Shoushaman no Isekai Survival ~Zettai Hito to wa Tsurumanee~
A Trading Company Employee Isekai Survival ~I’m Definitely Not Interacting With Other People~ Chapter 181

Chapter 181


The next morning, Yurina-san also started training with me. The equipment she was using was the leather set equipment that I had enhanced with dual attributes yesterday and a wooden suit made from appropriate wood. Also, an earth wind dagger. She also had two types of grenades and a dagger scabbard hanging on her waist.

She practiced thrusting and slashing with the dagger. Then instead of grenades, she practiced throwing at the target by using rocks instead. She was practicing hard with all of her might but somehow there was something incredibly cute with how she practiced. I wonder what it was…. I guess it was the same feeling when you teach your girlfriend how to play golf? Though I didn’t play golf. 

After we finished with morning practice, Yurina-san and I had a light breakfast of bread and soup that we made by using the leftover merman meat. Of course, Ash had been with us since the moment we started training. 

Now then, I have a few things I want to do today. 

From here after, the work I wanted to do was a bit dangerous so I entrusted Ash, who had been loitering around our feet, to Yurina-san. After that, I used the fireball from Hellfire Sword to melt the snow piling up on the riverbank. I melted the snow until the ground became all bald. 

“I knew it….”

I tried appraising the exposed riverbed ground and found a good amount of Shiny Green Stone and Hard Yellow Rock. Upon investigating, I found another rock with a light attribute, Volatile Light Rock. I reflected on my action for passing through these without appraising them first. 

I was interested in light attribute too but today’s objective was to find an effective way to use the wind and earth attributes.

First, let’s make a shield for Yurina-san. 

I beat a steel plank used for reinforcing until it became thin and long and then polished it with a whetstone to give wind and earth attributes to it. After that, I stick the steel plate onto a wooden shield that she used for practice. This should make the shield strong and light.

Yurina-san didn’t have too much strength in her arm so I asked her to try holding the shield to test it out and adjusted the weight of the shield to a comfortable level for Yurina-san. 

Now then, the other thing I wanted to do today was to improve our wagon. Rocinante (my stallion) and May Queen (my mare) were strong but I think they could go even faster if I could make the wagon lighter. We would be able to carry more luggage to a certain extent too.

I already knew for a fact that we could reduce the weight by 10% if we applied wind attribute to things. There was no way I wouldn’t take advantage of this fact. 

And so, I wanted to grant wind attribute to the whole wagon but I knew it wouldn’t be easy to do. So for today, I would be starting with the cover part first. I took a brush and mixed crushed polishing material with crushed Shiny Green Stone then I started brushing the outer part of the hood carefully. And the result was….

【Wind Hood: A wagon’s hood with wind attribute. Reduce weight by 10% and increase +3 Speed for work-horse pulling the wagon.】

“The naming sense….”

Looking at the pop up screen from the appraisal skill, I ended up unconsciously giving a jab at the system’s naming skill.


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