Shoushaman no Isekai Survival ~Zettai Hito to wa Tsurumanee~
A Trading Company Employee Isekai Survival ~I’m Definitely Not Interacting With Other People~ Chapter 123.3

Chapter 123.3 : (Margo’s POV) Judgment! What’s the Verdict From Ash’s Bra Incident?! Inspector Sarasa’s Fair and Benevolent Judgment!


My name is Margo. I just got married recently. I’m married to a woman called Sarasa. She’s beautiful just like burning flame and she also has a tempestuous temperament which is good too. She was a close friend of mine and then we became lovers and before I knew it, I was already asking her to marry me. 

I was happy. I was so happy that my vision got cloudy. I didn’t have the slightest idea that a terrifying trap was waiting for me. 

I have a close friend. His name is Keigo. This guy…. Does he not have any carnal desire or something?! He’s someone who’s very wise and if it wasn’t for me dragging him to a place where he could meet women, I’m sure he’ll never get a girlfriend for his whole life. 

After all, he’s a misanthropist. So much that he even refuses to live in a town where it is safe. 

And so, Juno and I came up with a plan. I was delighted but that was my very first mistake. 

The “Ash’s Bra Incident” followed not long after that. Keigo opened the door and left with Ash in his arms. His face was ghastly pale. But, I didn’t have the luxury to worry about Keigo. 

“What is this….”

Sarasa was hanging her gaze low as she muttered to herself. Her face resembled the color of a candle in the dark. 

I was trembling violently, it felt like my blood was being drained from my body. 

Just what is the best answer at a time like this?

I couldn’t stop the cold sweat from trickling down. 

“Clo-…. Cloth?”

Sarasa’s eyes burst into flame. 

C-crap! I was wrong! I shouldn’t have tried to deceive her! I’ve made a grave mistake! If I don’t do something, she’s going to unleash her weapon!

At times like this, the only thing I could do was apologize sincerely with all of my heart. 

“I was deluded temporarily. I’m sorry. I will never lose to temptation ever again! Also, Juno really hadn’t done anything at all.”

I apologized while kneeling on the ground. Juno was also kneeling on the ground next to me. 

“I was really only going for a drink. Margo and I came up with that idea so Keigo could have a chance to find a girlfriend. I also think Margo was caught in temptation temporarily. Please forgive us!”

And so, of course the two of them judged me as guilty. Juno was also guilty because he turned a blind eye on my crime. 

I received a suspended sentence on the condition that I’d never step foot in the entertainment district ever again. 


T/N: So? What do you guys think about a married man/woman going to umm.. Like stripclub or a club where they have staff “entertaining” them?

  1. Doenyon has spoken 10 months ago

    The problem isn’t going to a stripbar while you’re married.

    The problem is doing it in secret, and that bra did not get inside his cloth by itself.

  2. mojo has spoken 10 months ago

    It’s important you just talk with your partner before hand about what they find acceptable. It varies from person to person. I find this making them kneel down and scolding them like errant children very distasteful. Be mature and set boundaries, communication is key

  3. Anderson has spoken 12 months ago

    De la pregunta al final, si es solo un club de stripers o algo así pero no hay contacto, creo que no hay problema ni infidelidad.

    Gracias por traducir

  4. Bleur has spoken 12 months ago

    The two people in relationships doing these kinda stuff while mc just had a chat

    • luukia has spoken 12 months ago

      MC doesn’t have high libido. I guess working as a salaryman for years really thinned his spirit down

  5. Ethereal Rainbow Canvas has spoken 1 year ago

    Thanks for the chapter! 

    I wouldn’t consider going to watch a stripper once cheating, but definitely a sign of mental immaturity. You want more excitement out of the physical part of your relationship, the first step is to talk to your spouse & see if you can’t change things, or have an open relationship if both agree. If nothing works, clearly, you are not a good fit.

    Now on the other side, I have heard a lot of stories of older guys going to see strippers just to talk to a pretty girl about things important or not, things society doesn’t deem acceptable to share with others, or unable to talk about with a spouse who stopped listening.

    • luukia has spoken 12 months ago

      Communication is key in keeping a relationship. I guess in a way, talking with a stripper is more comfortable because you already paid them for their time. Though now I’m reminded there’s something similar like a call girl or something where you can pay to have a phone call with a girl.

  6. Paul has spoken 1 year ago

    Dude, I’m an old enough Asian American to have watched ‘Married …with Children’ on a TV so long ago that a married man in a ‘nudie bar’ or anything close to it doesn’t feel like it needs that much attention other than a couple of laughs later on.

    • luukia has spoken 1 year ago

      Whoa… I googled the show and it turns out the last episode was aired in 1997…. No wonder I’ve never heard about that tv show before…


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