Shoushaman no Isekai Survival ~Zettai Hito to wa Tsurumanee~
A Trading Company Employee Isekai Survival ~I’m Definitely Not Interacting With Other People~ Chapter 159.1

Chapter 159.1


Yurina-san and I decided to make a grave for the dead blue wolf. While I was making the tomb from some convenient wood I had, Yurina-san, who was good at handicrafts, made a necklace by using a leather strap and an ash wolf fang that we had saved as an offering for the dead blue wolf. 

In the early afternoon, the grave for the blue wolf was finally done. I took out the ash wolf fang necklace that Yurina-san had made from my pocket and put it on the cross marker of the grave. This blue wolf must’ve protected us because they were looking after Ash. Ash’s mother, a superior specimen, must be some sort of master figure for this blue wolf. 

Blue wolf. I’m sorry I can only bury you in such a lonely place like this. But, so that you won’t feel lonely, I will at least mourn you together with your master. 

“Thank you for always protecting us.”

After that, I put dried deer meat in front of the blue wolf’s grave as an offering and put my hands together to pray. Dried deer meat was something the blue wolf always loved to eat, hence why I chose it as an offering. Yurina-san also followed me suit, clasping her hand together to pray. 

Seeing us offering our respect to the fallen blue wolf, Ash howled into the clear blue sky. After that, the blue wolves pack, who had gathered in large numbers without me realizing it, also started howling in unison.

I could feel a dignified strength in their howl, as if they were celebrating the triumphant return of their hero. 

I thought this scene before me was simply magically beautiful. 


T/N: An honorable death for the honorable warrior. I’m imagining this scene like the fallen blue wolf is going to Valhalla, welcomed by his fellow brethren. I feel sad about Ash’s mother’s death too. I know it can’t be helped. It’s just how nature is but still….I can’t help but to feel sad… 

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  1. Plotttwister has spoken 1 year ago

    This chapter made me cry eventhough it was short it had a big impact on my feeble heart.

    Rest in peace honourable champ <3


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