Shoushaman no Isekai Survival ~Zettai Hito to wa Tsurumanee~
A Trading Company Employee Isekai Survival ~I’m Definitely Not Interacting With Other People~ Chapter 210

Chapter 210


Our shop was finally completed. 

And so, Yurina-san (along with Ash in her arms), Volga-san, Taylor-san and I, stood in front of the completed shop after we had finished moving our belongings in. Everything was designed with Ash as the muse. The shop was seriously really cute. I felt like I could die from the sheer cuteness. 

The main building was a two story building with one basement floor. The building was made using moss green bricks and pastel orange bricks. The building wasn’t clunky or boxy either, it had a slightly round shape, same like the doors and windows. Overall, the colors, the shape and all of the components of the main building really blended well together, making the house look really adorable. 

The first floor served as the store front. There was also the blacksmithing workshop, a space for me to do some alchemy, a kitchen and a bathroom. The basement served as a storage room and the second floor served as a living space for us. The field that also served as a space for the chicken to loiter around looked really neat. Even the firewood stove and the bed looked so fancy. 

In addition to an indoor bath, there was also an outdoor bath so we would still be able to enjoy having an open air bath despite living in the city. It was clear to see the designer really put extra emphasis on every little thing to make the house look so adorable. From the soap box to the towel rack, and other small accessories of the house, everything was designed to look cute.

Even after I had completed replanting the seedlings and settled the chicken in their new coop, there was still plenty of space left. It seemed we would be able to hold a party here. And there, in front of our shop, there was the shop’s sign, adorned with Ash’s paw stamp. The sign of our general store read ‘Wolf Cub’s Apron’ in a cute round-ish font.


Yurina-san seemed to be very elated with how adorable the shop looked. 

We decided on the shop’s name together. Since we wanted to have a shop with an adorable vibe, we wanted the name to have some sort of association with Ash. At first we were thinking of putting ‘bib’ after the ‘wolf cub’ because we thought it’d be cute but after further thinking…. The word ‘bib’ had an association with something dirty and so… In the end we settled on the word ‘apron’ instead.

“Taylor-san, Volga-san, thank you very much. I didn’t expect our house would look this adorable. Here, this is a cheque for 1500 gold coins, as we had promised before.”

I gave Taylor-san the commercial guild’s issued cheque worth of 1500 gold coins. 

“Ah, that’s right. We’re going to have a party to celebrate the completion of our shop today. Would the two of you be interested in attending?”

“Of course.”

“It will be my pleasure.”

“Then, we will need to start preparing for the party. I’ll see you two later.”

After that, Yurina-san and I, along with Sarasa and the others who came to help us, started preparing for tonight’s party. 


T/N: You know the author is old by the fact that this world is using cheque to trade.

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  1. hehaaw has spoken 8 months ago

    Kinda curious if the wolves who always guarding him will also joining him on his new house?

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    Thanks for the chapter~


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