someone who treats good-looking people especially well, sometimes to the extent of ignoring their weaknesses. They first decide whether to follow a celebrity or not from their appearance.

However, Ning Xiaoyu’s fans were different.

Even if Ning Xiaoyu gets old and ugly one day, her loyal fans would probably still love her as before.

After all, from the very beginning, what they loved was not her face, but her character.

And such fans were also the most tenacious.


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The next day, when Ning Xiaoyu went downstairs, she unexpectedly found that the program crew hadn’t prepared breakfast for them.

The children have already drank milk.

It seems that they have to prepare their own breakfast this morning.

Sure enough, the director quickly said, “Today is the last day of the collaboration between 《Hi, My Friend》 and 《Hello Dad》. In order to make the last day even more memorable, guests have to take the children with you to buy breakfast. Anything else is fine other than no takeaway orders.”

【Setup, it’s all a setup.】

【Tsk, tsk.】

“There are quite a few breakfast places nearby and they basically have everything you want. The program team will give each group 50 yuan for breakfast, which is more than enough for you to eat.”

As his words fell, the other guests got into action one after another.

Ling Zige asked Ning Yuwei, “What do you want to eat for breakfast?”

Ning Yuwei didn’t have much appetite. She’s clearly a young actress while Ning Xiaoyu was nothing more than a 18th line starlet, how could her popularity in this show be far less than that of Ning Xiaoyu? She barely managed to muster up energy. “Let’s go and eat whatever Xiao Wei wants.”

Xiao Wei said without hesitation, “Sister, I want to eat KFC, is it okay?”

Ling Zige picked him up. “All right. Let’s go.”

Other children also said what they wanted to eat.

When it came to Ning Xiaoyu’s group, Xiangxiang said that she could eat anything.

Ning Xiaoyu nodded indicating that she knew.

While she was pondering over it, she discovered that the closest place to the guest house was a century-old steamed bun shop which was clean and sanitary. In addition to all kinds of steamed stuffed buns, it also sells soy milk.

She suggested, “How about we eat buns?”

Neither Lu Jingdu nor Xiangxiang had any objections. The two of them were just about to go out to buy steamed buns when they saw Ning Xiaoyu took out a small yellow car out of nowhere.

Noticing that their gazes were on her, she explained, “This belongs to the owner’s son, I borrowed it for fun.”

【Hahahaha, so Xiao Yu knows all the treasures the owner of the guest house have, right?】

【First the birdcage that housed a sterling, and then now this small car.】

【So what’s this small car for?】

The audience soon knew the answer.

They saw Ning Xiaoyu put the money in the small car’s body, and then manipulated it to drive out.

The small car was equipped with camera and loudspeaker via a mobile phone. Ning Xiaoyu could use her phone to see where the car was going.

【I’m dying of laughter. So Xiao Yu is using the small car to buy buns?】

【I should have guessed it!】

【I can’t guess what Xiao Yu will do all the time.】

【Indeed, Xiao Yu refreshes my understanding of her every day, hahaha.】

As Ning Xiaoyu lazily controlled the car, she noticed that Xiangxiang was looking at her with big shining eyes.

She explained to Xiangxiang seriously, “Only when you are full can you have the strength to walk.”

【Right, right, right.】

【Xiao Yu is right! How can you walk if you didn’t eat?】

【It’s like when I’m trying to lose weight. If I didn’t eat enough, how can I have the strength to lose weight?! Dog head.jpg】

【It’s all the bun shop’s fault for being so far away! Walking is exhausting!】

Ning Xiaoyu asked her two teammates while controlling the small car, “What kind of stuffing do you want?”

Xiangxiang: “I want meat.”

“Okay.” After saying that, Ning Xiaoyu looked at Lu Jingdu who was on the side. “What about you?”

“Meat bun.”

Ning Xiaoyu manipulated the small car and encountered many onlookers along the way.

The car drove forward without hesitation towards the shop. After arriving at the entrance, Ning Xiaoyu talked to the shop owner through the speaker.

“Is there still meat buns?”

There were three or four people queuing up in front of the shop. The boss looked at the small car with a strange expression on his face. “Yes.”

Ning Xiaoyu made a sound and then drove behind the person at the end of the queue to patiently wait her turn.

