Shoushaman no Isekai Survival ~Zettai Hito to wa Tsurumanee~
A Trading Company Employee Isekai Survival ~I’m Definitely Not Interacting With Other People~ Chapter 125

Chapter 125


I woke up the next morning, thinking about how stupid the things I had pondered last night.

Women are truly a strange creature. They will get angry when you say you’re aiming for their bodies but they will also get angry when we say we’re not interested in their bodies. 

Mentioning the word “boobs” repeatedly in front of Sarasa and Elsa and then talking about the philosophy behind it would surely add more fuel to the fire. It was simply out of question and would only end up in them looking at me in disdain. 

Remembering about yesterday’s carnage made chills run down my spine again.

The point is, it’s a matter of how you say it. Saying things like “I like your body, I love you.” or “I love your personality the most.” Even though both sentences are talking about the same thing, the latter can serve as a great pick up line and definitely won’t make the women angry. I believe this is why people say that the fastest way to learn a foreign language is by flirting with a woman from another country. 

The difference in subtle nuances in language could greatly affect the results. 

While I was thinking about something trivial and insignificant, the musical trio started making their voices heard, asking me to feed them soon. After washing my face with cold water, I started taking care of them. 

The morning seemed to have gotten much colder. 

Which reminds me, what do the 4 seasons in this world look like?

Since it seemed winter was coming, I needed to increase my rations and stock up on more firewood for warmth just to be safe. After that, I had to install a fireplace in the bedroom-cum-living room. I should talk to Margo about this. 


After I finished eating a decent breakfast, I spent the rest of the morning chopping wood diligently. The sound of the ax hitting the wood felt pleasant to my ear. I really liked this kind of simple work that allowed me to work on an empty mind. However, even though wood chopping was a simple job, I really couldn’t focus on it because the sweet smell of Yurina-san’s and her pleasant voice kept on appearing in my mind vividly. 

But, I’m sure this feeling of mine is nothing but a fleeting emotion. 

I, who had never stayed in love with someone for a long time, tried to analyze the situation calmly. In the past, whenever I went to a bar alone, it wasn’t because I wanted to flirt with a beautiful woman. It was more because I wanted to have a conversation with them. Hence why I always choose an establishment where I could be at ease. 

It was nothing more than a mutual relationship where we both knew our boundaries. But somewhere along the way, we started becoming comfortable with each other and our relationship turned into something where we began caring for each other. 

That’s right. I should try visiting that place for a while first. 

Saying that I was going to that place in order to learn the language of this world, it was merely an excuse I made myself so I could meet with Yurina-san again.

I honestly think I’m really a troublesome man myself.

The older I got, the more I needed to find a reason behind my action. I felt like it’d be so much easier if I could remain as a child forever.

Then, I started to feel restless when the time for that bar to open was near. Just for a little bit, negative emotions and feelings of guilt started creeping up my mind. 

There he is. The sight of a narrow minded man that you can find almost everywhere. 


T/N: So, I’m pretty sure Yurina-san is our FL. 

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    Slave girl! Slave girl!! S L A V E G I R L ! ! ! Kemonomimi! Isekai without kemonomimi is s*it not isekai!

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    Thanks for the chapter! 


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