A Trading Company Employee Isekai Survival ~I’m Definitely Not Interacting With Other People~ Chapter 148

Chapter 148


“It’s okay to stop if you think it’s too hard. It’s okay to run away if you want to run away. I might cry but nevertheless, I will still love you.”

She told me so. I never thought someone like her could exist. She could see through all of my feelings. She knew everything about my misanthropy disposition and still fully accepted me as I was. She also prepared a way for me to escape. 

She became my everything. 

It was just like a miracle. 

I had never met anyone like her.

The best I could do in order to keep her from crying was by writing in a paper like this so I could sort out my feelings. I couldn’t really know for sure that the urge to be alone and to be left alone wouldn’t ever come again. But, in regards to my relationship with her, I was absolutely confident that things would be alright now. 

On a hard night when I felt alone, I was certain she would hug me and lured me into a dream while being filled with an overwhelming euphoric feeling. 

I already couldn’t live without her. Until the day she died, I would always become her shield and sacrifice myself for her sake. I would do all that so she could keep on living. 

She might get angry if I said that out loud but I was certain sacrificing myself for her would be for the better. She might get away by merely feeling sad over my sacrifice but as for me, if she was gone, I would definitely die. 

I think for me, that’s what being in love is. 

Cooking was one of my fortes. I’ve cooked a lot in this world. I wanted to let her eat a lot of delicious food. I wanted to see her smile. 

Everything in my life also belonged to her. Today too, I was thinking of making delicious food so I could prevent her smile from disappearing. 

She liked to knit so in order to keep the room warm, I would chop firewood today as well. She knitted while I wrote. The slow passing of time that I spent with her was an irreplaceable moment for me.

Even after both of us grew old, even after we became grandfather and grandmother, I would still tell her that I love her every single day. 

That was why, we’d definitely be alright. 

Living and dying together. 

That’s all there is to it. 


T/N: In male MC isekai novel like this, we don’t get to see the MC getting very deep in unraveling his feelings so I actually really like this kind of chapter. It’s nice to know how sincere and deep the MC’s feelings for Yurina. 

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