Shoushaman no Isekai Survival ~Zettai Hito to wa Tsurumanee~
A Trading Company Employee Isekai Survival ~I’m Definitely Not Interacting With Other People~ Chapter 159.2

Chapter 159.2 : (Blue Wolf’s POV) The Place Where Soul Returns, the Resolution of the Brave Warriors


I am Blue Wolf, the guardian of my Lord. 

My lord and this gentleman…. His name was Keigo-sama according to what my lord had told me… Along with Keigo-sama’s wife… The three of them were on a journey. We, the wolves who were in charge of protecting our lord, decided to follow them in their journey. 

We encountered goblins and giant spiders along the way but Keigo-sama was strong. He mowed down the enemy with flame. The breath coming out of his lung was white, maybe it was due to his high body temperature from running. 

It seemed our lord was going to spend the night under that green tree so we decided to guard the area around that tree. After that, we hunted a deer. We ate that life so we could survive for the day. Then, we rest our body in preparation for what will come tomorrow. 

The next morning, I felt a disturbing presence. Something was approaching, whilst sweeping down the trees with its high-pitched shrill. My comrade, who had been out on a patrol, signaled to us with a howl. The one that was approaching us was a cockatrice. 

We immediately returned the howl and ran back toward that gentleman together with our comrade. 

We are the brave wolves. One for all, all for one. If it’s to protect what is dear to us, we will challenge even a stronger enemy than us. 

We will never allow anyone to harm our lord!

And so we all leapt at the cockatrice in unison. 


……..By the time I came to consciousness, I was already dead. Only my soul remained in existence. 

『Wolverine Requiem』

I heard a song that belonged among all of us. A song that was meant to send the soul of the dead to the sacred tree.

In a sacred mountain range, west of the small house where our lord lived, there was a village of wolves. In that very village, there exist a sacred tree protected by Sacred Beast-sama, a beast that reigned at the top of us wolves. 

I had only seen the great sacred tree once and I was so overwhelmed by its sheer divine aura that I ended up prostrating right here and there. When a wolf turned into an adult, we all underwent a ceremony where we swore our life to that great sacred tree and we were taught by the Sacred Beast-sama that when a wolf died, we’d become one with the sacred tree and became a heroic spirit. 

Hence why us wolves were more brave than anything else. No matter how powerful our enemy was, we would face them head on without fail. 

We are proud of that fact. 

My lord and my comrades were playing the long, long ‘Wolverine Requiem’. Their song made my soul tremble and something hot welled somewhere deep inside of my heart.

“My comrades! I will leave our lord in your hand from now on! I will always watch over all of you!”

Before long, my consciousness then was wrapped in a warm light and I returned to the great sacred tree. 


T/N: Turns out the mountain near Resta is such a pivotal place for the wolf. That means MC and the others definitely need to return. Ash might need to go to that sacred tree to assume his place as the sacred beast or something. 

  1. Plotttwister has spoken 10 months ago

    I love the pov chapters. Usually I dont like them because they are filled with unnecessary words but not in this novel.

    On that note: I think the sacred tree is the reason why I MC came to that world. Probably not relevant for the story but I am pretty sure that the tree and the divine beast had a hand in that.

  2. Evra has spoken 11 months ago

    Uuh huhuhu bye bye wolfie


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