Shoushaman no Isekai Survival ~Zettai Hito to wa Tsurumanee~
A Trading Company Employee Isekai Survival ~I’m Definitely Not Interacting With Other People~ Chapter 146

Chapter 146


The 5 thug-looking men looked around the inside of the establishment and then the skinhead man walked toward us. 

Hm? Now that I look at him closely, the skinhead guy, isn’t he the afro guy from the other day? The one that tried to honey trap me? I guess he’s the type of guy that’s quick to change his hairstyle. 


I could see his vein popping out on his temple as the skinhead guy shouted about something. I guess it was given that he’d be angry, given the fact that his hair got burned and then turned into literally barren land. 

Feeling bad for the skinhead guy, I gave him a bottle filled with【Egil Recovery Potion: Can recover HP (big) and can restore the lost parts.】and gestured for him to drink it. 

The skinhead guy looked unconvinced but he still drank the potion. 

I wonder what’s going to happen next. 

The skinhead guy’s head was engulfed in particles of fleeting lights and then, his head completely returned to its original state. In fact, his mohawk hair was a little bit longer than before. 

All of the other four mens who appeared to be the mohawk guy’s underling  pointed at the mohawk guy’s head and cheered. 

Good, good. Now then, I guess that settles our problem. 

Once again, I returned to enjoying my time relaxing and drinking with Yurina-san. 


The mohawk guy pointed his finger at me and said something at me again. 

What is it? I thought our business was already done here. 

And then, to my surprise…

The mohawk boss forcefully pulled Yurina-san’s arm and carried her away. Yurina-san immediately screamed. 

“What are you doing?!”


At the same time, Mama hit the mohawk boss’s solar plexus with her straight punch attack and I hit his mohawk hair with my hellfire sword. The mohawk boss was thrown onto the wall with fire burning on his mohawk hair while I quickly went over to Yurina-san, checking if she was hurt or not. 

Apparently, she didn’t seem to be badly hurt or anything. 

Thank goodness. 

However, I couldn’t bear to let Yurina-san keep on working in this place given the danger she was in. I told Yurina-san “run away” in the Lancaster language and she nodded her head while laughing mischievously. 

I gestured to Mama that I wanted to take Yurina-san with me. Mama’s expression then turned sour, she looked just like a demon. She was much scarier than a bunch of thugs. I took out a leather bag filled with 300 gold coins and held it out to Mama. 

Mama still didn’t break out of her sullen expression though but when she looked at the sight of the two of us happily holding hands, she pointed her chin to the exit, as if she was saying “go” to us. 

Yurina-san hugged Mama and said “thank you”. Mama’s expression then turned tender, her eyes were glistening with unshed tears. 

While all of these were unfolding, the thugs were starting to get back on their feet. I had been so frightened with the existence of Mama that I had completely forgotten these thugs were here. 

The fire on the mohawk guy’s fire had been extinguished and his hair turned into an afro. He became the afro boss. He was really the type of guy that changed his hairstyle in rapid succession. The afro boss looked angry, he was glaring at me. 

Don’t glare at me like that. Aren’t you just paying for your own mistake? 

Mama’s face turned furious again as she faced the thugs with her arms folded together. 



Ash jumped down from the lady’s lap and ran toward us. And then I ran out of the establishment while pulling Yurina-san’s slender hand along. 


T/N: The miraculous potion is being used as hair growing potion…. 

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  1. Exfernal has spoken 11 months ago

    “Well, that escalated quickly” reaction image comes to mind here. I can’t be honestly happy with the story leaning toward slapstick comedy with little prior warning. At least someone might consider placing the relevant tag at Novel Updates.


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