Saving Cannon Fodders with the Villain
Saving Cannon Fodders with the Villain Chapter 4.1

“Please tell me where the fire alarm is in this building,” Zheng Wei had seen foreign TV shows before, where everyone in the building would run out as soon as the fire alarm went off.

The three-dimensional model of St. Philip’s Hospital appeared on the screen, constantly zooming in until it focused on the elevator entrance of this floor. According to the map, the fire alarm button was located above the elevator button.

Zheng Wei immediately walked towards the elevator entrance and found the red button. At this time, there were five minutes left before the massacre began.

Five minutes was just about enough time. Zheng Wei looked at the button and pressed it hard.

The sharp sound of the alarm echoed throughout the entire building. All the medical staff who heard the alarm immediately took well-trained action, evacuating the building with patients through the fire stairs.

After pressing the button, Zheng Wei turned around and walked towards the room where Julian Cole was located, coincidentally meeting Old John who was getting ready to open Julian’s room door with a key.

“Officer John, it seems like there’s a fire, do you need help?” Zheng Wei ran over to Old John, pretending to be anxious as he asked.

“Oh, Zheng, I’m fine, but it’s good that you’re here. Let’s leave together,” Old John said as he opened the door and shouted inside, “Julian, come out quickly, we need to leave here as soon as possible.”

The door slowly opened from the inside, and Zheng Wei couldn’t help but take a few steps forward. As an ordinary person, he was full of curiosity about this so-called “devil’s son.”

First, a slender hand reached out from the room. This beautiful hand lightly rested on the door frame, like it was meticulously carved out of marble. The fingers were long and the knuckles were distinct, presenting a clear, shimmering white with a coldness to it.

The door opened and Julian Cole, the legendary “devil’s son,” appeared in front of Zheng Wei.

He really didn’t look like a murderer at all. That was the first thought that came to Zheng Wei’s mind as he looked at Julian standing there.

Perhaps due to staying indoors for too long, Julian Cole looks a bit lacking in pigmentation. His skin is pale, and even his hair is pure white without any impurities. The translucent strands of hair shimmer in the sunlight, making him look like an elf who has just stepped out of a fantasy movie or an angel depicted on a church window, beautiful yet unreal.

“He’s so beautiful,” Zheng Wei thought, staring blankly. Forgive Zheng Wei’s lack of vocabulary, he couldn’t think of better words to describe the person in front of him.

Julian Cole may not be the true “devil’s son,” but when it comes to appearance, his face definitely meets people’s romanticized fantasy of a demon.

Perfect facial curves, sculpted features, shoulder-length silver hair softly falling on his shoulders, and his pale, bloodless skin make him look like he was carved out of ice and snow.

Embedded in his flawless face is a pair of ice-blue eyes, like a deep winter pool. The faint blue is covered with a layer of crystal-clear ice, clear and pure yet bottomless. Anyone who meets his gaze will be attracted to him and can’t help but want to explore what lies beneath the surface.

Unintentionally, Zheng Wei met his eyes, and in an instant, he felt like he had touched a piece of icy jade, cool and inviting.

Is this the Devil’s son? Zheng Wei’s heartbeat halted for a moment, but he quickly forced himself to sober up. He carefully observed the person in front of him, trying to find some clues on him.

Zheng Wei saw Julian standing quietly there, with the ill-fitting patient gown loosely draped on him, making him look somewhat thin and delicate. The sunlight in the corridor shone on him, and he looked like a piece of white paper that had been penetrated by the sun, almost transparent.

In fact, Julian had nothing to do with being thin and delicate. He was very tall, and his shoulders were broad enough. Zheng Wei was 1.76 meters tall, but Julian looked a head taller than Zheng Wei. Standing in front of Zheng Wei, he enveloped Zheng Wei in the shadow cast by his body.

“Julian, there may be a fire somewhere in this building. We need to leave quickly and go to a safe place,” said Officer John to Julian, who had come out of the room.

As he spoke, Old John pulled out a pair of handcuffs and snapped them on Julian’s wrist with a “click.”

“Let’s go.” After the handcuffs were fastened, Old John turned to Zheng Wei and said, “Zheng, you help Julian and follow me.”

“Help Julian?” Zheng Wei was taken aback and lowered his gaze, only to notice that Julian was wearing shackles on his feet.

“Zheng?” Seeing Zheng Wei’s lack of response, Old John asked again.

“Okay, okay.” Zheng Wei took a few steps forward and walked to Julian’s side.

“This is Zheng, the little Easterner, I told you about before. You haven’t met him yet,” Old John said to a bowed Julian. “Zheng will walk with us.”

Zheng Wei stood next to Julian and stiffly nodded toward him. He looked at Julian nervously and unconsciously greeted him.


Julian did not answer. He lowered his head and looked at Zheng Wei. His not-so-pliant silver long hair mischievously hung on both sides of his face, covering most of his face.

In fact, as he approached, it was discovered that Julian Cole’s cheeks were not as angular as those of typical white people. His face had a bit of baby fat, which softened his facial features and added a bit of youthful vigor to him.

Zheng Wei and Julian just stared at each other for a while, and no one spoke. Zheng Wei swore that he had never encountered a more awkward situation in his life.

Julian stood right in front of him, with slightly lowered eyelids, and his long and dense white eyelashes were like thick snowflakes, covering his icy blue eyes. His eyes were clean and clear, and Zheng Wei felt that the way he looked at him was like a deer that had just walked out of the forest. He had not yet seen the world outside the forest, so everything made him curious.

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