Shoushaman no Isekai Survival ~Zettai Hito to wa Tsurumanee~
A Trading Company Employee Isekai Survival ~I’m Definitely Not Interacting With Other People~ Chapter 111.3

Chapter 111.3 : (Elsa’s POV) Sunny Girlfriend


I’m Elsa. I’m running my family’s inn, Sunny Pavilion, that I inherited from my papa after he became a member of the town council of Resta. 

Both adventurers’ guild and commerce guild more or less provide monetary support so we can set the rent fee cheaply for both adventurer and traveler. Because of how cheap the rent fee in my inn is, the adventurer stays at my inn regularly. 

One of those adventurers is my childhood friend, Juno. I’ve known both Juno and Sarasa the merchant ever since we were little and I’ve always liked Juno. I’m aware that Juno likes Sarasa. I can tell right away who the person I love, loves.

But Sarasa likes Margo from the armor and weapon shop. I can do nothing but watch in silence as Juno’s heart screams. It’s really hard for me to see him like that. Even though for an adventurer, your body is your main capital but Juno, his body steadily becomes worn out because he’s not eating properly. 

He’s really a fool. 

“Shut up! Just leave me alone!”

Even though he said that to me, I still keep forcing him to eat. 

I have an insecurity with Sarasa’s appearance. Everytime I look at myself in the mirror, I will slowly run my finger over my freckles and sigh. I know that Sarasa’s beauty… She’s not only beautiful from the outside but from the inside as well. But still, I can’t help but feel jealous over her. 

I was about to give up, thinking that my love for him would melt away like a sugar cube in water but then one day, Juno asked me to be his girlfriend. 

He said that my freckles made him feel warm and pleasant when he looked at me. I was really happy that I ended up crying right here and there. Above everything else, I was very happy that he was aware of my love for him. I think that was the moment that made my insecurity completely disappear. 

Right, right. It seems Juno recently made a new friend. His name is Keigo-san. I remember him well when he came to visit Juno in the inn the other day. He has pitch black hair and kind eyes that left a deep impression on me.

Also, the doggie that was running incessantly around his foot was so adorable. I ended up stroking the doggie’s head unintentionally. I poured some milk onto a plate and gave it to him. He then licked the milk vigorously. So adorable!! 

Juno told me that Keigo-san is living a short walk away from the town in the direction of the forest. He said he will introduce me to Keigo-san one day. 

Fufu~ I really can’t wait to see that cute doggie again!!


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  1. Bleur has spoken 2 years ago

    With how quickly Juno just asked her to be his gf without any prior developments makes me feel like Juno is just using her to get over his heartbreak but I know that the author doesn’t take such things into account nor ever considered such things

  2. Ethereal Rainbow Canvas has spoken 2 years ago

    One spoiled puppy, lol

  3. countrymage has spoken 2 years ago

    I just discovered that Kyle Kinane has a bit that perfectly encapsulates this, only a psychopath wouldn’t pet a cute dog.

    • darling has spoken 1 year ago

      Lets say 2 dogs brutally ripped my limping cat in front of my mother at 3 am and now i loathe dogs

      Guess i’m a psycho now

    • Hyu_hyu has spoken 2 years ago

      well consider me a psychopath then since i still have a trauma with dogs bitting my legs so hard that it left a scar

      i can handle dogs a bit fine compared to the past but if one goes near me i will be panic for sure so i will never pet a dog

    • luukia has spoken 2 years ago


  4. Evra has spoken 2 years ago

    I want to pet Ash too


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