A Trading Company Employee Isekai Survival ~I’m Definitely Not Interacting With Other People~ Chapter 123.2

Chapter 123.2 : (Ash’s POV) From Marriage to Ash’s Bra Incident


My name is Ash. I’m my master’s partner!

Big sister Sarasa was wearing a fluttering dress. Master said no so I tried my best to hold myself back from jumping at her! 

When Master was singing a song, big sister Sarasa cried. I wonder why?

But even though she was crying, she looked happy. 


Master told me that I had to house sit together with big sister Sarsa. 

No! I’m going to get lonely!

But my loneliness disappeared when big sister Sarasa hugged me. 

Huh? Big sister! It hurts! You’re putting too much strength in your arms! Too tight!

After Master left, big sister Sarasa murmured something while casting her gaze downward. After that, we went to big sister Elsa’s place. They gave me milk. Yay~

Big sister Elsa also casted her gaze down, murmuring something. 

I’m going to welcome Master back! Yay!

I jumped into Master’s embrace. He smelled good!


Big sister Sarasa and big sister Elsa were mad at Master and the others. 

Maybe they ate something they shouldn’t eat?

Don’t fight!

Ah! Something is hanging out from uncle Margo’s clothes! I’m curious!!

That’s right! I have a good idea!! I’m going to pull the thing hanging out from uncle Margo’s clothes to stop the fight!

I pulled the thing hanging out from uncle Margo’s pocket and brought it to big sister Sarasa. Then, big sister Sarasa praised me a lot. 

Ehehehe~ With this, everyone will become good friends again!~

My name is Ash. I’m my Master’s partner!


T/N: Ashhh! He has the best intention in his heart! Sadly Margo is a disappointment as a married man…. 눈‸눈

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