While waiting in line, Ning Xiaoyu took advantage of the time and made herself a glass of lemonade.

She held the glass after taking a small sip and said to the audience, “Drinking lemonade in moderation helps whiten the skin.” Of course, she’s only drinking it because she likes it.

Before it was their turn, Ning Xiaoyu asked the other two how many buns they wanted.

Xiangxiang was small so one was enough for her while Lu Jingdu requested three. As for the fathers, they would be responsible for their own breakfast.

Not long after, it was their turn.

Ning Xiaoyu spoke through the mobile phone, “I want to buy four meat buns, two pork and vegetable buns, and three sweet soy milks.”

Her voice was clearly transmitted to the ears of everyone in the shop.

The boss looked down at the small car while his hands remained busy. He exclaimed, “Got it.”

“The money is in the seat.”

“All right.” The boss leaned over to pick up the money, then put the change back. “I placed the extra back for you.”


During this period, more and more people were watching from the side.

“Someone’s talking?”

“There must be, haven’t you seen the camera on the car?”

“That’s quite strange.”

“There’s a lot of new things these days.”

Who would have thought that one day people could buy breakfast just by operating a small car without leaving their homes?

The boss put the packed buns and soy milk into the car seat.

Seeing that things were already into place, Ning Xiaoyu lazily controlled the car back.

After a while, the small car drove back safely.

There were buns, soy milk, and change inside.

Ning Xiaoyu got up, distributed the meat buns to her two teammates, and started to eat the pork and vegetable buns.

【I can’t believe this is possible!】

【I’ve learned it, I’ve learned it!】

【Even if Xiao Yu wants to eat KFC, she can control this to buy it.】

【Ning Xiaoyu: Yes, but it’s not necessary. The KFC is too far away and not as close as the bun shop so it’s inconvenient.】

The other guests walked for a long time before reaching the breakfast shops. Ning Xiaoyu, however, didn’t even leave the guest house. She just stayed there and ate warm buns and fresh soy milk.

When the other guests came back, Ning Xiaoyu had already eaten and rested for most of the morning.

When Ning Yuwei and the others arrived, they spotted the small car in front of the guest house at a glance.

“What’s this for?”

“It’s a little small. It doesn’t seem like the children can sit in?”

The owner of the guest house overheard their conversation and explained, “Xiao Yu used it to buy breakfast just now.”

The owner modified this small car for his son to play with but he had never thought it would come in handy. It wasn’t a waste of the time he had spent modifying it.


It was free time after breakfast. Guests could take their little ones for a stroll around the neighborhood or stay at the guest house.

Ning Xiaoyu wouldn’t leave if she could stay inside.

The weather had been getting colder recently. It wasn’t this cold two days ago that they could still wear one layer of clothes, but when she woke up this morning, the temperature had dropped drastically.

Ning Xiaoyu had already put on a thick coat.

In this kind of cold weather, she likes to stay under the covers and lie in bed without doing anything.

It’s a pity that she’s still recording a show and couldn’t do so.

While Ning Xiaoyu was looking regretful, Ning Yuwei spoke up, “While we’re on our way to KFC earlier we discovered a small amusement park nearby. The rides inside looked quite new. Do the children want to go?”

Upon hearing this, the children raised their hands one after another. “I want to go!”

“I want to go too!”

At the last count, four children were going to play in the amusement park and two were staying.

Among the two children staying behind was Xiangxiang.

【Taking care of Xiangxiang is really easy.】

【Actually, I feel that Xiangxiang wanted to go but she gave up for Xiao Yu. It should be because she knows that Xiao Yu wants to stay in the guest house.】

【Ah, can a four years old be so sensible?】

【Of course they can, especially for such a smart and lovely child as Xiangxiang.】

【I suddenly have a feeling that Xiangxiang is spoiling our Xiao Yu. What’s going on?!】

【Upstairs, you’re not wrong, Xiao Yu is indeed being spoiled by a four year old!】

【Salted Fish King deserves to be pampered!】

【Baby Xiangxiang is so caring!】

【Who doesn’t want to spoil Xiao Yu?】

Therefore, the other guests went out against the cold winter wind, while Ning Xiaoyu stayed in the guest house with a few others.

