Shoushaman no Isekai Survival ~Zettai Hito to wa Tsurumanee~
A Trading Company Employee Isekai Survival ~I’m Definitely Not Interacting With Other People~ Chapter 101

Chapter 101


When I woke up in the morning, I was still feeling sick. I still had a headache and my body felt heavy and sluggish. After feeding the chicken, Rocinante (my horse) and Ash, I used a wet towel to wipe the sweat off my body. At any rate, I needed to eat something for breakfast. 

I made a soup with mylene detoxification herb and dipped the bread with the soup. I also cut rumi fruits with a knife for me to eat. After that, I went back to my bed once again. 

When you’re sick, you really feel like you are truly alone. 

I suddenly remembered that when I had a cold as a child, my mother used to buy canned white peaches for me.

I wonder if my mother is doing alright? Right now, I can’t even talk with my mother anymore. I wonder if she cried when she realized I was gone? I might be considered missing in Japan by now. 

What a cruel world….


I had been doing nothing but laying down since I didn’t feel well. When I started to squirm out of the bed, Ash, who had been laying down near my feet, also followed suit. 

I reheated the soup I had made this morning and added herb chicken egg and dried meat in it for me to eat. I also put some of it into Ash’s plate and he gobbled it off excitedly. 

I wasn’t fully recovered yet so I had no choice but to lay down again. I deliberately drank more water than usual then I went to bed again. 


Finally, I could feel my condition getting better. I didn’t have a headache and my body didn’t feel as sluggish. 

I’m glad. I guess I’m just having a simple cold. I was wondering what I should do if I caught a strange disease peculiar to this world only. 

My body was all sticky from sweat so I wrung the water from a wet towel and used it to wipe my body. After that, I made another soup in the bonfire with dried meat, herb chicken egg, mylene detoxification herb and various vegetables. 

I dipped the bread into the soup and ate it together with the soup. After I finished dinner, I made herbal tea using marble herbs. I sighed in relief as I drank the herbal tea. 

While holding a cup of herbal tea with both of my hands, I stared absentmindedly at the bonfire for a while. 


By the time I realized it, the herbal tea in my hands had completely cooled down. I gulped down the rest of the tea in one go. Then I decided to go back to bed since I didn’t want the night breeze to make me sick again. Ash also curled on the cover, looking visibly relieved. 


I turned the light off from the lantern and closed my eyes again.


T/N: Getting sick when you’re alone does feel much muchhh more miserable. I’m glad MC at least has Ash with him. 

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