Shoushaman no Isekai Survival ~Zettai Hito to wa Tsurumanee~
A Trading Company Employee Isekai Survival ~I’m Definitely Not Interacting With Other People~ Chapter 144

Chapter 144



Margo and the four others, along with Yurina-san, got on the wagon to return to Resta. Feeling worried that Yurina-san might feel cold, I brought a quilt made from fur and wrapped her in it. 

While feeling embarrassed, Yurina-san said ‘thank you’ in Japanese. Just like I was learning some words in the Lancaster language, Yurina-san was also learning some words in Japanese. 

Somehow, I felt happy. 

And so, Yurina-san returned to the town in a wagon together with Margo and the others. Although she kept on looking back at me, appearing to be reluctant to leave. I just stood there, not moving an inch amidst the fluttering falling  snow until I couldn’t see the wagon she was riding on. 


I let out a magnificent sneeze. Although I had wrapped myself in an ash wolf mantle, it seemed I still had lost quite a bit of my body heat. 


Ash was whining worriedly while looking up at me. 

“I’m fine. Now then, let’s get back inside.”

I opened the door to the cabin and the warmth of the living room gently wrapped myself and Ash. 

“It’s so quiet here…”

I muttered to myself. The bustling liveliness that was here a while ago felt like a lie now. And, that thing suddenly came to my mind. 

The feeling of loneliness. 

I want to meet with my lover. 

I want to fool around with my close friends. 

I don’t want to be all by myself. 

I’m such an idiot. 

Having a me time is more important than anything else? Ha! How laughable. Aren’t I the one who easily succumbs to loneliness easier than anyone else?

“Damn it!”

Didn’t have anywhere else to throw these feelings away,so I threw my mantle on the bed with a thud. 

I wonder how Yurina-san is doing right now? She seems accustomed to dealing with drunk men.

However, I seriously couldn’t stand the thought of those beasts with ulterior motives in their mind gawking at her body, like they wanted to lick her all over. In fact, I even had this urge to kill those beasts. 

I scratched my head with my right hand, pacing back and forth in the room like a bear. I was feeling restless. 

“Meddling in on her job is not a nice thing to do, but….”

Seeing the unsightly state I was in as I kept on mumbling things that even I couldn’t really understand, Ash snorted exasperatedly at me. 

The next thing I knew, I was already picking up the ash wolf mantle I had thrown on the bed and got on the wagon to go to the entertainment district in Resta, the place where Yurina-san worked. 


T/N: We need Yurina-san’s POV here. If she enjoys her work then I think MC shouldn’t stop her from working but if Yurina-san also doesn’t feel comfortable with the hungry gaze, then it’s okay for her to stop working. 

  1. Plotttwister has spoken 10 months ago

    As an adult man with many encounters I had one meeting with a hooker back then. We also had some things going on for like 2 years.

    Back then she allways told me that she could stop that kind of job for me if I could take responsibility for the feeling of “loss”. To me she was a very smart person. We had this rule.

    Do whatever you feel like but never come back out of guilt. At one point I specified it to 3 meetings with the same person. If one of us would meet someone more than 3 times we shouldnt continue this relationship.

    The thing that seperated us was my job. I had to return to germany for approximately 8 months. That was the deciding factor for us. Because my job wouldnt allow something awesome like moving together all the time. ( Financially impossible. I would visit many places within a a few weeks and i really cant pay 7 flights for her… Additionally there were times when I would be stationed abroad longterm upto 2 years).

    I wish she could have accepted long-distance but she decided to cut off the communication entirely to keep mental harm away. Like I said, she is very smart and wise also decisive 😀

  2. Ethereal Rainbow Canvas has spoken 12 months ago

    Thanks for the chapter! 


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