Shoushaman no Isekai Survival ~Zettai Hito to wa Tsurumanee~
A Trading Company Employee Isekai Survival ~I’m Definitely Not Interacting With Other People~ Chapter 187.1

Chapter 187


Not really liking Yurina-san’s form when she threw something, I started thinking if there was something that could help her in throwing things that would be appropriate for her. Perhaps, I might be able to create that thing by combining hardwood, any common metal I have at ready, animal’s skin and then elastic phantom bird’s intestines that resembled a rubber? 

I decided to put my idea into action immediately. 

“Yurina-san, come here.”


Even with a question mark floating on top of her head, she let me measure the length of her arm to better equip her with that device. 

Yup. The length of the materials I have is just perfect. 

And so, the finished product was none but a slingshot with an arm lock attached to it. Equipping the slingshot on her arm, I had her test the new device by firing a rock with it. She then successfully hit the target that we used during our training. 

Even though she must be unfamiliar with slingshot, she was able to wield it well. This must be thanks to her own power. Without any doubt, her Throwing skill and increase of status points had become her attack power. 

And most importantly, even when she was attacking, she still maintained her beautiful form. For example, anyone would find the figure of an elf shooting an arrow with a bow beautiful. But, what if that elf was to shoot an arrow with their leg up in the air and spread wide? The figure wouldn’t look as beautiful, right? 

The same could be said about me. I didn’t like the sight of my wife throwing a hand grenade while lifting one of her legs up in the sky despite her wearing a skirt. I was the one who taught her how to throw the grenade but still, it felt a bit wrong. In that respect, appearance wise, throwing a hand grenade with a slingshot didn’t look that different from shooting an arrow with a bow and the attack power of the slingshot didn’t leave any room for critique either. 

“Your attack style is so cool!”

I complimented her figure but she didn’t look all that pleased. She then continued to practice shooting nuts at the target with the slingshot until the sun went down. She had a serious expression on her face. It was very clear to see that she didn’t want to always be protected.

Not wanting to disturb her determination, I decided to start preparing dinner until she herself felt hungry from practicing. 


T/N: The author didn’t like that Yurina-san was throwing things with her hands so the author decided to introduce a slingshot into the equation. I personally prefer the slingshot too because more power and less burden on Yurina-san. She can conserve her energy better for longer fights this way. 

  1. Folkebrat has spoken 4 months ago

    “I did not like the sight of my wife throwing a hand grenade while lifting one of her legs up…”

    Summer heat. A bus filled to the brim with passengers. One of the female passengers is clinging to the top railing and under her arm a thicket of black hair. Standing next to her a tipsy guy looks and finally says:
    – Hey, you, ballerina. Isn’t that leg too high?


  2. Selrac has spoken 6 months ago

    Thanks for the chapter!

  3. Lisz Arezo has spoken 1 year ago

    Slingshot isn’t that easy.

    There is hard trow stone fly in place you want.

    I was fit for ricochet when finally fly stone and he bounce back…i stoped after that.

    • luukia has spoken 1 year ago

      Well, I never tried using slingshot before so I don’t know how hard it is…

  4. escapade has spoken 1 year ago

    conserve* not converse

    • luukia has spoken 1 year ago

      I edited it. Thanks! Please tell me if you find any other typo too!~


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