Saving Cannon Fodders with the Villain
Saving Cannon Fodders with the Villain Chapter 6.1

Perhaps prayer had worked, as the door shook twice and then there was no movement. Zheng Wei saw on the system map that Julian had left.

Zheng Wei breathed a slight sigh of relief, put down the surgical knife, leaned back, and lay on the thick carpet. Those few seconds had almost drained all his strength, and now he didn’t even want to lift a finger.

After lying there for a while, Zheng Wei suddenly thought of something else. Did Julian go to find the medical staff downstairs?

Wasn’t he going back again? Wasn’t all the effort Zheng Wei had just put in to lure him away in vain? Zheng Wei scratched his head anxiously, staring at the map, planning to rush out as soon as Julian was far away.

As for what to do when he got out, he hadn’t figured that out yet. Anyway, he couldn’t stay here waiting for Julian to kill all the hospital staff.

But Zheng Wei found that Julian hadn’t gone far at all. He walked into a nearby room, stayed there for a while, and then walked back in Zheng Wei’s direction.

Julian’s movements made Zheng Wei alert, and he quickly picked up the surgical knife from the ground, his eyes fixed on Julian’s position.

Julian arrived at the door, just one door away from Zheng Wei. 

What is he thinking? Zheng Wei stared at the door, his body stiff with fear.

Julian stopped in front of the door for a while, just when Zheng Wei was filled with uncertainty. With a loud bang, the black solid wood shook, as if something had hit it hard.

With this loud noise, Zheng Wei saw a crack appear in the door, revealing fine white wood shavings.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Before Zheng Wei could react, there were successive knocks on the door outside. The huge noise made Zheng Wei feel like he was being shaken.

The gap in the door became bigger and bigger. Through the split, Zheng Wei could already vaguely see Julian’s shaking white hair and the sharp axe tip gleaming with cold light.

Julian was using an axe to smash the door.

No matter how thick the wooden door was, it could not withstand the metal chopping. Soon, the black wooden door in front of Zheng Wei was riddled with holes. Zheng Wei looked at the axe occasionally protruding from the door and then looked at his own small surgical knife in his hand. He immediately turned and ran into the inner resting room.

Trying to resist the axe with this small knife would just get him chopped up before he could even get close. Zheng Wei ran into the resting room and looked around, hoping to find a more suitable weapon.

There was definitely no sharp weapon in the resting room. Zheng Wei searched for a while, and the only thing he found that was somewhat useful was a tall wooden stool.

At this point, the outer door was already full of holes and could not provide any resistance. 

Julian put down the axe, lifted his foot, and kicked the door and the sofa behind it open.

With a creak, along with the sofa’s scream, Julian stepped into the office. This series of sounds made Zheng Wei, who was hiding in the resting room, tense up.

Zheng Wei leaned against the wall next to the resting room door, tightly gripping the wooden stool in his hand. The only thing he could hear was the sound of his own pounding heart.

Calm down, calm down. He admonished himself in his mind, but he couldn’t stop trembling.

Julian slowly walked into the room and twisted his neck. He glanced around the office and quickly spotted the door leading to the resting room.

He looked at the door, revealing a silent smile. Then he took steps towards the resting room, still wearing the patient shoes provided by the St. Philip Hospital, soft and light, making no sound when he stepped on the soft carpet like a cat.

He began humming a tune again, walking slowly and swaying the axe in his hand with each beat of his song.

The almost indiscernible humming of Julian was more terrifying to Zheng Wei than a death sentence. Even though he didn’t believe in God, Zheng Wei couldn’t help but pray silently in his heart.

“God, please protect me, please protect me.” As the humming drew closer, Zheng Wei lifted the wooden stool in his hand. Sweat dripped down his face, itching, but he dared not raise his hand to wipe it.

Julian arrived at the door of the rest area, tilted his head, and looked at the door for a while, then gently pushed it open with his hand. The door slowly opened, and he stepped into the room.

“Ah!” As soon as Julian’s half-body entered the room, he heard a series of screams. He instinctively looked up and saw a solid wooden stool smashing down toward his face.

Zheng Wei didn’t care about any rules and lifted the stool to relentlessly hit Julian’s head. Julian was slammed against the opposite wall, and the axe in his hand fell to the ground, making a muffled sound.

Seizing the opportunity, Zheng Wei kicked the axe far away, then pursued Julian and kept hitting him with the stool, even with his eyes closed, until Julian stood unsteadily.

The wooden stool was heavy, and Zheng Wei didn’t hold back at all. After a few hits, Julian was lying in a corner with blood all over his face. Zheng Wei stopped slowly only when the man in front of him was completely motionless.

“Hoo.” Zheng Wei took a deep breath, and the sweat had soaked through his clothes. His arms were heavy and tired. The stool slipped from his hands, and he didn’t have the strength to pick it up.

Finally, he could take a breath. Zheng Wei thought, but before that, he had to check on Julian’s condition.

He bent down and looked at Julian, who was leaning against the wall. Julian’s head should have been injured in the attack just now. He closed his eyes and leaned quietly against the dark wallpaper on the wall. The red blood flowed from his hair, passed through his eye sockets, and left a bloodstain on his pale cheeks.

Just like tears. Looking at Julian’s face, Zheng Wei was stunned, and then he instinctively reached out to wipe away the glaring bloodstain.

Suddenly, he met a pair of blue eyes, cold and transparent, like the lakes in march, seemingly covered with a thin layer of ice.

When a large hand tightly gripped his throat, Zheng Wei suddenly remembered a sentence he had read in a post called “Survival Guide in Horror Movies.”

“If you knock down a killer, don’t turn around and run, or check if he’s dead. Just pick up your weapon and finish him off.”

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