Shoushaman no Isekai Survival ~Zettai Hito to wa Tsurumanee~
A Trading Company Employee Isekai Survival ~I’m Definitely Not Interacting With Other People~ Chapter 195.2

Chapter 195.2 : (Josephine’s POV) Boiling With Rage?! The Lady of Butterfly’s Craddle Pub Is Furious!


My name is Josephine. I’m running a small establishment in the city’s entertainment district called Butterfly’s Craddle Pub. My girls call me ‘Mama’.

One day, an incident occurred. 

“Khukhu… That Keigo guy, what a loser he is. He’s probably already caught by now and being tortured together with some woman called Yurina.”

One of the soldier guys said so while encircling his arm around my girl’s shoulder. 


The face of that soldier guy was lightly grazed as my fist plunged into the wall behind him accompanied by a terrifying noise. 

“Huh?? Say it again? What were you saying about Yurina?”

That soldier guy was trembling violently from fear. I didn’t do a “kabedon” at him but a “kabeBAM” instead. 

How’s that Soldier-san? Have you fallen in love with me?

I made that soldier guy spill everything. Apparently, that haughty Nobleman-sama was a pretty naughty little boy. This… It seemed a little bit of punishment was in order. I would never forgive anyone who dared to lay a hand on my precious girls. After that, what perfect timing it was. Margo, the owner of a weapon shop, came to ask me for a help with a desperate expression on his face. 

“Mama, I want to ask for your cooperation to rescue Keigo and Yurina. First, we need to get Bavarian-sama out. He’s currently being detained in his mansion. After we help him escape from his mansion, we need to hide him in our hideout. The plan is to….”

“My poor little Yurina is suffering through an ordeal! Of course, I will cooperate with you. We’re closing up our place for today!”

After I said that, I kicked all of the remaining customers out. 

“Everyone, Yurina is in a major crisis. I will explain the details of the plan later but for now, contact all the other girls you know. I will make sure the reward will be worth your while.”

I scattered a large amount of gold coins onto the floor from a gold bag that Keigo had left for me before Yurina was taken away and the girls erupted in cheers. 

“Mama, I owe you one. We will carry out our plan tomorrow night so, I’ll be counting on you then. This is the location of our hideout. Please gather there at sunset.”

Margo pointed toward a spot on the town’s map as he said so and then, he quickly left the place.


T/N: Here’s some pic of Josephine from the manga~

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