Shoushaman no Isekai Survival ~Zettai Hito to wa Tsurumanee~
A Trading Company Employee Isekai Survival ~I’m Definitely Not Interacting With Other People~ Chapter 182

Chapter 182


It wouldn’t be a good idea to stay by the riverbank for long. I needed to worry about our (more or less)pursuer too. With that thought in mind, I decided to gather as many attributed rocks as I could and loaded them into the wagon before setting out. After all, as long as I have the materials, I could work anywhere. Yurina-san was also gathering dried nuts with similar texture as pinecone to use as a material for hand grenades. 

We were running out of spider’s explosives to make hand grenades with so we had to start looking for purple tarantulas. It was a bit troublesome. I really wished I could put up a request to the guild to subjugate them but right now, I couldn’t afford to do that. However, beyond this point, we would be traveling through an area with rather thick trees so we might encounter purple tarantula there. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for that. 

As our horse-drawn wagon continued on the road by the riverside for a while, the forest surrounding us gradually became thicker and thicker. Until the sunlight could barely reach the ground. 

Then Ash, who was being carried in Yurina-san’s arm, suddenly perked his ears and barked toward the sky. 

“What is it now…..”

Pulling my Hellfire Sword out, I kept my vigilance high. Yurina-san also had a shield in her left hand and her right hand was in her pocket, holding the hand grenades.

Then something came swooping from the sky, tearing through the foliages in its wake. I immediately readied my Hellfire Sword and threw a fireball at it. That something avoided the fireball I fired and went hovering again in the sky. 

“A hawk? No, I think it’s way too big to be a hawk?”

【Phantom Bird: A huge bird monster. It preys on big animal by using its talon to grab the animal. It has an ejection mechanism on its feather, allowing it to shoot its feather like an arrow. Wind magic is effective against its feather ejection attack.】

Ugh… So this guy is in some sort of flying group monster. 

While I was appraising the bird monster, three blue wolves came approaching us. While all these things were going on, the phantom bird started gathering strength in its body. 


“It’s going to shoot its feathers! Wind!!”

I fired the wind magic with all of my might toward the bird monster and at the same time… BAM!! Together with the sound of explosion, the feathers were ejected in large numbers. The gush of wind and the feather attack collide, sending the feather trajectory off its course. The feather didn’t go back like it did with poison breath though. 

The phantom bird then swooped down again, maybe the bird didn’t like the fact that its feather attack had failed. However, one of the blue wolves hurled itself at the phantom bird’s flank. 


At that moment, Yurina-san threw the hand grenade. BAM!! The hand grenade exploded with a dry sound, spreading a network of gray spider thread, entwining the blue wolf together with the phantom bird. 

“Nice! Yurina-san, now is the time to throw the paralytic grenade!”


While shouting, Yurina-san threw the paralytic hand grenade at the phantom bird, who was thrashing violently on the ground while being coiled by the spider thread. The grenade hit the area around the phantom bird’s neck and exploded. The phantom bird inhaled the smoke from the exploded hand grenade and it twitched, convulsing, before it ceased to move.

The blue wolf that was tangled together with the phantom bird got caught in friendly fire too but it was fine since the blue wolf was only unable to move for a while. In fact, removing the spider thread that got tangled with its fur would pose a bigger problem instead. 

“Great job, Yurina-san. Let’s deal the finishing blow together.”

Then the two of us, held Hellfire Sword together, to finish the phantom bird off. 

『Individual Name: Keigo Okuda is now level 21. 

HP: 46→48


Strength: 48→49

Intelligence: 89→90

Dexterity: 52→54

Speed: 48→49

Acquired Wind Level 5.』

Also Yurina-san, who was level 4, was now level 7. Her Throwing skill seemed to have improved too since it was now level 2. The way Yurina-san looked so happy when she saw the pop up screen was so adorable.


T/N: Keigo carrying his smurf account be like…. Also according to the author, Phantom Bird only available in kakuyomu version. Which means you guys won’t get to see phantom bird in manga adaptation. 

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