Saving Cannon Fodders with the Villain
Saving Cannon Fodders with the Villain Chapter 1.1

Monka Town is a remote small town located at the junction of M State and L State. The town is not large, with a permanent population of less than 10,000. It was originally an ordinary remote town, but it became famous throughout the country because of a hospital in the town.

St. Philip’s Hospital, located in Monka Town, once dominated all the headlines in the entire S country.

This is not because the doctors in the hospital have extraordinary medical skills, but because it is a psychiatric hospital, a hospital that detains the youngest murderer in the country.

Julian Cole, also known as the “devil’s son”, is from Monka Town. He is the youngest murderer in Monka Town’s 100-year history and the youngest murderer in the entire S country.

Julian’s parents were members of a cult. Many people say that the reason why the Cole couple gave birth to this child was to use him as a sacrifice to the evil god. Whether these rumors are true or false is unknown. The only thing known is that 14 years ago, six-year-old Julian killed a total of 13 cult members, including the Cole couple, with a fruit knife at a cult gathering held in their house.

The next morning, the neighbor found little Julian sitting at the door covered in blood. In shock, they called the police, which led to this horrific case being made public.

Whether it was the police, the residents of Monka Town, or the investigators sent by the state, no one could believe that a six-year-old child could kill 13 adults. But under the ironclad evidence, they had to admit this fact.

Although the details of the case were not made public for various reasons, the final verdict by the prosecutor’s office to send young Julian to a psychiatric hospital for strict supervision has revealed the answer to people.

From that day on, the little boy named Julian Cole had another name – “devil’s son”.

Today is the 20th birthday of the “devil’s son” Julian Cole. In the 14 years he has lived in the mental hospital, Julian has been extremely docile. Although he is a bit withdrawn and doesn’t like to talk, he never causes trouble for others.

He spends most of his time sitting quietly reading or doing handicrafts, and he often gives the medical staff small gifts that he made himself. Julian Cole in Saint Philip’s mental hospital shows no trace of the “devil’s son”.

Everyone who has met him likes this cute and quiet child. Compared to other crazy patients, he behaves like an angel.

Although the case from 14 years ago remains fresh in people’s memory, humans tend to believe only what they see. After all, no one saw Julian commit the murders, right? He was just a six-year-old child. The investigators at the time must have made a mistake.

Most people in St. Philip’s Psychiatric Hospital think this way too. They like Julian.

However, the majority of people referred to here does not include the new doctor, Zheng Wei.

Only Dr. Zheng knows that Julian Cole’s seemingly docile and gentle behavior is all a façade. He never changed; he was just waiting for the right moment. When the time comes, he will pick up the butcher knife again and give the world a big gift.

As for how Dr. Zheng knows all this, well, that’s a long story.

Not long ago, Zheng Wei was not yet a doctor, he was just an unmarried middle-aged man who had been kicked out of his parent’s house. He was waiting for the red light at a crossroads near his home when he was extremely unlucky to be hit and killed by a car that ran a red light.

In fact, Zheng Wei wasn’t really sure whether he had died or not. Because when he woke up, he found himself lying in a pure white space, with mechanical electronic sounds in his ears.

“Number 1045, name Zheng Wei, male, 30 years old, examination completed, safe.”

What the heck? When Zheng Wei heard this sentence upon opening his eyes, his brain stalled for a few seconds.

“Number 1045 has been detected awake, please respond, Number 1045.”

The electronic voice continued to ring in his ear.

“Number 1045? ” Zheng Wei pondered for a moment before realizing that it was referring to him.

“Who’s speaking?!” Zheng Wei was completely awake now, and he tried to sit up, but he found that he couldn’t move his body.

“What’s going on? Where am I? How did I get here?” Zheng Wei was completely confused.

“This is System Space No. 72. I’m Little Eleven. Congratulations, Zheng Wei, the 1,024th lucky human selected by System No. 72,” the mechanical voice replied in a flat tone.

“System No. 72? Space?” A series of nouns made Zheng Wei even more confused. “What are you talking about?”

“System No. 72, also known as the cannon fodder protection system, is mainly responsible for selecting lucky individuals from various worlds to protect the cannon fodder who silently dedicate themselves, sacrifice themselves, but never leave their names.” The mechanical voice explained.

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