Shoushaman no Isekai Survival ~Zettai Hito to wa Tsurumanee~
A Trading Company Employee Isekai Survival ~I’m Definitely Not Interacting With Other People~ Chapter 176

Chapter 176


The whole riverbank was filled with a fragrant smell. To be precise, this fragrant smell of a unique sauce from a high-class eel restaurant I often frequented in Tokyo. To make this sauce, first, I used this soy sauce I had procured from the village as the base, then in exchange for mirin, I used seryu sake (a sake that tasted similar to seishu sake) and added sugar before I stirred the mixture while simmering it.

Then in exchange for the eel’s head and liver…. I used the serpent’s head and liver (I had made sure the liver was not poisonous first) and grilled them on a wired net. Then the grilled head and liver was added into the sauce mixture and simmered over low heat. After about 20 minutes, the eel sauce was completed. 

The reason why I came up with this idea was because of the serpent’s wriggling form when it was writhing in pain. When I cut a slice of the meat and lightly grilled it to try it out, the unique texture of the serpent’s meat felt really similar to an eel.

And what a perfect timing since I had recently acquired a soy sauce from the village so I really wanted to try to recreate, if not a similar taste of grilled eel from that high-class eel restaurant. Not to mention, I had bought a grilling rack and charcoal at Tairant too. I couldn’t help but to think that God had brought me and the grilling rack together just for this chance. 

Of course I could cook it using the wood stove I had installed inside the wagon but still, it goes without saying that you have to grill it slowly over a charcoal grill on a wired net and thoroughly coat it with the sauce without rushing. 

I used a cooking spatula to slather the serpent filet with eel sauce as I grilled the meat over charcoal fire. Coated it with paint, grill, coated it with paint again. I repeated the process over and over again. 

As a result, the whole area was enshrouded with an aromatic smell. 

Around the grilling rack, there was me, Yurina-san, Ash and at least 10 drooling blue wolves. The smell made you feel like you were standing in front of the ventilation fan of an eel restaurant. All eyes were completely fixated on the grilled serpent…. No, the grilled eel. 

I served the glistening, golden brown grilled eel on a plate and slowly brought it to my mouth to try it out. Of course the drink I had by my side was not a draft beer but a chilly cold ale instead. 

HAP…. Munch munch….


A lightning flashed behind me and I spontaneously finished the ale in one gulp.

“I’m so damn happy….”

I cried involuntarily. Yurina-san, who was looking at my current situation while waiting impatiently, also took a bite of the grilled eel. 


That’s the best reaction I’ve ever seen from her!!

“Ash, and the blue wolves too, eat up.”

I put the grilled eel on the plates and shared it to the blue wolves and Ash, who had been waiting obediently. All of them were lost in delirium as they ate 

After that, I used the wired net to grill more eels. The blue wolves seemed to like it so much that they kept on coming back for more numerous times. 

“You guys have risked your life to protect us. Eat up.”

I thanked the blue wolves since they hadn’t helped us with the cockatrice only but they had also secretly helped us on other occasions too. 


T/N: When MC is back, he can open his own eel restaurant too… 

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  1. Folkebrat has spoken 4 months ago

    The one who said that music can calm the most dangerous beasts never tried to do it with food. 😉


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