Shoushaman no Isekai Survival ~Zettai Hito to wa Tsurumanee~
A Trading Company Employee Isekai Survival ~I’m Definitely Not Interacting With Other People~ Chapter 192.1

Chapter 192.1


“Then Yurina-san, let’s quickly raise your class to Iron.”


Yurina-san, who had acquired new skills, nodded her head excitedly. She seemed to be polishing her life to become more like a combat wife but since she was happy about it, I didn’t see any problem with it. After all, there was nothing more valuable than her happiness. 

“Ah? Is it already this late?”

The sun was already beginning to set. I was starting to get tired and wanted to just go back to the inn to eat and sleep but staying in a place with many people for long wouldn’t be good for us. So considering all that, we decided to quickly procure some food, fire and other essentials so we could leave Baileys city as soon as possible. 

After buying all the things we needed, we headed to the south gate, the one near the forest, when we were approached by a familiar face. 

“Keigo Okuda!! ○×◇△◇….”


That person was Donny-san, a soldier from Resta who worked under Bavarian-sama. I immediately stopped the carriage and listened to his story. Apparently after Heinrich staged a coup d’etat, Donny-san was banished from Resta. Then with the support of Juno and the others, he was able to follow me all the way here. 

“Donny-san, for the time being, let’s leave this place first.”

After hearing the gist of his story, I gestured to him that we should move to another place without any people. I parked the carriage by the side of the road that led to the forest after leaving Baileys and asked Donny-san for a more detailed story. 

“So Resta has become like that….”

Donny-san told me that Heinrich had staged a coup d’etat and put Bavarian-sama under captivity and Donny-san was certain that Heinrich-sama was trying to chase after me. So, Donny-san offered to become our guard. Since he was originally the captain of the soldier under Bavarian-sama, Donny-san certainly looked strong. 

“Thank you very much. As of now, we’re thinking of raising her class to Iron so we will be able to escape to the country in the east. Since we only need to raise one class more, we’re planning to go to the forest to get it done quickly.”

I told him that with combination of gestures and a written memo. 

“That’s a good idea.”

Donny-san responded. By the way, up north from here there was a country called Highlander Kingdom and if we went over to the border to the east, we would reach Keel Kingdom. According to Donny-san, Resta had been at war with Highlander Kingdom for so many years now so it would be hard to pass their checkpoint. It would be better for us to escape to the east to Keel Kingdom. If we escaped to another country, even Heinrich wouldn’t be able to touch us there. 

Now then. The sun had completely set and at the same time, I realized I was famished. 


Using gestures, I invited Donny-san to eat dinner with us. 


T/N: Why can’t Japanese author just use common english name….

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