Shoushaman no Isekai Survival ~Zettai Hito to wa Tsurumanee~
A Trading Company Employee Isekai Survival ~I’m Definitely Not Interacting With Other People~ Chapter 9

Chapter 9



Even after appraising all the new plants, I still had some time to go to the city to sell today’s harvest. However, I was thinking if there was a way to shorten the time I needed to make a round trip to the city. It’d be nice if I could get a carriage or something. 

I gave rain water to the chickens then I filled my carrier with herbs, poisonous plants, slime’s mucus and monster cores. After locking up the shed, I set out to the town. 

I was able to enter and leave the town easily thanks to the adventurers’ guild card. I didn’t need to deal with the gatekeeper like I had done when I first came here. 

Showing my face at the adventurers’ guild, I peeled off the paper request for defeating 3 slimes, for gathering one gadol poisonous plant and for gathering 5 irene herbs. Then I submit the paper to the uncle at the counter.

First, I submitted 3 slime’s mucus. A slime was quite big in size but once the core was extracted from its body, the slime would be unable to maintain its body and would evaporate not long after. The remaining mucus I could gather from one slime could only fill ⅓ of a plastic bottle. Which was why, one plastic bottle full of slime’s mucus was deemed enough as a proof for defeating 3 slimes. 

I also submitted 1 gadol poisonous plant and 5 irene herbs. In total, I received 2 silver coins as my remuneration. 

When I was about to leave the guild, the uncle managing the counter stopped me. 

As always, I still didn’t know what he was talking about so it was time for me to demonstrate my special skill in hand gestures communication. 

Apparently he was trying to explain that I could collect points with my ID. I could receive more points by completing the request. The accumulated guild points then could be exchanged for rewards. He showed me a memo containing the list of rewards. 

One of the rewards he recommended was to receive lessons to acquire combat skill. He gestured with his body the act of swinging a sword while releasing magic. I somehow was able to understand what he meant. 

By the way, thanks to me completing the latest request, I had enough points for that sword swinging skill. 

I decided to accept the guild’s privilege and received the sword lesson. 

And so, through our usual hand gesture communication, I found out the name of the uncle who was working as a staff in this guild. His name was Dan. 

“Thank you, Dan. Nice to meet you.”

I said that in Japanese while bowing in 90 degrees.


After deciding to receive the sword lesson from the adventurer’s guild, I was taken to a place that resembled a dojo in this building. There were puppet dolls that I assumed were used for training and my instructor. The instructor offered his hand to me, asking for a handshake. 

“Good day, Keigo Okuda.”

I said to him as we shook hands. He then introduced himself as Kai. He threw a wooden sword at me, explained and demonstrated the skill to me. I couldn’t understand his explanation but based on his demonstration, it seemed to use this skill I needed to channel my energy into the sword before I delivered the blow. 

The wooden sword glowed white and then Kai-sensei swung his sword at the doll.


A loud noise could be heard as the doll got destroyed.

Kai-sensei then gestured for me to give it a try too. Kai-sensei grabbed my hand, closed his eyes as he channeled his energy into my hand. When he did that, I could feel something awakened inside me like something was sprouting. 

I stood in front of the doll, channeled my energy into the wooden sword and struck the doll.

Of course my strike wasn’t as powerful as Kai-sensei’s blow but mine was powerful enough to produce ‘GA!’ sound at least. The doll appeared to be slightly dislodged from my blow. 

『Individual Name: Keigo Okuda has acquired Bash lv 1.』

Kai-sensei then clapped his hands. It seemed he was saying ‘congratulations’ to me.

“Thank you.”

I said in return in Japanese and bowed.

I wonder how you say ‘thank you’ in this world’s local language? 

Sensing what was on my mind, Kai-sensei then taught me how to say ‘thank you’ but in my ears the word sounded like ‘bulelulehyo’ or something. It sounded like French to me and was very difficult for a Japanese man like me to pronounce. I immediately gave up on trying to learn the local language. 

According to Kai-sensei’s explanation (though he explained it through hand and body gestures), skill was proficiency based so I had to keep on practicing it over and over again to master it.

After I finished listening to Kai-sensei’s explanation, I left the adventurers’ guild. 


T/N: Kai-sensei’s blow enough to obliterate puppet doll while our MC only enough to sliiiightly moved the doll. Don’t lose faith MC! Keep practicing! (ง •̀_•́)ง

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