A Trading Company Employee Isekai Survival ~I’m Definitely Not Interacting With Other People~ Chapter 108.1

Chapter 108.1


The next morning, Margo and I had a hangover. Which was to be expected. My head was throbbing and I felt sick. 

I went out of my house and puked out the contents of my stomach. I drank some water and munched on mylene detoxification herb before I went back to my bed again. After what seemed to be an hour, my condition was getting better somehow.

I gave Margo, who was looking pale, some water and mylene herbs. I couldn’t remember when I became drunk last night. Why did it feel so much fun when I was drinking but then the next day, I’d become this miserable? And then because drinking with your close friend felt so fun, I think I’d end up repeating the same mistake again. 

We’re really a bunch of bad adults. 

Thanks to eating the detoxification herbs, I was able to recover. I washed my face with cold water and rinsed my mouth.

I could hear the sound of the chickens, a horse and woofing from all sides. They all raised their voice in disapproval so I immediately went on to feed them. For breakfast, I made soup with mylene detoxification herb just to be safe and ate it together with bread. Coincidentally, Margo was already awake so we ate breakfast together. 


Margo went back to Resta. 

Come to think of it, Sarasa didn’t come yesterday. She always stopped by Margo’s store everyday so I thought it wouldn’t be weird if he invited her to come here too. 

Well, whatever. 

I looked up to the sky. It was a clear blue sky. The sunlight was tickling my cheeks, it felt so good. 

I think I’m not going to do anything today when the weather is this good. 

I aired the bed and then I laid out a blue sheet in the area of my house. My house. That had increased its safety level. It felt so good laying on the blue sheet like this that I ended up falling asleep again before I realized it. 

I hope a peaceful day like this can go on forever. 

I sincerely hoped so from the bottom of my heart. 


T/N: Our MC is having a very peaceful day in his new house (a legit house!) while Margo… Poor guy, he doesn’t know what awaits him….

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