Shoushaman no Isekai Survival ~Zettai Hito to wa Tsurumanee~
A Trading Company Employee Isekai Survival ~I’m Definitely Not Interacting With Other People~ Chapter 209

Chapter 209


After we set up our mind on moving into the town, Yurina-san and I started to prepare for our move one step at a time until finally the only thing left to do was to transport our belongings to our new place. 

The seedlings in the field had already been transferred into the new land and the herb chickens were all ready to be moved. However, I couldn’t bring the poisonous plants with me since the rule stated that no one was allowed to grow poisonous plants in the city. The rule was understandable though since childrens might snatch some vegetables in the field for them to eat without permission. 

The home was finished two weeks after I put my order purchase in. Volga-san, from the commercial guild, came to my place along with other members of the commercial guild in order to inform us about the completion of the house and to perform a detailed assessment of this little house I currently lived in since they were planning on purchasing it. 

During our negotiation a few days ago, Sarasa and Margo had already explained the house arrangement along with the facilities installed and we already agreed to price my little house at 1000 gold coins. But the people from the commercial guild said that they wanted to do a detailed assessment themselves and depending on the result, the price might either increase or decrease for about 200 gold coins. We gave Volga-san a tour of the house and much to our surprise, this little house was appraised at 1200 gold coins instead of 1000 gold coins.

I had anticipated some difficult bargaining and nitpicking from their side so I was really caught off guard by the outcome. 

Well, maybe they don’t make things difficult for me since they know I’m a friend of the guild master’s daughter? If I were them, I would also offer the price at a lower value at first and then increase the value later to build the foundation of a better future relationship. 

Volga-san seemed to be a pretty skillful merchant. He said that he had overlooked the bowguns on the stone wall along with the potential yield of the field and the blacksmith workshop so an increase of 200 gold coins was a reasonable and fair price. However, I suspect Volga-san already knew about all those facts beforehand and he already intended to raise their offer. Although you couldn’t really call the merchant in this world a ‘businessman’ or a ‘salesman’ but they essentially were doing the same thing as their line of job.

“Such is the way of life of a businessman….”

I looked at him with a distant look in my eyes, remembering the time where I was drenched in sweat because I had to wear a suit in the damned scorching summer heat. 

In any case, we got a special bonus from our house selling, so let’s splurge for a little bit with our celebratory party. 

“Well then everyone, since we’ve finished packing, I will leave the rest with you guys.”

I said to the guild members of the commercial guild and they started working right away. I had asked Volga-san to find me some people to help me with the moving. By the way, even though I had to pay them 10 gold coins, I had received a big surplus from the sales so even after I put the moving fee into consideration, I still had a lot of money to splurge. 

And so, after making sure that they moved our belongings properly, Yurina-san (along with Ash who was nestled in her arms) and I moved into our new house (slash store) in the town of Resta.


T/N: Sorry for the late update! So many things are happening in real life (´•̥̥̥д•̥̥̥`̀ू๑)‧º·˚

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