Shoushaman no Isekai Survival ~Zettai Hito to wa Tsurumanee~
A Trading Company Employee Isekai Survival ~I’m Definitely Not Interacting With Other People~ Chapter 195.1

Chapter 195.1



Donny-san’s eyes were burning when he looked at the long haired man who I assumed was Brutus. Judging from the fact that Donny-san was telling our team to not interfere with this fight, the two of them definitely had some history going on. Donny-san unsheathed his greatsword from his back, holding it with both of his hands. I could practically see the wrath aura coming from Donny-san. He looked like a seasoned warrior like this. On the other hand, Brutus showed no sign of losing either. Judging from the tone of his voice, Brutus was provoking Donny-san back.

While both the enemy and our sides were watching those two’s decisive battle unfolding, I whispered something into Yurina-san’s ear. 

And the one who made the first move was Brutus. Their collision was so fast and powerful that my eyes couldn’t follow their movement. After exchanging blows, the two of them stepped back before they rushed in to attack each other at an unbelievable speed. This back and forth was repeated over and over again, they were fighting each other fiercely.

It seemed the two of them were equally matched.

“Hmm… This might be a bit bad. Donny-san might get angry at me later but well, it can’t be helped I guess.”

After all, when the anesthesia on the enemy’s wore off and they became able to move again, we would be the one at disadvantage. 

“Then, Yurina-san, I will leave it to you?”

“I understand.”

The two of them kept on clashing their swords, repeating the motion of clashing and stepping back over and over again, searching for any gap from their opponent’s movement. They were fully concentrated with their fight but it seemed they weren’t paying much attention to their surroundings. I guess they truly believed there would be no outside interference in a one-on- one fight between two veteran warriors. Maybe that belief was the common sense of this world. 

……..But that kind of ‘common sense’ had nothing to do with me or Yurina-san.

The first shot. From Yurina-san’s beautiful hand, she shot a flash bullet made from volatile light rock high into the air and detonated it. Suddenly, a dazzling light appeared on top of their head, surprising our enemy. Since our side was facing away from the light, we suffered no effect from the flash bullet. 

The second shot. With a facial expression akin to a hunter, Yurina-san she fired a paralyzing bullet silently. Apparently Yurina-san’s Eagle Shot not only increased the distance of her range but also gave a silencing effect like a silencer on a pistol which was very suitable for sniping. 

The bullet, which was being shot at ultra high speed, did not deviate from its trajectory and the bullet successfully arrived overhead of Brutus, who was momentarily distracted by the flash bomb.



Accompanied by a comically stupid sound, Brutus’ face was covered with paralyzing powder. Involuntarily inhaling the scattered paralyzing powder, Brutus immediately fell to the ground. His body was twitching as he rolled on the ground. 

“Yesss! Nice combo!”

I gave a high five to Yurina-san, who looked very ecstatic. Donny-san was staring at me with an expression that sort of looked like contempt but I decided to pay him no mind. 

Is it cowardly to force my way through into a one to one fight between two veteran fighters? I say, who are you trying to fool? In a situation where you are being surrounded by 50 people, there’s absolutely no legitimate reason to call you a coward.  

“Now then, let’s quickly tie these guys up with a rope and run away from this place.”

We rendered all enemies immobilized by using spider thread and paralyzing powder. Then we tied them all with a rope before we finally ran away to Keel Kingdom in the east with our wagon.


T/N: I think when the enemy is outnumbering you 50 to 3, all card on deck is fair to use.

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