A Trading Company Employee Isekai Survival ~I’m Definitely Not Interacting With Other People~ Chapter 145

Chapter 145



I let out a deep white breath while holding Ash inside my mantle. The trace of the wheel from the wagon Yurina-san riding on had already disappeared due to the snow fall that was pouring incessantly. The light from the town was the only guidepost I had. 

The wagon made a rattling sound as I went through the snow covered road. I saw a goblin on my way to town but because the goblin didn’t come approaching us, I just let the goblin be. 


After a while, the town’s gate came to a view. I raised my hand at the gatekeeper as I went into the town. I then parked the wagon in the stable at Margo’s shop. The night was getting late, he might be already sleeping so I didn’t call out to him because I didn’t want to wake him up. 

I put Ash on the ground and walked through the bustling street. Ash was trotting along behind me, leaving his adorable paw prints on the snow-covered road. 

Finally, I could see the establishment where Yurina-san worked. I came here on a spur of a moment burst but now, I feel kind of embarrassed. 

However, I had come this far already. Whatever. I decided to open the door leading to the establishment and leave the thinking for the later. 

If there was one moment in my life that I could refer to as the “no turning back” moment, this must be it without any doubt. Right now, I was already at my wit’s end though so actually I didn’t really think twice about that kind of thing at all. 


Hearing the sound of the ringing doorbell, the ladies said “welcome” to me in the Lancaster language. When I entered the establishment, I saw those beasts ogling on my precious Yurina-san’s body with their dirty eyes. 

I called out to her and nonchalantly forced my way in between those beasts and Yurina-san, who was holding on to a silver tray. 

Just like what I had suspected, those beasts were really gawking at Yurina-san. 

Yurina-san looked surprised but she must’ve already sensed what I was feeling based on my gesture since she jumped into my arms happily. On the other side, Ash was sitting near my leg, looking up to me while inclining his head to the side. The other ladies were excited to see how adorable Ash was acting. Over the course of visiting this establishment several times already, Ash had become some sort of mascot character of this place. 

Ash was being hugged by all the ladies in turn, like they were playing a bucket relay game. Ash seemed happy too since his tail was wagging so fast that I was afraid his tail might get torn off. 

I sat down on my usual seat with Yurina-san still sticking to me. As for the beasts, they were looking at me angrily. 

I used ice magic to make two circular rock ice and put it inside the glass. Yurina-san then poured a small amount of distilled liquor that you couldn’t find in anywhere else but this establishment, making a liquor on the rock for both of us. 

『Individual Name: Keigo Okuda has acquired Ice Level 2.』

The ‘mama’ of this establishment then came to greet me. At first glance, she looked like that grim-looking female pirate from that floating castle anime.

I politely returned the greeting. I should never go against this person. My instinct told me so. My danger sense was also reacting to this person. 

After spending some peaceful time with Yurina-san for a while, I heard the sound of the establishment being opened roughly along with 5 guys who looked like a thug came pounding in.


T/N: For anyone wondering, this is Captain Dola from Laputa, Castle in The Sky. I never watch the show myself either, the reference from this anime is too old for me to understand so I had to google it but I THINK, I’m 99% correct? This must be the pirate lady MC is talking about, right?

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