Shoushaman no Isekai Survival ~Zettai Hito to wa Tsurumanee~
A Trading Company Employee Isekai Survival ~I’m Definitely Not Interacting With Other People~ Chapter 165

Chapter 165



After having a light lunch, Yurina-san and I decided to have some fun fishing. There was no monster in the river, probably because of our big fight yesterday. Even if there was any monster, the blue wolves would protect us anyway so it’d be safe either way for Yurina-san to get near the river. I started preparing at the fishing spot, making a bonfire so Yurina-san could stay warm.

After that, we started fishing but since we had a lot of free time while waiting for the fish to take the bait, I entrusted Yurina-san to watch the rod while I made fire daggers. I sprinkled crushed fire and femto stones on the whetstone and started grinding the dagger.

When we stopped by a village or any settlement in the future, they would be happy if we could barter this fire dagger with them. Winter was a cold season after all. Surely the people in a small village would be more delighted to have some goods or food rather than money during the winter. Besides, we could still get several gold coins from selling the fire dagger in town so there was nothing to lose by making more fire daggers. Our money was not infinite by any way so we should think of finding a way to earn money too.

After getting bored of making daggers, I then started practicing playing the lute I had bought in Tairant. Plucking the lute, I started playing some chords, accompanied by the sound of Ash howling,”auuuuu”,  in accordance with the melody. 

He sounded so cute, like he was singing so I ended up playing with Ash instead of practicing the lute. 

………Ah, crap. I forgot I was fishing. 

Looking at the stupid me and the stupid dog… I mean, stupid dog, Yurina-san looked a little exasperated, like she was thinking “it couldn’t be helped”.

At first Yurina-san was struggling since she couldn’t fish but after I taught her the trick and tried pulling the rod together with her, she gradually improved. Thanks to Yurina-san’s help, we caught a lot of tucarush fish, the isekai equivalent of sweetfish.

Let’s have another fish-based meal for dinner tonight. 


I started preparing dinner while boiling water for the bath. I made the stick for the skewer by shaving a tree branch with a dagger and skewered the tucarus fish so I could grill it over the fire with salt. I also didn’t forget to filet some tucarus fish in three pieces and serve them as sashimi.

The food I made was the basic classic but they were still delicious. I believed having a fresh ingredient was the best spice you could get for any meal.

And today’s alcohol would be ale. 

Gulp, gulp. 


The feeling of the sashimi going down the throat together with the ale was irresistibly delicious. Yurina-san also looked very happy as she enjoyed the fish-based meal together with the ale. 

Several of the blue wolves were approaching us so I shared some grilled tucarus fish with them. The blue wolves and Ash ate the tucarus fish with vigor. 

After that, Yurina-san went to have a bath together with Ash. Just like the case with Sarasa, everyone really loved Ash. I also wanted to get into the bath together with them but… Well, it couldn’t be helped I guess. It was reassuring to have Ash becoming bodyguard for Yurina-san after all. 

When Yurina-san was done with her bath, I decided to take a bath too. The snow was falling tonight so I treated myself to having a bath while watching the snowfall. 

Phew… I can feel my cold body is being warmed into its very core. 

I could hear the crackling sound of the firewood burning. The night was growing quieter than ever. 


Yurina-san told me to get into the bed first so I wouldn’t feel cold after the bath. Since my body was already feeling warm all over, I decided to head into bed earlier than usual. Of course I didn’t forget to say,”good night, Honey. I love you.” and gave a peck on her adorable cheeks as per the rules between us. If I didn’t do it, her cheeks would become all puffed out the next morning after all. 

If I stood still by the typical japanese mindset like,”there’s no way I can do such an embarrassing thing!”, pretty sure Yurina-san would thrust the divorce paper (or whatever the isekai equivalent of it) to my face before long. Apparently the people in this isekai had the same mindset as the modern Japanese people back on earth. 

Turning off the light from the lantern, I closed my eyes and fell into deep slumber with the warmth from Yurina-san and Ash in my embrace. 


T/N: So not only Yurina-san is adapting with MC’s quirk, MC is also adapting to Yurina-san’s quirk. It seems the people in this isekai are not afraid of any PDA or being affectionate straight on. I like this though! While having a silent gesture of affection is nice, having someone tell you they love you with their words is nice too~ Of course those words need to come from their heart!

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    So he plan sell this dagger who only he do?

    Isn’t this like said ” I was here” to their enemy?

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    Thanks for the chapter


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