A Trading Company Employee Isekai Survival ~I’m Definitely Not Interacting With Other People~ Chapter 138.1

Chapter 138.1


The next day, I got lost deep in my thoughts while taking care of the leaves in my field. I remember during my time in Japan, there was a song with a lyric that went something like “Sleeping under the bed won’t change anything”. And another thing called “8040 problem”, a term created by the mass media. It referred to the problem of parents in their 80s that still had to provide for their shut-in child who was already 40s years old. 

Then I thought to myself. 

What’s so bad about psychosocial moratorium?

It was wrong for a third party, someone who was not related to have a say in anything. Society existed for the individual, not that the individual existed for society. Ordering other people to do something was basically making that individual a victim of society. I had experienced it myself the gravity of society’s sin for forcing people to live as a corporate slave. Each individual should have the freedom to choose how they live. 

But in the end, it all boiled down to the problem of money. Although being a parasite to their 80 years old parents was not a commendable act, I still think that as long as both parties had mutual agreement then there shouldn’t be any problem with it. 

My parents were worried about what would happen after they died but when I tried to see myself in this situation, in a situation where I became a real loner, it made me want to say “what about it?”.

Humans, when they were put in a situation where they became a real loner, they could somehow manage better than expected. In this world, there was no welfare assistance or anything like that. Hence why I wanted to live freely and leisurely without following what the society forced me to do.

I could spend my whole day holed up in my hut, writing, or single-mindedly tend to the field or chopping firewood. Even things like potion making and blacksmithing, I did it out of my own volition, without any coercion from anyone. The things requested by Margo too, I simply did so in the name of friendship.

It wasn’t that I was completely self-sufficient. I still needed to receive favor from the people in Resta but I still had the same mindset despite that. 

I guess it was a bad habit of mine. 

Having my freedom taken away unreasonably. 

I could hear the footsteps of winter approaching. Soon enough, it’d be too troublesome going back and forth to town. Once again, I had the sudden impulse to sever all of my ties with other humans. 


T/N: I can see that MC is fond of Yurina but MC is still doubting himself. It is the true epitome of the “it’s not you, it’s me” problem. 

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