Shoushaman no Isekai Survival ~Zettai Hito to wa Tsurumanee~
A Trading Company Employee Isekai Survival ~I’m Definitely Not Interacting With Other People~ Chapter 156.6

Chapter 156.6: (Margo’s POV) The Most Foul Alcohol in My Whole Life


The sound of the shattering glass resounded in the store.

The night after Keigo left, I was alone in the store when I threw the glass filled with alcohol to the wall. On top of the table, there was the letter Keigo had left for me. 

I wonder what was going through Keigo’s mind when he wrote this letter?

“How can someone who doesn’t even want to live in Resta be able to survive without our help?!”

…..Damn it. It’s so frustrating.

Sarasa said that she wanted to be left alone for a bit and then she went into her room at the store. I knew how painful it must be for Sarasa since I was stuck in the same situation as her too. Just a moment ago, we had lost an irreplaceable friend. 

I was glad Sarasa wasn’t here. I didn’t want her to see me in this state. My heart was in turmoil, as if a sandstorm was raging inside of me.

There was no one as gentle and kind as him. Just what had Keigo done to receive this kind of treatment?!

“And what the hell is Bavarian doing? Wasn’t Keigo the one who fixed his arm?!”

I was all by myself, spreading my frustration to the stone wall that had received the glass I had thrown. 

The one who always listened to my complaint was Keigo. That guy, he always listened to my foolish banter while smiling gently. I felt like I had lost something precious to me, like there was a big, empty hole in my heart. 

Before I read Keigo’s letter again, I took a glass from the shelf and filled it with alcohol. There was no way I could read his letter while sober. I downed the alcohol in one gulp and started reading the letter properly once again. 

…..Then, the next thing I knew, my shoulders were already shaking as I cried. I couldn’t help but to feel miserable and pathetic. I couldn’t forgive myself for failing to protect my precious best friend. 

I cried out loud, taking advantage of the fact that no one else was there.

You couldn’t go against the noble. That was a given fact. But, why couldn’t I come up with an idea that could overrule that fact?

Keigo said that everything could be resolved if he left but in the end, nothing was resolved. He only gave in to the nobleman’s arrogance and was forced to leave his home. 

It’s not too late yet. Something…. I need to do something. If I don’t, I’m sure I won’t be able to forgive myself for the rest of my whole life. 

However, I had to proceed carefully. If I made a bad move, not only me but Sarasa, Juno and Elsa would get dragged along with me too. Now I understood what Keigo meant when he said he wanted to live without having any ties of obligation. 

I wonder how Keigo is doing right now. I hope Heinrich’s soldiers haven’t captured him yet. 

Whenever I let my guard down, these kinds of thoughts would pop in my mind. My mind would swirl down into a whirlpool of regret again. 

Why didn’t I take any measures sooner?

I should’ve been able to predict this outcome when I heard that potion is able to cure a lost part. 

Just what was I doing? Spending my time being optimistic and all? 

Even though I should’ve been the one who supported Keigo since he had no access to information about the town. 

I wonder when was the last time I had a drink while feeling this bitter and lonely? Maybe on the night when the first newbie adventurer that had bought my equipment went into a fight for the first time and got killed by goblins. Even though I had swore to myself that I would never let myself feel that kind of feeling again. 

I decided to dive my head into a bucket of water to sober up.

After cooling down my anger for a while, I could feel my emotion calming down and my mind became clearer. 

…….First, I needed to find someone to cooperate with. I took a pen and a piece of paper and spread it on the table. 

“I have Bavarian-sama, Juno, Elsa and Elsa’s father, Barrack-san. Barrack-san is a town council member. Then I have the adventurers who are the regulars of my equipment shop, the Mama from the entertainment district, Yurina-san’s friends…..”

I wrote down the people that I believed would be on our side on the paper. 

“We will never let Heinrich do as he pleases with our town.”

And then we need to make sure both Keigo and Yurina-san can live freely in this town again. 

“Of course that one is a matter of course.”

That’s right. 

We would never recognize a lord who didn’t prioritize something obvious like the wellbeing of their people. Hence why I should gather my friend and remove Heinrich from the position of our lord. 

We will take our town back with our own hands. 

Keigo was nothing but the trigger. Now that I thought about it, the nobleman’s tyranny had happened so many times already. There must be a lot of people who didn’t feel happy with the nobleman’s tyranny that continued to become worse. So if I told them about Keigo, there must be a lot of people willing to cooperate with us. 

I jotted down the plan I had on the paper and analyzed whether the plan was feasible or not. After I had put the plan together,  tomorrow I would discuss this with the other three people who had received a letter from Keigo first thing in the morning. 


T/N: Bavarian is lucky he had a change of heart before the townsfolk are planning this revolution. 

  1. Lisz Arezo has spoken 2 years ago

    His son is talented in some way, he know how create money.

    He also try be good ruler, but his style is too money oriented.

    Bavarian was average, but serious and brave type, you may don’t like him but he will respect.

    His son teoreticaly can be better manager, but people will be hate him, he is wimp hedonist so lack him this what Bavarian have, respect.

  2. Lisz Arezo has spoken 2 years ago

    I don’t agree Bavarian was bad ruler.

    His ruler style wasn’t popular but he serious saw his job and try have “serious” image.

    He do what was need to protect city from monsters, he mobilize forces and as serious brave ruler try lead them.

    His problem is lack any talent for this.

    • luukia has spoken 2 years ago

      Well, I guess I can agree that Bavarian is not necessarily evil, he’s just too dumb beyond saving. At least Bavarian has good cause, he gathered the adventurers for the sake of everyone’s safety. He just too stupid to know how strong the monsters are.

      But Heinrich… I think he is in the realm of evil as of now. Maybe later he will repent but for now, he’s greedy evil. Heinrich wants to trap Keigo and force Keigo to continue making bear ball potion for the sake of his own greed.


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