Saving Cannon Fodders with the Villain
Saving Cannon Fodders with the Villain Chapter 13.1

Zheng Wei and Allen walked down the stairs and saw everyone gathered at the bottom of the stairs.

“What happened?” Allen asked.

“Jin found a basement,” Ellie replied.

“Oh, well, I thought something happened,” Allen laughed. “Just a basement, that’s hardly a discovery.”

“This basement can’t be opened,” Jin crouched in front of the basement door, studying the door.

“Does Martin not have the key?”

“I don’t have the key to this basement,” Martin said. “We’ve tried all the keys, but none of them can open it.”

“Maybe your grandmother forgot to give it to you,” Diane shrugged. “After all, she’s almost seventy, and it’s understandable if she forgets some things.”

“Even if there’s no key, I can still open it,” Jin said, taking a piece of wire from his pocket and carefully inserting it into the keyhole on the door.

“Oh my god,” Ellie looked at Jin in surprise. “You’re carrying lock-picking wire on you?”

“Ellie, don’t get the wrong idea,” Jin quickly explained. “Listen, I’ve never used it for anything illegal.”

He pointed to the thin wire in his hand. “I just use it to satisfy my curiosity, you know, there are many things you have to use some special methods to see.”

After speaking, he continued to try to open the door with the wire. But his technique was too amateurish, he stood there fiddling for a long time, but still couldn’t open the door.

“Forget it, Jin, don’t waste your energy,” Allen stood next to him and watched for a while, and said, “We don’t need the basement.”

“No, I have to open it,” Jin was unwilling to give up. “Just wait and see, I’ll definitely be able to open it.”

As soon as Jin’s words fell, the wire in his hand broke off in the lock hole on the door. The broken wire left a blood streak on the back of his hand.

“Oh, damn it!” Jin shook his hand and jumped up.

“Hahaha,” Martin couldn’t help but pat Jin’s back, and squeezed his eyebrows at him, “Brother, it seems your skills aren’t that great.”

“It’s because this lock is too complicated,” Jin defended himself. “I really don’t understand why someone would install an anti-theft lock in the basement.”

“This is bad,” he covered his hand and leaned close to the lock hole, looking at the half-broken wire stuck in the lock hole, and muttered with some disappointment, “Now it’s even harder to open.”

“Martin, why don’t we just use an axe to smash this door open?” he shouted to Martin behind him. “Do you know where there’s an axe?”

“No way, are you serious?” Martin looked at Jin in surprise. “I don’t understand, brother, why do you have to struggle with this door?”

“You don’t understand,” Jin’s expression became mysterious. “I feel like there’s something strange about this basement.”

“What’s so strange about it?”

“I just checked, all the locks in this building are ordinary locks, only this basement has an anti-theft lock, so it must have a problem,” said Jin seriously.

“What else?”

“That’s it,” Jin looked at them, “isn’t that enough?”

“Come on, man,” Martin thought Jin would reveal some secret, but it turned out to be just because the lock was different.

“What kind of reason is that?” Ellie, who had been listening seriously, couldn’t help rolling her eyes, “I mean, let’s not waste time here, okay? Let’s not worry about this door for now, we still have a lot of things to tidy up.”

“This is a very solid reason!” Jin argued, “And you know what? Martin told me that his grandmother’s will states that the farm must be sold and this house must be demolished. So there must be something strange about this house, and that strange thing must be hidden in this basement.”

“Martin, did your grandmother leave a will?” Zheng Wei, who had been quietly listening, asked Martin, “Did she say anything about the farm in the will?”

“No,” Martin thought for a moment and said, “She only mentioned some things about property distribution. She wanted my mother to sell this farm after her death, and she must clean up this house and leave nothing behind.”

After hearing Martin’s words, Zheng Wei frowned. Why did she specifically mention clearing this house? Could there really be something strange in this house? His gaze fell on the door of the basement.

