Shoushaman no Isekai Survival ~Zettai Hito to wa Tsurumanee~
A Trading Company Employee Isekai Survival ~I’m Definitely Not Interacting With Other People~ Chapter 166.1

Chapter 166.1


When I woke up the next morning, Yurina-san was still sleeping next to me. I was unable to resist the temptation of her warmth. This temptation was beyond anything else, making me go back to sleep once again in the bed just like that while hugging her, enjoying the gentle scent of her. 

However, not long after that, the cutest living thing in the world started to let out a sound of grumbling. Of course this living thing was no one else but Ash. 

It can’t be helped. I’m feeling like sleeping all day but I guess it’s time for me to wake up now. 

I was about to wake up so I could feed Ash when Yurina-san opened her eyes. 

“Good morning, Honey.”

“Good morning, Keigo.”

We said our morning greetings while kissing each other lightly. 

Love is really a great thing.

I didn’t have any intention to learn how to speak in the Lancaster language but if it was just a daily conversation of this level then, it was possible for me to pull it off. Strangely enough, I felt that communicating through letters only was a little unsatisfactory for me. Which was why, when I had any spare time, I started learning the Lancaster language from her little by little. 

Yurina-san and I went out of the covered wagon to wash our face and brush our teeth using the water stored in a bucket. While we were doing our morning routine, the blue wolves brought a deer they had just hunted.

Maybe they had learned that the food became delicious if I was the one to prepare it? 

The blue wolves looked like they were practically saying,”Praise us!” and asking me to pat their head so I did. I patted the blue wolves’ head. 

“Then, let’s have a deer meat party today!”


And so, I started disassembling the deer. 

I drained the blood from the deer and then I washed the liver with running water. Freshness was very important for offal like this liver so I then seasoned the fresh liver with garlic and salt before I cut it up so I could serve it as a liver sashimi. Aside from a portion of the meat that we were going to eat today, I cut the meat in appropriate pieces and then I covered it with clean cloth and tied it up with a string and froze them.

Yurina-san and I, along with the blue wolves who had experienced the taste of a distinguished service, ate the liver sashimi with a sprinkle of salt on it. 

Yeah, it’s delicious. Simply scrumptious. 

And then we lightly grilled the meat and ate it with bread.

Eating it like this is good too. Game meat is delicious~

I gave the blue wolves and Ash the deer meat sandwich. They were all eating the sandwich cordially. By the time I noticed it, the blue wolves were already gone after they had their fills of deer meat.

I was enjoying myself with a cup of herbal tea made from marble grass after a meal. I needed to train but after having such a luxurious meal, I wanted to soak in the afterglow first.

Yurina-san said that she wanted to knit in the wagon afterward. She was good at sewing and knitting. She could also make handicraft like that necklace using an ashwolf fang. She was actually pretty good with her hands. The design she created was quite good that it made me think,”Maybe we can also sell them.” But right now, there was no need for us to sell them yet. 

I was already done with training and fishing in the early afternoon but I was lacking in motivation to do anything. As proof of that, I was snacking on deer sashimi while sipping on some alcohol.

I’m actually a bad adult. 

Yurina-san and Ash were also by my side. The two of them were enjoying the wild game by piercing the deer meat with skewer sticks that we had made by shaving tree branches. Yurina-san was grilling that deer skewers by the bonfire. 

With even more freetime on hand, I smoked the deer meat and the cheese I had bought in Tairant while continuing fishing. The sound of the water flowing from the small stream combined with the sound of the bird chirping was really pleasant to hear. I was truly feeling relaxed from the bottom of my heart.

I let out a yawn, it was so peaceful that it somehow made me feel sleepy. Yurina-san was also nodding off, maybe because she was feeling full or maybe because she was relaxing by the bonfire. Ash looked sleepy too, he was nodding off too.

I beg you guys, please don’t fall asleep onto the bonfire, okay?

While I was thinking that, my fishing rod twitched. I wonder what I caught?

I pulled the rod in according to the tempo of the reel and on the end of the fishing line, I found a different fish than the sweetfish I used to catch dangling on the line. 

【Neitolius: A cod-like fish native to the Lancaster Kingdom. Its roe is especially delicious. 】

What… A cod jam packed with fish roe… Or to be precise, a neitolius, appeared. I really couldn’t get bored at all. One after another, new ingredients kept on appearing, so fun!

That’s right… Let’s have cod roe spaghetti for dinner. 

I took a peek at the water’s surface again and saw kelp-like water plants swaying from side to side so I gathered them up with a sword. 

【Zircoot Water Plant: A water plant that can be used for cooking. It has a peculiar taste to it.】

Since the appraisal said this plant could be used for cooking, I took a bite of it and it turned out it tasted exactly like a kelp. I guess I could use this to make kobujime or as an ingredient to make soup stock.


After I finished fishing, I wrapped the tucarus and neitolius sashimi in a zircoot plant…. Curing those two fish sashimi with kelp like how you made kobujime….  I didn’t know what was the isekai language equivalent of this but I was basically curing sweetfish and cod sashimi by wrapping them between layers of kelp. 

The outside part of this covered wagon had a storage space so this storage space basically became a nature made freezer at this time of the year. This kelp-covered fish sashimi should be stored in the freezer for one month. 

Together with the uneaten deer meat I had set aside, we had secured quite a lot of food. It seemed for the time being, we could keep on hiding with this amount of food in reserve.

After that, I started preparing tonight’s main dish, the cod roe spaghetti. I boiled the spaghetti and then I mixed them up with the cod roe sauce and garnished the dish with irene herbs. The medicinal herbs were good to restore one’s energy so I believed this meal was good to help us get through this cold winter. 

Once Yurina-san took a bite of the cod roe spaghetti, she stiffened. 


I entered the bath together with Yurina-san and Ash. While I was staring at the clear night sky filled with stars, I was thinking of moving to another place soon. Unfortunately, it was risky for us to stay at one place for too long. 

I was thinking of going to the village to procure some food and salt but I wanted to avoid being tracked by them if I could help it. We were still pretty stocked up anyway. 

Right. Let’s follow the river branch and head on to the east. In that way, at least we will be able to take a bath everyday and have a comfortable journey. 

“Yurina-san, tomorrow,we move.”

I told her in broken Lancaster language that we would be on the move again and she nodded with a smile on her face while playing with Ash. 


T/N: The author really loves raw food. His diet is so healthy. 

  1. Deadmilkmen1 has spoken 1 year ago

    It’s about damn time he starts learning the language. That’d have been one of my first priorities.

  2. mojo has spoken 1 year ago

    Kids don’t eat game meat raw, you’ll suffer greatly and may even die if the animal is infected with Trichinellosis. This is fiction, the protagonist has plot armor to protect him from parasites, normal people do not.

    • Deadmilkmen1 has spoken 1 year ago

      Same with raw fish. Sashimi is frozen before being served. This dudes obviously never seen how many worms are in fresh raw fish meat. If you like eating sashimi, don’t google that.

  3. Lisz Arezo has spoken 1 year ago

    Technically you can eat only meat is you eat raw and all part (like eyes or brain).

    This is quiet dangerous diet, not only parasites, brains annnd liver eat a lot start can start cancer.

    • CSM has spoken 1 year ago

      Right!? I’m really starting to worry for the author’s healthy with their apparent obsession with turning any and everything into sashimi.


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