Ning Xiaoyu was afraid of both extreme cold and heat. She spoke to Lu Jingdu and then took Xiangxiang to the back kitchen.

The kitchen in the guest house wasn’t quite like the usual modern kitchen. There was a stove with a wood fire underneath. They were still using the old mode of cooking.

Ning Xiaoyu sat in front of the stove with Xiangxiang.

The wood fire burned brightly.

The heat came in a steady stream, dispelling the winter chill.

Just as Ning Xiaoyu was thinking about whether or not to have some snacks, the slightly sad voice of the love system suddenly sounded in her ears.

【Girl, how can you leave the movie king alone at such a warm moment? Winter is the time for everyone to huddle together for warmth.

Although the movie king looks indifferent and omnipotent, people will always have moments of loneliness.

So, use your care to warm up the movie king.

Winter limited task: Invite the movie king to warm up by the fire.】

Having done a lot of multiple choice tasks, the first thought that flashed through Ning Xiaoyu’s mind when she first saw there was no need for her to choose anything was: Today’s task is actually quite simple.

It’s just inviting Lu Jingdu to warm up by the fire together, it wasn’t much of a task at all.

Thinking so, she told Xiangxiang to stay there for a while. Then, she got up and walked out of the back kitchen, and soon found Lu Jingdu sitting alone in the lobby. She walked over and spoke to him, “Warm up by the fire together with us. The back kitchen is much warmer than the lobby.”

Lu Jingdu was obviously a little surprised to be invited and he said after two seconds, “Will it be inconvenient?”

He’s been to the back kitchen. It’s very small and not many people could sit down.

If there was one more person, it might be crowded.

Ning Xiaoyu grabbed his arm directly. “It’s fine, it’s convenient.”

Lu Jingdu glanced at his arm that was caught and after a moment of silence, he nodded. “Okay.”

Seeing that Lu Jingdu agreed, Ning Xiaoyu asked the owner for a few sweet potatoes, before taking him to the back kitchen with her. During this period, the love system had been constantly screaming in her ears.

【Ahhhhh, Girl, that’s what it’s all about! Someone has to take the initiative, otherwise how else will your story proceed?】

【You grabbed the movie king’s arm but he didn’t reject it! If it were someone else, they would have been rejected long ago!】

Today’s portion of sugar, it got it, it got it!

Ning Xiaoyu passed its ramblings through another ear. After returning to the back kitchen, Ning Xiaoyu showed Xiangxiang the sweet potatoes she’s holding. “How about we eat roasted sweet potato later?”

Xiangxiang’s beautiful big eyes sparkled like shiny black pearls. “Okay.”

Ning Xiaoyu tucked her hands while waiting for the sweet potatoes to be cooked. At some point, the owner’s chubby cat that weighed more than a dozen catties also walked over slowly towards Ning Xiaoyu and started to warm itself by the fire.

Ning Xiaoyu moved in sync with the cat lying at her feet.

One person and one cat had same closed eyes and same clasped hands.

【Divine synchronization!】

【A salted fish and a cat, this combination works!】

【Tucking their hands, it’s really cute!】

【Waiting for the roasted sweet potatoes while warming up by the fire in the middle of winter. I somehow feel quite cozy!】

【Compared to the chaotic live stream next door, I suddenly feel really peaceful here, hahaha.】

Today, four groups of guests took their children to the amusement park.

When children sat on swinging and sliding rides, it was inevitable that there would be minor bruises.

These children weren’t very old and were all pampered. Thus, if any little injury occurs, it wouldn’t be a small problem.

Ning Xiaoyu was too lazy and couldn’t be bothered about other people’s situation. She warmed herself by the fire and waited to eat sweet potatoes.

Xiangxiang sat on her right against the wall and Lu Jingdu sat on her left.

The three of them sat in a row and warmed themselves by the fire. It’s kind of cute and warm.

Time seems to have deliberately slowed down there.


When the sweet potatoes were finally cooked, the director on the side suddenly came over and said, “Xiaoyu, several game companies want to invite you to be their spokesperson. Take a look and see, which one do you like?”

