A Trading Company Employee Isekai Survival ~I’m Definitely Not Interacting With Other People~ Chapter 124

Chapter 124


It was midnight. I had successfully escaped from the land of carnage and returned alive. I then made soup using mylene herbs and dried meat. 

I was lost in my own thoughts as I stared at the crackling bonfire dumbfoundedly. 

I wondered why men were so fascinated by boobs. Even the men in this other world were the same. It seemed the issue was not in our DNA. When we were born into the world, the first thing that we saw was our mother’s breast. Breast was the symbol of motherhood and peace of mind. 

Boobs came in different shapes and sizes, no boobs were alike any other. In the pursuit of boobs, men became boobs hunters and dared to venture into the land of carnage even though they knew well what was waiting for them there. 

I came to the conclusion that men’s continued pursuit for various shapes of boobs was because the men were merely chasing after the shadow of their mother’s boobs. It couldn’t be helped that when presented before the sight of boobs, Margo’s eyes turned into that of a chicago bulls. After all, it was a primordial desire and instinctive urge. 

This was an extremely important philosophical point of view so I wrote it down in my note. For a moment, I thought of presenting my philosophical point of view I had reached and stood in front of my friends who were still kneeling with pale faces but then, I felt chills running down my spine so I decided to forgo that thought. 

I’m not that reckless. Head Defender Okuda, decided to make a strategic retreat.

Men and women were creatures that could never understand each other. 

I concluded that we could never understand each other because of the difference in the way of our thinking on DNA level. That was the theory I used to reach that conclusion. I should try to unpack this for a little bit more. 

Boobs for men and boobs for women inherently had different meanings. When I saw a bra coming out of Margo’s pocket, as a man, I could be more generous about it since it couldn’t be helped, that was just the way it was. To my understanding, that just further became another proof of my hypothesis of men’s primordial desire and instinctive urge. 

However, what about Demon Sergeant Sarasa? She didn’t have the same primordial desire and so, she couldn’t be as understanding as I was. The gap between the perception of boobs between men and women were so far apart, the distance could be comparable to a milky way. 

To be precise, the milky way that separated Orihime and Hikoboshi was the difference in perception of boobs between men and women itself. 

I looked at the twinkling, shining sky full of stars. Searching for the milky way in this other world while pondering about the mystery of the universe. While I was thinking about the mystery of life, I felt like the constellation of the stars in the sky resembled that of a boobs. How strange. 

That’s right! Maybe this is how our ancestors remember the stars’ constellations?!

I decided to name the star constellation in the sky I had just found as “The Boobs”. I wrote down the name of the star constellation and its shape in my note so I wouldn’t forget about it. Then, I prayed to the stars for my friend’s safety. 

The soup I had been cooking in the pot over the fire was completed at the perfect moment. I sipped the warm soup, warming my body to its core. After that, I went to bed. Ash was already waiting for me. He was curled up in a ball on top of the bed. I turned off the lantern light, held Ash in my arm and then closed my eyes. Before I knew it, I’d already started to lose my consciousness to slumber.


T/N: A whole chapter about boobs…. Hmmm……. 

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