Shoushaman no Isekai Survival ~Zettai Hito to wa Tsurumanee~
A Trading Company Employee Isekai Survival ~I’m Definitely Not Interacting With Other People~ Chapter 138.2

Chapter 138.2: (Heinrich’s POV) Codename TSUTSUMOTASE


My name is Resta von Heinrich. I’m the one ruling this town called Resta. 

Recently, a few strange incidents have happened. My father’s right arm was healed and his white, bald head with only scattering hair remained, became luxuriant with black hair. I pressed a question to both my father and Donny about what had happened but they would never disclose the truth to me. 

But then, it finally dawned on me. My father and Donny gave a fleeting glance toward a bottle of potion. 

…. Most probably this was Keigo Okuda’s doing. Since I already had a guess, I went to collect evidence with the treasurer. Apparently my father had rewarded Keigo Okuda with money for the medical treatment. 

Fufufu…. Now what should I do?

A lot of nobles had troubles with baldness. Even the king of this kingdom, Lancaster Kingdom, had a shiny bald head. If I could cure his baldness and take credit for it… Just thinking about the reward I could get from the king already made me drool. Selling it to the other shiny baldy noble would surely fetch me an enormous profit. 

If such a valuable thing existed, then I wouldn’t have anything to say about Keigo’s cooking. I shall turn Keigo Okuda as my personal potion factory and turned him into my slave. But, I needed to do something about my father’s interference. 

That’s right. Maybe I can pull off a ‘tsutsumotase’ on him. I shall name it codename: TSUTSUMOTASE.

First, I needed to dangle money to the thugs that had some subordinate stationed in the pleasure district and then, after luring Keigo Okuda with a woman in the pleasure district, the thugs would threaten him and then kidnap him. From then on, I could force Keigo Okuda to make a cure for baldness for me for his whole life. 

Fufufu…. It’s a perfect plan, if I may so myself. 


I quickly rang a bell while sitting in my office. 

“Did you call for me, Heinrich-sama?”

“Jill, I have something I need you to do. I will tell you about my plan and then you will head to the pleasure district immediately.”

I told Jill the details of my plan and then handed him a bag of gold coins. 

“Well then, I shall take my leave. Heinrich-sama, you may entrust everything to me.”

Today, from Heinrich’s mansion, a figure of an elderly gentleman clad in all black from head to toe could be seen dashing toward the pleasure district while completely erasing his presence. However, no one really knew the elderly gentleman’s true identity. 


T/N: I think the TSUTSUMOTASE is a word play of two words. One is 美人局 (tsutsumotase) meaning a scheme in which a man and woman trick another man into a compromising situation for blackmail. Then another one is ツルッパゲ (TSUruppage) meaning a bald man so bald his head is sleek and shiny. Or maybe it’s only 美人局? But I like to believe it’s a play of 2 words~ 

  1. Doenyon has spoken 10 months ago

    Might be a weird question, but I’m very confused on the order of the names here.

    Which is his first name ? Keigo ? Okuda ?

    Cause you’re using Resta von Heinrich. While Heinrich seemed to clearly be his first name, and Resta is the town’s name so… It should be Heinrich von Resta in german. (the von is german) Just like his father should be Bavarian von Resta.

    I mean I know asian use the opposite order, hence why I think his first name is Okuda. But if we’re translating names using a german word for nobility, might as well also put it in the right order. 🙂

    Thanks a lot for those translations btw.

  2. mojo has spoken 10 months ago

    Bro, at least the father was trying to do his noble duty of protecting the land from monsters and gain prestige that way. Granted he did it in a horrible way, but he had some good motives. This son is just being a villain. SMH.

  3. Paul has spoken 12 months ago

    …I’m going to heavily doubt that he won’t learn a lesson to leave things alone like his father eventually did by losing an arm since he knows there’s a potion that can heal his arm and Keigo made it.

    • easykiln has spoken 12 months ago

      Probably something like being exiled or becoming a slave. It’s good that some people get a redemption arc, but of course there will also be people that persist in their ways.

      Keigo getting noticed was always going to be eventually inevitable with the themes of the work and his psychology, but… “This time” it shouldn’t spread all the way to the higher ups of the country or anything before being shut down by his allies, I think.

      If it’s at that level, even if it gives him some trauma, he’ll probably just distance himself further from “strangers.” That is, he’ll stop going into town but still have interactions with society with his acquaintances as liaisons. He has the strength, income potential, and social connections to manage like that now, especially if the local noble owes him a debt for his idiot son. The biggest problem will be interacting with the adventurer’s guild, and that seems manageable. He’ll probably shut himself off even more thoroughly than that for a while, but that’s what winter is for.

      It’s a bit hard to say, as there are parts of his character I don’t fully understand, but probably the most important part of his personality is the dual traits of having a very strong need to establish boundaries and the tendency to feel obligated to violate those boundaries until he becomes exhausted. The ideal for that sort of person is to have their own inviolable territory like his little ranch in the wilderness has been up to now. Since there’s a profit motive to forcefully exploit him now, security by obscurity isn’t enough. He needs to either run away again or hold his ground, and he doesn’t want to run away anymore. It seems logical to me, then, that his “ranch” must become a “castle” that defends and is symbolic of those boundaries. I want to see him snap and break the nose of someone he’d normally try to smoothly pacify by lowering himself.

  4. Ethereal Rainbow Canvas has spoken 12 months ago

    Thanks for the chapter! sigh…


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