A Trading Company Employee Isekai Survival ~I’m Definitely Not Interacting With Other People~ Chapter 105.1

Chapter 105.1


The next day, in the early afternoon. I was making smoked eggs and smoked cheese while sipping on alcohol occasionally when that idiot nobleman came to me. 

I put my guard up. I didn’t know what kind of unreasonable demand he’d force on me. 

But… How weird. He didn’t have a group of adventurers in tow. Today he only had one soldier as his escort. 

While rubbing my hands together and acting pliantly, I asked what that idiot nobleman wanted while watching his expression. Somehow, the nobleman had an apologetic expression on his face. He was saying something and then bowed his head at me. 

Hm? Did I just hear him saying ‘sorry’ in Lancaster language? Did I hear it right?

The soldier that worked as his escort then handed a heavy looking bag at me. He said there were 500 gold coins in that bag. Judging from the weight of this bag, it seemed to be true. 

I counted each piece one by one and sure enough, there were 500 gold coins but, I still wouldn’t let my guard down just yet. I still couldn’t really tell if they were going to ask me to do something ridiculous again or not.

But, that stupid nobleman said this was a remuneration for the nuisance he had caused and then he kept on apologizing repeatedly at me. 

I see. It’s hard to believe but it seems this person has changed job from being a stupid nobleman to being a honest nobleman. It can’t be helped then if that’s the case. 

I decided to serve them my treasured smoked egg and cheese. 

I made marble herb tea and lined up plates of smoked food on the table along with some alcohol together. 


The nobleman’s eyes widened as he said something. It was a reaction I had already grown accustomed to. I served the same smoked food and alcohol to the soldier who had been standing guard and he also widened his eyes in the same way as that nobleman. 

In the end, the three of us embarked on a drinking party while sitting around the bonfire. 

Though I couldn’t understand their words and vice versa, we were still able to converse through gestures. I talked about a lot of things with the nobleman. Apparently his son was going to take over the family’s leadership. It turned out, a lot of things had happened in the town without me realizing it. 

The two of them seemed to really like the smoked food. A wild rabbit was also caught in the ankle snare trap this morning. I seasoned the rabbit with garlic, salt and herbs and then I whole roasted it over the bonfire. Their eyes were fixated on the rabbit, they were eager to eat it. 

Ash must be wondering about his share since he came close to me and whined. 


It’s alright. I will save some for you. 

I filled Ash’s plate with vegetables, meat and smoked food too. 

Hey, don’t leave the vegetables behind. 

The soldier’s name was Donny. 

The two of them were so drunk they ended up passing out so I brought them into the blacksmith workshop where they could stay the night. I lit up a small fire in the furnace and then I laid out a straw futon for them to sleep. 

Ah. I forgot to make them drink ‘closure soup’ made with mylene detoxification herb. At this rate, they’re going to continue sleeping until tomorrow’s noon.

I yawned after settling them in and then, I wiped the sweat off my body with a wet towel, brushed my teeth and then I went to sleep.


T/N: Oh? That stupid nobleman has character development too?! Σ(°ロ°)

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