A Trading Company Employee Isekai Survival ~I’m Definitely Not Interacting With Other People~ Chapter 156.5

Chapter 156.5: (Keigo’s Letter) To Elsa


Dear Elsa, 

Elsa, you’ve really helped me a lot. Yurina-san and I, we will definitely return to Resta and when that time comes, let’s hold another party again. My only regret is that I won’t be able to attend Elsa’s wedding and that really frustrates me. 

But, no need to hold back for me. Just go on and get married quickly, okay? I will live a happy life with Yurina-san too, so from the bottom of my heart, I hope Elsa and Juno can be happy too. 

Ah, right, right. About my cabin, you can use it however you want together with Juno. If you like, I also don’t mind if you and Juno want to live there. If you stay here, the bustling sound of the city won’t reach you so you can think of it as some kind of a trip I guess? The relationship between you and Juno might become closer if you stay at this cabin too. 

Also, there’s something I want to ask of you so please hear me out. Juno is a little bit too adventurous and his sense of self-sacrificing is over the top so please watch over him so he wouldn’t do anything too unreasonable. Though I guess, you’re going to do that anyway without me telling you first. 

Elsa, you always dote on Ash too, right? I’m sorry you have to be separated from Ash. Ash will definitely feel sad too so no matter what it takes, I will definitely reunite you with Ash again. 

By the way yesterday, I had Margo and Sarasa eat a new dish called ‘raw uni’ for the first time ever. The new dish was very well received by Margo and Sarasa. That made me really want to make you guys taste it too but… I guess that wish of mine wouldn’t be able to come true, huh… 

And so, I gave the recipe for the new dish to Sarasa. Go and give it a try, okay? 

Right… I still have so many things I want to tell you but at times like this, I can’t seem to gather my thoughts well. Sorry about that. 

Okay, last but not least. I really like Elsa, the Elsa that supports Juno. Of course, I like you as a friend, a close friend. That’s why for me, Juno and Elsa too, you’re the most precious and best friend in this world. I can assure you that this fact is definitely true.

Thank you for being my friend. I won’t say goodbye. After all, as long as we keep on living, we’ll be able to meet again one day. 


(There’s a trace of tear stains on the letter.)


T/N: Haaah…I feel bad for MC… He finally opens his heart to a bunch of new friends but not long after that, he already has to leave the town because of greedy noble….

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