Saving Cannon Fodders with the Villain
Saving Cannon Fodders with the Villain Chapter 7.1

Julian looked down at his chest, where a small surgical knife was stuck.

The knife was small but sharp enough to easily pierce someone’s heart. The handle of the knife was already halfway inside Julian’s chest, indicating how much force was used when it was thrust in.

It turned out that Zheng Wei’s method was somewhat useful.

Red blood flowed out of the wound, quickly staining Julian’s hospital gown. Julian looked at the spreading bloodstain and gently pressed it with his hand.

His hand was covered in red. He looked at his bloodied palm and then raised his head to look at Zheng Wei, whose face still had a blush from their kiss. His blue eyes showed obvious confusion as if waiting for an explanation from Zheng Wei.

Zheng Wei tightly pursed his lips and pressed himself against the wall, not daring to move. His eyes were fixed on Julian, and he slightly opened his mouth, but no sound came out.

He couldn’t explain it to Julian. They were opponents who fought for their lives, not truly knowing and loving each other. Even if he had stabbed Julian, there was nothing to explain.

Although Zheng Wei thought that way in his heart, he couldn’t avoid feeling guilty when facing Julian’s eyes. Looking at those clean blue eyes, Zheng Wei felt like he had done something wrong again.

Maybe he shouldn’t have done that. He thought dazedly. But now it was too late to say anything.

Julian, who had waited for an answer for a long time, straightened his body, and his expression began to lose warmth. Julian’s eyes visibly changed, from a light ice blue to a gloomy and profound deep blue.

Zheng Wei felt something emanating from Julian, covering the entire room with an inexplicable coldness.

Julian slowly reached his hand to his chest, grasping the handle of the surgical knife protruding from his chest, and pulled it out bit by bit under Zheng Wei’s horrified gaze.

As the knife came out, a few drops of blood spattered onto Zheng Wei’s face. He felt a warm liquid slowly sliding down his face, and his nostrils were filled with a pungent and sweet smell.

As Zheng Wei watched Julian’s movements, his mind went blank. He looked at everything in front of him and even forgot to blink.

Without the obstruction of the knife, blood rushed out from Julian’s wound and quickly dyed the carpet under his feet red. Despite losing so much blood, Julian seemed unaffected. He dropped the surgical knife still stained with his own blood and picked up the axe that had been kicked away by Zheng Wei earlier. With the axe in hand, he smirked at Zheng Wei who was still standing frozen at the door, startling him.

Zheng Wei turned and ran, but it was too late. Before he could look back, he heard the sound of something flying toward him. 

A strong impact knocked him down to the ground, and then he felt a sharp pain in his right shoulder, causing him to scream in agony.


Zheng Wei suddenly realized that he had only asked if he would die or not but has forgotten to ask if he would be hurt or in pain if something happens. 

The most serious injury he had ever suffered was getting his foot caught in the spokes of a rotating bicycle wheel, but the pain he was feeling in his right shoulder now was incomparable.

He lay on the ground, his head pressed against the carpet, screaming in pain that echoed through the entire floor. He felt like something sharp had struck his right shoulder, cutting through his flesh and piercing his bone.

“This hurts too much.” Zheng Wei buried his head into the thick carpet, arching his body. His right shoulder was not only in pain but also had lost all feeling as if all the bones and tendons in his right shoulder were broken. This kind of pain made Zheng Wei wish to die immediately.

With a deep breath, Zheng Wei glanced at his right shoulder, where an axe was firmly embedded. Warm blood oozed from his shoulder, wetting his clothes. The pungent and sweet smell became even stronger, making Zheng Wei almost vomit. But he didn’t even have time to scream, because he could hear the sound of Julian’s footsteps behind him.

Zheng Wei gritted his teeth and, using his left hand to support himself, slowly turned around. Just as he turned around, he saw Julian approaching him with a knife in his hand.

Julian’s hair, face, and body were all stained with bloody red, but he didn’t seem to care at all. His eyes were fixed on Zheng Wei. Listening to Zheng Wei’s heart-wrenching cries, a faint smile appeared on Julian’s beautiful and calm face.

He was very angry, so angry that he had to do something to calm the boiling anger in his chest.

Zheng Wei’s face, mixed with fear and despair, greatly pleased Julian. His eyes, which had turned from a frozen lake into a deep sea, were always fixed on Zheng Wei.

Julian followed Zheng Wei, watching him with interest as he retreated on all fours on the dark red carpet.

He still hasn’t decided how to deal with Zheng Wei.

Zheng Wei saw the bloodstain on Julian’s chest was expanding, and if it were an ordinary person, they would probably have died with such a wound. But Julian seemed relaxed, walking steadily without any tremble.

This kind of pressure from Julian was more than a hundred times greater than before, which made Zheng Wei feel oppressed. Unconsciously, he felt like his heart was about to jump out of his chest as he watched Julian approaching him step by step.

Is this person really human? How could someone be stabbed in the heart and still not die?

Various thoughts collided in Zheng Wei’s mind, and in his eyes, Julian had become a non-human creature wearing a beautiful skin.

‘The Devil’s Son Julian Cole’, Zheng Wei now truly saw his fangs.

Unknown fear almost made Zheng Wei give up the idea of resistance. He just wanted to leave quickly, far away from here. Julian looked at Zheng Wei wriggling on the ground, as if watching a bird that had its wings clipped.

Maybe it was intentional, maybe he was still considering how to deal with Zheng Wei. Julian walked slowly, with a feeling of indifference, but every step he took felt like he was stepping on Zheng Wei’s heart.

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