Shoushaman no Isekai Survival ~Zettai Hito to wa Tsurumanee~
A Trading Company Employee Isekai Survival ~I’m Definitely Not Interacting With Other People~ Chapter 177

Chapter 177


I decided to eat the pseudo grilled eel with rice and other condiments, essentially making a dish called ‘hitsumabushi’.

Zircoot water plants… Or rather, kelp, was available so I could make soup stock out of it.  I didn’t have any rice so I would finely chop pasta in exchange for rice. As for the condiments, I used this dried green onion-ish vegetables (appraisal said this vegetable was called ‘nell grass’) that I had gotten from the village. 

Cut the grilled eel into bite sized pieces and placed them on top of fake rice made from finely chopped pasta. Sprinkled them with green onion and then poured the broth made from kelp. For the flavor, add salt and soy sauce based on your own preference. 

Now then, it’s time to actually taste this dish. 


The taste between the broth and the condiment along with the taste of the grilled unagi, interweaved, making a beautiful harmony. 

This is dangerous. It seems I’ve created another sinful dish. 

And then, Yurina-san, Ash and the blue wolves also enjoyed the fake ‘hitsumabushi’ with all of their heart. 

…………I can’t eat anymore.

The serpent had been eaten clean without leaving any trace. It was such a huge serpent but it was barely enough for the blue wolves. 

The blue wolves, maybe because they had eaten so much, were now laying down with their stomach out in the open by the bonfire. Ash was also laying down with his stomach out on top of the laying down blue wolves, making them look like a ‘kagami mochi’ (a stack of two round mochi). 

The ‘hitsumabushi’ must’ve tasted incredibly good for them. That ‘hitsumabushi’ was really worth making. 

After enjoying eel to our hearts content, Yurina-san and I took some water from the river and started boiling the water for our bath. After Yurina-san and Ash had finished bathing, I took a dip alone. I placed a table beside the bath so I could enjoy the bath with some distilled liquor and some leftover grilled eel as a snack to be paired with my drink. 

Yeah, this feels nice too. 

With a towel placed on top of my head, I looked up at the night sky in the midst of the steam from the hot bath. The moon and the stars were beautiful tonight as well, along with the sound of the stream from the river and the birds, it was perfect. 

While I was soaking in the tub, I almost fell asleep with a towel soaked in the hot water I had placed on my eyes to warm my eyes up. 

This is not good. My body is getting warm too. I need to get out soon. 

After getting out of the bath, I went into the covered wagon to dry my hair in front of the stove. Yurina-san’s long hair wasn’t dry enough yet too so I sent out a warm wind by using wind magic passing through the stove. Ash was already curled up on the bed, the adorable sound of his breathing could be heard as he slept. 

And then, Yurina-san and I had a post-bath drink. We were drinking a glass of ale that had been chilled outside beforehand. 

Uuughhh, how irresistible! Like seriously, this is the best honeymoon ever!

Feeling happy, I decided to end this day by going to sleep. I had thought Ash might woke up when I entered the bed but after looking half-asleep for a moment, he immediately went back to sleep again after taking his place near Yurina-san and I’s feet. That gesture of his was so adorable that Yurina-san and I couldn’t help but to unconsciously hold our breath before we laughed.


T/N: Small animals look so adorable doing whatever when they’re half-asleep~ 

  1. Exfernal has spoken 9 months ago

    Isn’t that a little too fast to serve chilled drinks to someone who had a fever not too long ago?

    • Deadmilkmen1 has spoken 8 months ago

      This is the dude thinks eating raw animal parts with zero prep is healthy and delicious. Pretty sure he drinks booze every day as well. Not exactly the epitome of health.


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