Shoushaman no Isekai Survival ~Zettai Hito to wa Tsurumanee~
A Trading Company Employee Isekai Survival ~I’m Definitely Not Interacting With Other People~ Chapter 158

Chapter 158



The next morning, I woke up to the sound of a terrifying monster. At the sound of that monster, Ash reacted. He raised his voice and raised his vigilance in the direction of the forest. 

“Ash, don’t. Yurina-san, please hide together with Ash.”

I picked Ash into my arms along with the red grizzly bear quilt and left it in the custody of Yurina-san. With the red grizzly bear quilt with them, they should be protected from the petrifying gaze attack for the time being. 

With a gesture, I told her to hide in the back of the wagon. Yurina-san then took Ash and hid behind the shadow of the wagon. I quickly donned on my gear and headed toward the sound of the monster’s cry cautiously.

Then, with heavy footsteps, I came close to the huge monster that was sweeping down the trees. The monster that I came to was a formidable monster that had tormented me numerous times. It was a cockatrice. 

“Seriously? Give me a break…”

Somehow or another, I had managed to defeat a serpent by myself but I had never defeated a cockatrice all by myself. Cockatrice was a formidable enemy that attacked using both petrifying gaze and poisonous breath. There was no way I could have the confidence to defeat it alone.

I was able to defeat the serpent by myself because I could know its weak point from using appraisal on it. If I didn’t know its weakness, there was no way I would be able to defeat it even now. 

Hm? Wait…?

“For now, I should try using appraisal on it. There’s nothing to lose anyway.”

【Cockatrice: A high level monster with petrifying gaze and poison breath attack. Has the head of a chicken and the tail of a snake. The petrifying gaze attack can be defended by using light magic to blind its eyes while the poison breath attack can be deflected using wind magic.】

The weakness?! Furthermore, the cockatrice can be dealt with by using basic wind and light magic?! The heck? Even though this is the monster that almost killed me numerous times like those times when I was in the forest or in the dungeons. What the? 


While I was stuck in shock, the three blue wolves were already lined up next to me without me noticing and howled. 

“Blue wolf, thank you. I will definitely give you guys dried meat later on!”

I said my thanks to the blue wolves while keeping my gaze locked at my enemy.

The distance between me and the cockatrice was about 30 meters… 20…. 15….

Then, as the blue wolves pounced on the cockatrice all at once, I also…


I shot a ball of light toward the cockatrice’s eyes. The ball of light bursted, creating an explosion of light. 


With this, the cockatrice shouldn’t be able to use its petrifying gaze attack. 

The blue wolves attacked the cockatrice while avoiding the cockatrice’s claw and snake head attack. The cockatrice was brandishing its claw and snake disorderly as it exchanged blows with the blue wolves.

Using the opening given to me by the blue wolves, I used arrows coated with donur poison and used sharpshoot to fire the arrow toward the cockatrice’s torso. 


The cockatrice rampaged upon being hit by the arrow but then suddenly….


I was caught off guard because I had thought the cockatrice’s movement had become slower but it turned out the cockatrice spit out its poisonous breath attack without even going through its usual preparation motion. 


This is bad! At this distance, ‘wind’ magic won’t be able to cut it!


One of the blue wolves was completely caught by the poisonous breath attack. The blue wolf started twitching and convulsing. 


When I released wind magic toward the cockatrice that was firing its poisonous breath in a mad frenzy, the poison flowed back to the cockatrice’s head, successfully hitting it directly. 


The cockatrice let out a terrifying roar before it fell writhing on the ground. 

“Now!! Let’s finish him off!!”

The two blue wolves that could still move bit the lower half of the cockatrice’s body, preventing the cockatrice from moving and at the same time, I used ‘bash’ using the hellfire sword with all of my might at the cockatrice’s neck. 


I burned through the cockatrice’s neck. 

『Individual Name: Keigo Okuda is now level 19. 



Vitality: 38→40


Intelligence: 87→88

Dexterity: 50→51

Speed: 46→47』

I immediately went to treat the blue wolf that had been hit by the cockatrice’s poisonous breath with paruna detoxifying potion but the blue wolf had already died…..



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