Shoushaman no Isekai Survival ~Zettai Hito to wa Tsurumanee~
A Trading Company Employee Isekai Survival ~I’m Definitely Not Interacting With Other People~ Chapter 194

Chapter 194


We headed to Keel, a country in the east. The pathway along was filled with trees all around. The horses seemed to be in great shape though, it must be thanks to the support magic I had put on them. But… Somehow, it felt a little bit too quiet….

I couldn’t see anyone else but us on this road.


“Ah, yes. I also think so.”

Donny-san, who was coming closer, was saying something that I assumed was “There’s something strange going on here…” The blue wolves were also running alongside us but there wasn’t anything particularly different about them. According to the map, the checkpoint to the Keel Kingdom shouldn’t be far. We should be able to reach our destination by today. 

“I hope it’s just my imagination…”

After several minutes of driving in the wagon, the situation suddenly took a turn for the worse. We had reached a part of the forest where the foliage was getting considerably thicker and in front of us, there was a cavalry troop of what I assumed was a part of a military unit blocking our path along with infantry soldiers waiting to ambush us in the forest to cut our escape route. Both the cavalry and infantry units drew their swords. There were about a total of 50 enemies. 

Crap. Are they Heinrich’s men?!

But we couldn’t afford to get caught here. If we could get through them here, we would be able to escape to the neighboring country. 

“Blue wolves!!”

In response to my voice, the six blue wolves that had been running alongside us appeared from between the trees and took up their positions surrounding our wagon. The growling from the blue wolves appeared to be effective since the cavalry unit flinched for a second there. Then, some thug-like guys within the cavalry unit started to fight with each other. I didn’t exactly understand what was happening but this situation was definitely in my favor. 

“Yurina-san! Paralyze! Spider! Donny-san! Back!”


“Got it!!”

“Ah, wait a minute…”

I cast Burning Muscle and Stone Skin on them while drinking MP recovery potion. I also cast those supporting magic to the blue wolves who were threatening our enemy. And of course to myself too. In the meantime, Yurina-san threw a paralyzing ball with a slingshot towards our enemy at both the front and behind and detonated the ball right above their head. 

Seeing everything unfolding, Donny-san didn’t immediately rush toward the enemy. Instead, he stood alongside the blue wolves, intimidating the enemy together with them. As a silver ranked adventurer,the intensity of his presence definitely couldn’t be underestimated. 

“Ooops! Wind!!”

The paralyzing powder was about to drift toward us so I used Wind to carry the paralyzing powder back to their detonation location. In the meantime, Yurina-san detonated a Spider Thread bullet on top of the enemy’s head. Despite the considerable distance between the enemy and us, Yurina-san was still able to demonstrate her sniper shot ability by hitting the enemy accurately thanks to her skill, Eagle Shoot and the additional power from my Burning Muscle. 

My combat waifu is so damn amazing. Moreover, she’s able to avoid hitting the cavalry units that are supporting us.

When I looked behind, I saw an enemy that looked like the magician type preparing to throw a fireball to counterattack us. 

This is…


I deployed a defensive barrier magic, Bubble, at the blue wolves who were in front of my line of sight. A water membrane enveloped the blue wolves, protecting them from the fireball. In the meantime, five people riding a horse came toward us from among the fighting cavalry unit and so the blue wolves immediately intercepted them, standing between the incoming 5 horsemen

 and us. 

It seems they’re on our side but I feel like I’ve seen them before… I wonder where I’ve seen them? Well, let’s just think of how to get this over with for now.

“Yurina-san! Over there, throw paralyzing and spider! Hey, horse guys! Come over here!”

I asked Yurina-san to scatter paralyzing powder at the place where physical fighting was going on and asked those five guys who I assumed was our ally to come over to our side. 

Hm? These guys… Could it be…?

I reached into my pocket and fetched a potion out of it. I then flaunted the potion in hand toward those five guys and just like what I had expected, their faces immediately shining brightly, their eyes glittering in greed. I could practically see the money sign on their eyes. 

Well, let’s just consider this as an upfront investment. 

I handed the potion to a guy with a familiar face and cast Burning Muscle and Stone Skin to all five of them. I sent three of them to the front and two of them to the back. Somehow I felt like the loyalty those thug guys had toward me just increased or maybe it was just my imagination?

As the enemy drew near, our vanguard took up a defensive formation to protect the line and at the same time, Yurina-san threw another round of paralyzing bullet and spider thread bullet to seal the enemy’s movement. 

I backed my comrade up with supporting magic like using ‘Bubble’ to help them defend against the enemy’s fire attack and since I had plenty of potions in stock, I helped heal them with potions and used ‘Cure’ too. I would occasionally shoot paralyzing arrows from the rearguard too.

The enemy, who possessed an overwhelming advantage in military prowess, seemed to be at a loss, not knowing how to continue at the face of our impregnable defense and then… A swordsman with long, dark purple hair stepped forward from within Heinrich’s infantry unit. That swordsman possessed an extraordinary aura.


As soon as Donny-san saw that long haired man, he immediately yelled. His eyes looked like he was looking at his archenemy. It seemed the two of them had some history going on between them.

Donny-san, who was commanding both the blue wolves and the thugs team, made both teams stand back. Donny-san stepped forward on his own, it seemed he wanted to deal with the long haired swordsman all by himself. 


T/N: 3 people + 6 wolves + 1 puppy against 50 infantry units…. Either Heinrich’s man sucks or that paralyzing powder is an OP weapon. I don’t think we’ve seen Brutus in manga yet so idk what he looks like but here’s a pic of MC and Yurina-san.

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