Saving Cannon Fodders with the Villain
Saving Cannon Fodders with the Villain Chapter 12.1

As the setting sun dyed half of the sky red, the group finally arrived at the outskirts of the Hersman Farm.

As described by Landon, the farm was protected by a fence made of wire mesh, with only a rusty gate left for people to pass through.

Martin used the key he had taken from his mother to open the gate, and then the car slowly drove into the farm.

The Hersman Farm could no longer be called a farm now. It had been abandoned before its owner died, and now it looked more like a fenced wasteland.

“Oh my god, there’s no signal here at all,” Jin held his phone over his head and let out a cry of despair.

“This is a mountainous area, the signal was never good here,” Ellie said to Jin. “Put down your phone, you should let it rest too.”

Jin pouted and threw his phone aside, turning to look out the window.

The land outside was barren, covered with lush weeds. Rusty agricultural equipment was scattered sparsely among the overgrown grass. They stood alone in the no longer neat fields, like abandoned children.

“You know, I’m starting to regret not agreeing with Zheng’s proposal.” Jin looked at the scenery outside the window and muttered, “This place looks like it’s the filming location of a doomsday movie, not fun at all.”

Zheng Wei didn’t answer, frowning as he looked at the abandoned farm outside the window, a strange feeling lingering in his heart.

The sound of the wheels turning startled the blackbirds hiding in the grass, they flapped their wings and let out a piercing cry.

The car slowly moved forward and arrived at Martin’s grandmother’s house.

It was a two-story wooden house with white walls and a red triangular roof. Some privets and Osmanthus had been planted in front of the house, but they had not been trimmed for a long time and were all intertwined with wild grass in a wild posture. There was also a dead tree in front of the house, with black bark and dry branches standing there.

“We’re finally here!” As soon as the car stopped at the door of the house, Martin cheered and ran down the car towards the front door of the house.

“To be honest, this is much better than I imagined.” Diane was the second person to get off the car, and she looked at the white cottage in front of her, nodding in approval.

Following her, Ellie smiled in agreement, her impression of this place was also good.

Zheng Wei stood in front of the car door, staring blankly at the house in front of him.

This house was exactly the same as the one in Zheng Wei’s dream, even down to the shape of the dead tree at the entrance.

“Zheng, what’s wrong with you?” Jin, who was trying to get out of the car, was stopped by Zheng Wei, who was staring at the house strangely. “Is something wrong?”

“No, nothing.” Zheng Wei snapped out of his thoughts and apologized to Jin with a smile before lowering his head and getting out of the car. During this time, his hand never left the whistle hanging around his neck.

What did that dream represent? Could it be related to the evil spirit this time? And what about the appearance of Julian at the end? Zheng Wei’s mind was a mess.

Just as Zheng Wei was feeling unsettled, a hand landed on his shoulder. He was startled and quickly turned around, only to find it was Jin.

“Oh, sorry.” Jin was also taken aback by Zheng Wei’s reaction. “I just wanted to say hello. Did I scare you?”

“No, no.” Zheng Wei shook his head quickly, even though his heart was still pounding. He knew he was being too jumpy.

Blaming the dream, Zheng Wei looked at the cottage that was identical to the one in his dream and thought of the eyes that were haunting him in his mind.

Would everything in the dream come true? He gazed blankly at the house before him.

“Zheng, what are you looking at?” Allen noticed Zheng Wei’s vacant gaze and patted his shoulder.

“Your face looks very pale, are you feeling unwell?” Allen asked with concern. Since the morning, he had noticed that his friend’s behavior was a bit off.

“I’m fine,” Zheng Wei shook his head and replied, “I’m really fine, I just didn’t sleep well last night.”

“Really?” Allen was skeptical and thought for a moment, “You seem a bit uneasy.”

Uneasy? Zheng Wei hesitated for a moment, then said, “I am a bit uneasy.”

He looked around and his expression became serious, “I feel very uncomfortable about this place.”

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