Shoushaman no Isekai Survival ~Zettai Hito to wa Tsurumanee~
A Trading Company Employee Isekai Survival ~I’m Definitely Not Interacting With Other People~ Chapter 149

Chapter 149


In the evening, only the sound of the crackling firewoods could be heard. I was appraising the thoughts that I had written in Japanese and then writing down the appraisal result, which was in the Lancaster language. 

My writing looked just like squirming worms. It must be hard to understand what I wrote. It made me want to jab at myself, saying that my writing looked like arabic script. Although lately, I have been getting used to writing down the Lancaster language. 

After I finished writing my letter, I looked at Yurina-san.

She was quietly sitting on a chair while knitting. She was knitting vertically so I guess she might be making a muffler or something. I had asked her earlier what she was making but she put her forefinger in front of her mouth instead, gesturing to me that it was a secret. 

Let me be honest here. She was so adorable. 

I called out to Yurina-san and then I handed out the letter I had been writing, as if I was handing out a love letter to her. 

No, I just realized after handing it to her that this letter itself is undoubtedly a love letter. 

Even though we were this close, I felt like I was exchanging letters with my long distance lover living in a distant country. Since Yurina-san and I had different native languages, there was a limit to what we could communicate verbally or with gestures. 

However, there was one way where we could communicate our thoughts without miscommunication. It was through writing by using appraisal to translate the written letter. If there was something we wanted to convey accurately without fear of miscommunication, we’d do it through writing. This was something that the two of us had decided. 

Yurina-san looked at the letter I had written over and over again. Tears began to well up in her eyes before it eventually dripped down. 

Oh no. I only wanted to make her smile but I ended up making her cry instead. What should I do?

She tucked the letter carefully into her pocket and then she hugged me. I slung my arms over her shoulder. She looked up at me, her eyes were moist with tears. 

Then for the umpteenth time, I slowly put my lips over her lips. 


After that, I exchanged many love letters with her. She also wrote down the reason why she fell in love with me. 

I was happy. 

I decided to keep the promise I had written in the love letter. In the love letter, I wrote that I would cook a delicious meal because I wanted to see her smile. 

The menu of our meal would be cooked by using the deer meat that I had received from the blue wolves. I made deer sashimi and steak but there was one more thing I wanted to make. I guess I’d make cheese mentai rolled egg. 

I cooked together with Yurina-san, while feeding deer sashimi to Ash who was scurrying around our feet. 

Since we were having a meat dish today, let’s pair it up with milan wine. 

Yurina-san and I sipped on milan fruit wine as we cooked. Unable to keep our patience, we kept on feeding each other deer sashimi while laughing.

For some reason, the deer sashimi tasted 4 times better than usual. 

I never thought that the day would come for a recluse like me could suddenly find myself in such a domestic everyday life like this. 

It was a happy and sweet days. 


T/N: Ooh! I’m happy they can find a time to settle in!

  1. Ethereal Rainbow Canvas has spoken 11 months ago

    Thanks for the chapter! Sweet couple

  2. Lisz Arezo has spoken 11 months ago

    How many time will be before they start live together…

    • luukia has spoken 11 months ago

      Yurina-san is already living together with MC ever since the afro guy crashed Yurina-san’s work place though?

      • hehaaw has spoken 11 months ago

        yup, they are pretty much living together at this point

        • luukia has spoken 11 months ago

          Yeah but as of this chapter, their relationship still remains celibate


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