【There are game companies who noticed our Xiao Yu! Sisters, emphasized this!】

【Our Xiao Yu is really only fire! Really! Xiao Yu has a promising future! She’s going to endorse a game!】

【Look at you inexperienced guys, isn’t it just a game spokesperson? Our Weiwei have endorsed so many brands that we can hardly count them.】

【A game endorsement makes you all this happy. This Dad is dying of laughter.】

【Not sure what kind of unlicensed company it is that wanted to hire Ning Xiaoyu in order to save money. After all, Ning Xiaoyu’s level isn’t high so it doesn’t cost too much to invite her to be a spokesperson.】

【Maybe it’s that kind of low-quality one strike 9999 game that nobody’s interested.】

Although there were a lot of sarcastic antis in the live stream, Ning Xiaoyu’s fans were still happy for her.

There were game companies throwing olive branches at her, which was a good momentum. Compared to her previous state of being nothing, Ning Xiaoyu had really been noticed by quite a few people recently.

Though they didn’t know which companies were throwing olive branches.

Ning Xiaoyu frantically blew on the hot sweet potato in her hands. She casually asked, “What games are there?”

The director quickly said, “There’s XT’s Invincible, YH’s True and False Immortals, BF’s Shooting King, and a casual game about farming.”

“Because you don’t have an assistant or a manager, the game companies came to me. Look, what do you think?”

After the director finished speaking, Ning Xiaoyu herself didn’t have much of a reaction, but it was the audience in her live broadcast room who couldn’t calm down.

【What? Xt’s Invincible? Oh my days! XT is the most profitable game company in the country!】

【Numb, it’s really numbing. I thought it would be great for Xiao Yu to have an invitation from a small game company, but I didn’t expect…… I was wrong! I shouldn’t have underestimated the salted fish king! Who can resist her charm?!】

【Insane! It’s truly insane!】

【Who owns the farming game? The director gave all the names of the companies expect that one.】

【There’s so many farming games, it must be an unknown small company.】

【Xiao Yu, listen to me, choose XT!】

【Xiao Yu, you must definitely choose True Immortals, that’s the most profitable 3A game this year! How many celebrities want to endorse it but can’t!】

【Xiao Yu, get the shooting game! Won’t it be cool to put on the shooting outfit at that time?】

【Upstairs is undoubtedly an lsp[2]lǎo sè pǐ – old pervert; used to tease oneself or others to be a beauty supremacist, who likes to look at beautiful women or handsome men. It’ll be the typical shooting equipment, you know?】

【Wait, she can only choose one? Can’t she take them all?】

【As an adult, of course I’ll take all of them. (I know I’m thinking sh*t. It’s impossible to take them all.) Xiao Yu, what we’re saying is, choose the best! You must choose a good one!】

Just as Ning Xiaoyu’s fans were racking their brains to give her advice, Ning Xiaoyu’s calm voice rang out in the live stream.

“Oh, the casual farming game is all right.”

Everyone: “……”

The director was also very surprised to hear this answer. He didn’t believe that Ning Xiaoyu didn’t know the influence of XT and the other companies in the country. At the same time, he felt that Ning Xiaoyu should know what it meant to endorse a large game company. But even though she knew about it, she still chose the farming game.

Truly capricious!

The director could be regarded as someone who has watched Ning Xiaoyu become famous all the way. How should he put it, Ning Xiaoyu was indeed starting to become popular right now, however, she has not hit it big yet.

He hoped that Ning Xiaoyu would make the best choice.

In front of the live viewers, he couldn’t speak too bluntly so he could only gently remind, “Have you considered everything?”

Ning Xiaoyu shook her head. “No.”

The director didn’t understand. “The why did you choose the farming game?”

Ning Xiaoyu said without even thinking about it, “Because I like playing this kind of casual game the most. It’s stress-free and there’s no need to be online or use my brain.”

Everyone: Sure enough, it’s a salted fish style answer!

Ning Xiaoyu was probably the only one who could resist an invitation from big companies! But what to do, they suddenly want to play farming game as well!

It seems that it wasn’t impossible for Ning Xiaoyu to endorse this?


1 someone who treats good-looking people especially well, sometimes to the extent of ignoring their weaknesses
2 lǎo sè pǐ – old pervert; used to tease oneself or others to be a beauty supremacist, who likes to look at beautiful women or handsome men


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