“What do you think?” Leaning against the door, Jin looked at them and said, “Don’t you think it’s strange too?”

“Maybe she just doesn’t want anyone to touch her house,” Allen thought of the scene he had just seen on the second floor and said, “After all, these are all memories of her family. She would rather have them leave with her than sell them to a stranger.”

“What you said is possible, but I still want to open this basement and take a look,” Jin nodded and said, “A house where a tragedy occurred, and a basement that cannot be opened. If this were a horror movie, it would mean that this house definitely has some secrets, and there must be clues in the basement.”

“Oh?” Allen neither agreed nor disagreed. He looked at Jin and asked, “What do you think there might be inside?”

“We’ll only know when we open it,” Jin shrugged. “Maybe there’s a corpse hidden or a demon sealed inside.”

“Forget it, Jin.” Hearing Jin start talking about these things again, Ellie couldn’t help but roll her eyes. “You’re repeating the same old stuff. If there really are ghosts, why don’t you call them out and introduce them to us?”

“How do you know there aren’t any?” Jin paused and his expression became eerie.

“Maybe I’m a ghost myself, I killed your friend and hid him in this basement, then disguised myself as him and mingled among you. As soon as you open the basement, I will reveal my true face.” Jin lowered his voice and looked at the group with an evil smile.

Everyone, “…”

Zheng Wei, “…” Young man, you have a wild imagination. Are you interested in doing missions with me?

“Yeah, I’m so scared,” Martin, standing next to Jin, patted his back hard and then locked his arm around Jin’s neck. “Quickly give my brother back, you evil ghost.”

“Hey, hey… be gentle,” Jin shouted and wrestled with Martin.

“Alright, stop it, you two.” Diane shook her head, “It’s already dark, let’s pack up and not waste any more time here.”

The sun was almost setting, and the room was getting dark.

“Diane is right.” Allen nodded, “Let’s leave the door for tomorrow. I’m exhausted after driving all day. Jin, listen, no matter what you want to do, let’s talk about it after I’ve had a good sleep.”

“Okay.” Jin shrugged off Martin’s arm and curled his lips indifferently.

The group left the entrance of the basement and began to pack up. Zheng Wei was the last one to leave, and before leaving, he looked at the door of the basement, secretly pondering.

He had to go to the basement, but not now. If there was something really down there, opening it in front of everyone would only cause trouble.

If he could avoid them and open it alone, that would be better, Zheng Wei thought.

The group began to clean up the house. The electricity and water in this house were still functioning, and all they needed to do was sweep away the dust.

When cleaning, Zheng Wei opened the bedroom door on the first floor and was hit by a strong musty odor that made him cough. After stopping his cough, he looked at the scene in the room and his expression immediately turned strange.

Because the room was so dirty. It looked old and dirty, completely out of place with the rest of the house.

The ceiling of the bedroom was covered in large black stains, and the wallpaper around it was also peeling off. The yellowed walls were covered in mottled marks.

There weren’t many things in the room, only a bed and a dresser. Although the bed was also covered with a dust cover, it had turned completely black with dust compared to the living room.

The system map showed that this was the room of the Hersman couple, the parents of Ms. Hersman.

While the rooms upstairs belonging to Colleen, Jack, and Paul, who were also deceased relatives of Ms. Hersman, were carefully maintained, the Hersman couple’s room looked like it hadn’t been entered in forty years.

This obvious difference in treatment made Zheng Wei suspicious. He stood at the door and thought for a moment before stepping inside.

The room was permeated with a decaying musty smell, and Zheng Wei walked into the room while covering his nose. As soon as he stepped onto the dusty floor, a black footprint was left behind. He lifted the dust cover on the bed and shook off a cloud of dust. The mattress underneath the dust cover had turned yellow and was covered in dark spots. Zheng Wei turned around and opened a row of cabinets next to the bed, but they were empty and contained nothing.

There were no photos, no clothes, nothing about the former owner, and it was completely different from the other rooms upstairs.

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