Shoushaman no Isekai Survival ~Zettai Hito to wa Tsurumanee~
A Trading Company Employee Isekai Survival ~I’m Definitely Not Interacting With Other People~ Chapter 191

Chapter 191


Then I moved on to learn water and earth basic magic skills. There were 3 types of earth basic magic skill. ‘Stone Bullet’ for attacking, ‘Stone Wall’ for defending and ‘Stone Skin’ for supporting. Between those three, I choose ‘Stone Skin’, a support magic just like ‘Burning Muscle’. 

Nahar-san said,”watch me” along with gestures before he threw his clothes away and hardened his right arm. Combined with ‘Burning Muscle’ and him showing off his muscled arm, the sight of him reminded me of Master Roshi with his kamehameha skill. 

“I guess, it’s time for me to try it out then…”

After that, I successfully acquired Stone Skin level 1 and was able to harden my skin, although I couldn’t reach Nahar-san’s level of skill yet. Hardening the skill not only increased your physical defense but also physical attack and of course, the offensive ability when you used a skill would increase too. The degree of skill hardening depended on how high the skill level was. It seemed activating ‘Stone Skin’ while practicing martial arts would be effective. 

Last one, magic. There was a magic called ‘Water’ that allowed you to produce water but I didn’t need that kind of skill. I heard there was advanced water magic used for attacking but I really couldn’t imagine the usage of beginner level water magic in attacking. Other than that, there was ‘Bubble’ a skill to increase fire resistance and ‘Cure’, a detoxification magic. And so, I decided to get ‘Cure’ in the hope it would allow me to expand my reach to healing magic skill tree. 

Of course I could just make potions when I needed to get some healing but there was no way I could carry a potion all the time with me and considering how many times I nearly died from poison in this world, I believed having a detoxification magic was pretty essential in life. But if possible, I also wanted to acquire ‘Bubble’ to help me defend against a fire attack with a membrane of water. Being able to use a water membrane to defend yourself in battle although it was only a basic level skill, would certainly come in handy. 

After that Nahar-san taught me how to imagine and grasped the sense of water magic, allowing me to acquire Cure Level 1. Then, here was the moment my skill as a salaryman came into action. I bribed Nahar-san… No, not quite. I asked him whether it was possible to have him teach me skills by paying him normally using coins instead. To my surprise, he immediately agreed. He charged me 16 gold coins for a skill. It was more expensive than learning sword-based skill but if I was able to acquire magic skill in this way, 16 gold coins was pretty cheap. 

And so, I was able to get Nahar-san to teach me ‘Bubble’ by paying him gold coins since I was unable to learn that skill through the guild due to insufficient guild points. 

By the time I finished with the transaction and learning process, Yurina-san had already finished her lesson before me and had been waiting for me to finish. We thanked Nahar-san, Miranda-san and Miss Villa before leaving the adventurers’ guild.


T/N: MC is getting so many skills he’s like inspector gadget

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    bribing is really common even till this day my cousin don’t know how to drive but he have a driver’s license… that Philippines for you baby


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