Shoushaman no Isekai Survival ~Zettai Hito to wa Tsurumanee~
A Trading Company Employee Isekai Survival ~I’m Definitely Not Interacting With Other People~ Chapter 175

Chapter 175


The next morning, Yurina-san looked completely healthy. When I hugged her, I noticed she didn’t have any symptoms of illness anymore and she was eager to cook first thing in the morning since it had been a while since she last cooked. 

Yeah, I think she’s alright now. 

After breakfast, we decided to slowly continue traveling in the wagon again. 

We’re on a run with no particular destination in mind so let’s take our time slowly. 

According to the map, if we followed the road down the river, we would be able to see a town called Baileys. If we were to run short on supplies, we could come to that town to restock. 

There was no need to rush so we took a lot of breaks in between our journey. I taught Yurina-san how to use the hand grenade(the spider thread and the paralyzing ball) in between our breaks. 

Yurina-san was happy to know that she could also be useful in battle. We still had a surplus of spider thread, paralyzing herbs and dried nuts so when I taught her how to make the hand grenade, she was enthusiastic to make it herself. 

She wanted to sit in the driver seat but I told her to obediently sit in the wagon together with Ash. She was still in a convalescent period so she mustn’t force herself if possible. 

In the middle of the peaceful scenery, Rocinante (my stallion) and  May Queen (my mare) were merrily trotting down the road, making a series of click clack noises. Then, all of a sudden, from the direction of the river, a huge serpent raised its head and glared straight at us. 

That was none but the infamous serpent, a monster I knew very well of. Normally, I would’ve already made a dash out of it with my wagon but now, the serpent didn’t scare me anymore. 

I stopped the wagon and pulled out my Wolverine Thunder sword. The three blue wolves also appeared out of nowhere and started taunting the serpent. 

“Yurina-san! Stay hidden!”



With the hand grenade in her hand, Yurina-san started saying that she wanted to fight as well. Apparently, she wanted to be useful in battle too. Sarasa and the other women from this different world were really strong-willed. In my original world, I doubt there would  be any woman who would dare to face this terrifying serpent. Ash also took his stand in front of Yurina-san, showing his spirit in order to protect Yurina-san. 

Nice job, Ash!

“Yurina-san! You definitely have to stay behind me!”

Though I was reluctant, I still agreed for her to join the fray. 

The serpent was the one that made the first move in the midst of our standoff. While facing me, the serpent went into its poison breath motion. 

However, I already expected the serpent to do that. 




Completely receiving its own poison breath attack, the serpent writhed in pain. 

“Yurina-san! The spider thread!!”


The hand grenade that Yurina-san threw, hit the flailing serpent’s body. Spider thread stretched out upon impact, successfully pining the serpent’s body to the ground.

“Well this is… No, Sword Piercing!!”


I stabbed the gaping Serpent’s head with my Wolverine Thunder sword. The serpent, having its head skewered, writhed on the ground before it finally stopped moving. 

『Individual Name: Keigo Okuda has acquired Sword Piercing level 2.』

Come to think of it, if I’m not wrong, the serpent’s meat can fetch quite a price. How many gold coins was it? Well, I won’t know unless I sell it now. 

For today, we decided to spend the night on a high ground, a short distance away from the river, and tried on some meal made by using serpent’s meat.


T/N:For manga readers, Yurina-san already shows her capability in fighting by using a slingshot but in the webnovel, it seems it’s going to take some time before Yurina-san finally uses the slingshot. 

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