Shoushaman no Isekai Survival ~Zettai Hito to wa Tsurumanee~
A Trading Company Employee Isekai Survival ~I’m Definitely Not Interacting With Other People~ Chapter 187.2

Chapter 187.2: (Johnny’s POV) Overflowing Mohawk Love?! A Gang Boss Preparing His Resolve!


My name is Johnny, the boss of a gang in Resta, Johnny and The Seven Devils. I’m a man who loves mohawk beyond anything else. 

However, my mohawk……

Looking at the barren land on my head reflected in the mirror, I sighed. I drowned in my sorrow while unconsciously holding a mic on my right hand out of habit. 

A mysterious old gentleman in a hood always commissioned a high paying request to us whenever the chance arose. Most recently, he had brought us an unbelievable request. He offered us a surprising amount of money, 10 gold coins just to kidnap a bonker named Keigo Okuda. 

I had a bit of a bad feeling with how outrageous this request was but I also had a hunch that if I had refused his offer there, things would become dangerous for us instead. 

I don’t know who you are but please, forgive us. Afterall, it’s only a matter of factly that your own life is the most important thing in life, right? 

So, although I was unwilling, I ended up accepting his request but, contrary to my expectations, the request didn’t go smoothly. The fire attack I had received, burned my mohawk I was proud of to the ground. During the course of events, I ended up drinking the lost part potion and my mohawk immediately returned right here and there. 

After that, once again, my head was burned to the ground again. I desired to have that lost part potion again. I was also sad to see my lively followers, who were also proud of my mohawk, became somewhat dejected. I wanted to get my hands on the potion but this hunch inside my head kept on ringing loudly, reminding me that I shouldn’t poke my nose deeper into this matter.

But then, another chance came to me. That mysterious old gentleman paid us a visit at our hideout. 

“This is your last chance. Participate in the unit chasing after Keigo Okuda.”

That old gentleman was smiling but his smile didn’t reach his eyes even in the slightest. His eyes really possessed incredible power…

“Bi-Big bro….”

“Ye-Yeah…. You guys, don’t you dare go against me…”

After that, me and my followers were deployed in the unit chasing after the running Keigo Okuda. Right now, we were riding a horse, heading north from Resta to a city called Tairant.

However, the objective of our group, Johnny and The Seven Devils, was not to kidnap Keigo Okuda. Of course if we were to prioritize our personal safety, we ought to do what that old gentleman had said to us but, you shouldn’t underestimate our love toward mohawk, you know? 

In any case, there was no way they would give me a lost part potion after they managed to bring Keigo Okuda under their control anyway. I couldn’t even dare to imagine how much that kind of awesome thing would cost. However, in order to restore my mohawk, I definitely needed to get my hand on that potion. 

Then, what should I do?

Of course for now, I needed to pretend to be on their side and then… No one could tell what was going to happen next, right?


T/N: Their love for mohawk is real. 

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