A Trading Company Employee Isekai Survival ~I’m Definitely Not Interacting With Other People~ Chapter 10

Chapter 10



I had spent quite a lot of time in the adventurers’ guild. I needed to quickly go to Sarasa’s place. Good thing Sarasa’s store was still open. I breathed a sigh of relief for now. 

“Good day.”

I greeted Sarasa. I laid out the various herbs, poisonous plants and eggs I had brought with me today. Freshness was the most crucial element for these items so Sarasa looked happy when I brought these to trade everyday. 

I was able to sell a bunch of irene herbs for 6 silver coins, a bunch of mylene antidote herbs for 5 silver coins, badol poisonous grass for 2 silver coins and 4 copper coins, a bundle of berzin magic herbs for 1 gold coin and 3 silver coins along with 20 herb chicken eggs for 4 silver coins. As for slime’s core, one core could fetch 2 copper coins and so by selling all of the slime’s core I had in hand, I received 4 silver coins in exchange. 

In total, I got 3 gold coins, 4 silver coins and 4 copper coins. By the way, apparently 10 silver coins was equal to 1 gold coin. 

As I was starting to be able to tell each plant apart, I became more efficient at harvesting them compared to when I first started. My efficiency in collecting them had increased considerably. Although I also could plant and grow them in front of my house,  I still always tried to aim to find a way to be more efficient. 

Since I was already here, I asked Sarasa for permission to take a look around her store. There was a line of magic devices and apparently the monster core I collected from defeating the slime was used as a source of power for these devices. Currently, there was a magic device that resembled a cooking stove in this store. This magic device also used those monster cores as a source of energy. 

There was a slot in this stove-like device to put the monster core in. Sarasa then showed me how to light up the fire in this device. 

I want it… But it’s so expensive. It cost 30 gold coins.

The monster core was similar to a battery in modern day Japan but a battery alone wouldn’t be able to create fire so technically it produced a different kind of energy compared to a battery. 

There were other things for sale here, for example this lantern. This lantern also used the monster core as a source of energy to create light. I couldn’t help but to wonder how the same source of energy could produce either light or fire.

I guess it must be because of ‘magic’?

You could also convert electricity into light or heat by using high resistance electrically-heated wire (if I remember correctly, it’s called “tungsten”). You could power up drier or make it hot enough for an oven so in a sense, it was not hard to see the similarity. At any rate it was something that didn’t exist in Japan so I couldn’t help but to become interested in it. 

And then, there were potions for sale. Irene herb potions that could restore HP were sold for 3 gold coins each. The liquid was stored in a container that looked similar to a test tube. I guess converting the herb into liquid form could make the body absorb the herb’s effect at a faster rate and you could just quickly drink it during battle. When you were in the middle of a battle, you wouldn’t be able to spare enough time to munch on some grass first. 

Although I still didn’t know for sure since I couldn’t use any magic, I think a potion was necessary to restore the vitality required to activate skill. Because after I used ‘Bash’ once, the wooden sword wouldn’t glow white again no matter how many times I tried. 

I believed the reason was simple. I already ran out of vitality. I also strangely felt lethargic. I should eat berzin magic herbs later on. 

I also asked Sarasa if she had a horse for transportation.

Of course.

She answered with a gesture and a drawing on the magic board. However, she said I at least needed 100 gold coins for a horse. It was not the amount I could get right now. 

In the end, I asked for a frying pan, a pot and a little bit of firewood. She gave me all of them free of charge. 

Sarasa is a really generous woman with a great sense of style….

Though if I said it out loud, I was sure she would be angry at me. 

Yeah, that’s right.

“Thank you, Sarasa. Can I really have these?”

I didn’t like to lend or borrow anything from someone but still, I couldn’t be suspicious of the woman who had been so kind to me. So, I decided to gratefully accept her kindness.


T/N: A magic stove is 30 gold coins… A horse is 100 gold coins… A potion is 3 gold coins… Our MC needs to become a diligent alchemist to afford a horse. (ง •̀_•́)ง

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