A Trading Company Employee Isekai Survival ~I’m Definitely Not Interacting With Other People~ Chapter 111.2

Chapter 111.2 : (Margo’s POV) To My Wife, Isabelle, in Heaven


Recently, I can’t help but to think that Sarasa is looking very adorable and lovely. I’m sorry, Isabelle. I might end up having a new wife. I don’t know if heaven truly exists. I’m not a very religious person after all. 

Up until now, I’ve been living my whole life by placing my trust on metal. If there’s a God of Blacksmith, I might put my faith into that God. But anyway, I’m not the type who becomes drowned in the idea of love. 

But right now, I think I might believe in the God of Love. After all, there’s a woman who loves such a boorish and helpless man like me. If this is not the work of God of Love then whose deed is it? 

Up until now, I’ve been refusing to let myself get caught with Sarasa because I was afraid my wife in heaven might be watching, but I decided to stop and think about it thoroughly. 

Recently, I’ve been thinking that religion exists for the sake of the living. What does it mean for the deceased though? Those guys at the church said that my wife has become a God and is now always watching over me. 

But I wonder if it’s really true? Is Isabelle really watching over me from heaven? Isabelle might’ve already reincarnated and started over a new life just like what those guys said. There’s the possibility that when I die, I might be reincarnated and if Isabelle and Sarasa are reincarnated into the same world I’m in, I might be having a brand new relationship already too. 

Isn’t that how the world works? That’s why I wondered if Isabelle would forgive me if I were to take on a new wife. Maybe Isabelle in heaven is saying something like “just what is that guy doing?” as she watches me grieving and stubbornly enduring my own loneliness all by myself. 

Isabelle is the type that hates gloomy, depressing things. 

“Raise your head, look forward and make the most of the present! The guy I’m getting married to is not a feeble man!” 

I’m sure that’s what she would say. 

Isabelle often got incredibly angry at me because when I drink and become drunk, I’m the type that becomes a womanizer and a little bit loose. Isabelle is the type of woman who has absolute confidence in herself. Because of that, I can’t ever get my heart separated from Isabelle. 

Appearance wise, Sarasa doesn’t resemble Isabelle but her intense, fiery disposition resembles Isabelle a little. 

I see… Maybe that’s why I can feel that Sarasa is so precious to me. 

After I’m aware of my feelings, I immediately decided to stop fretting about it. I’ve had enough acting half-heartedly. I prepared my resolve for it. After all, Isabelle did say that one of my strong points is how manly I am. 

My whole life, nothing ever goes smoothly without any hitch. After all, there are many occasions in your life where you need to compromise and choose the better option even if it’s not the best option, right? 

For example, if all newbie adventurers were to be given expensive equipment, their survival rate would surely go up drastically, right? But who will pay for it? That’s why as the better option, I use the cheapest materials I can find and sell the weapon and armor I made myself to the newbie adventurer for free. That should be enough to raise the survival rate of those young hatchlings. I can declare it confidently with my pride as a craftsman. 

The same can be said about my problem with Sarasa. Sarasa and Isabelle. I’m sure there’s no best answer that can satisfy me on this matter. 

When I looked at Keigo, a thought came to my mind. 

“Do what you want and live as you like.”

That guy will never say it but I can feel those words coming from him when I see his back. Just by seeing how he lives his life, you will be able to tell even if he doesn’t say it himself. 

From now on, I will also live by following my heart and walk forward with my life by being honest to myself. 

Right now my feelings….

“Sarasa, I’m sorry for making you wait. Let’s get married. Isabelle, please allow me to be happy.”

Those words overflowed from my mouth naturally just like that. This is the conclusion I’ve reached in order to face both Sarasa and Isabelle with sincerity. 

I feel like I can hear someone laughing from heaven after she hears what I’m saying. 


T/N: Good for Sarasa and Margo! I’m glad they’ve resolved their issues~

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