Shoushaman no Isekai Survival ~Zettai Hito to wa Tsurumanee~
A Trading Company Employee Isekai Survival ~I’m Definitely Not Interacting With Other People~ Chapter 211

Chapter 211


In order to celebrate the completion of our shop, Wolf Cub’s Apron, I invited Margo and the others along with Josephine-san, the big sisters from Butterfly’s Cradle pub, Volga-san, Taylor-san, Alan-san (Sarasa’s father and also the guild master of commercial guild), Barrack-san (Elsa’s father), Donny-san (the captain of the soldier working under Bavarian-sama) and also Bavarian-sama (I sent him an invite since there was no risk in trying but to my surprise, he actually came). 

I handed Yurina-san a paper containing the speech I had prepared to open today’s celebration and after saying the typical opening sentence in Japanese, Yurina-san followed suit, practically translating my Japanese speech into Lancaster language. 

The party was a buffet style party held in the store front part of our house. On the display shelf on the wall, we had lined up 10 water bottle with water attribute that could produce water continuously (product name: Wakimizu-kun β) and 10 water bottle with fire attribute that could heat the water inside and keep it hot for prolonged time (product name: Pokapoka-kun α).

By the way, the word ‘β’ and ‘α’ in the product name represented its prototype version number. The 3.0 version would be named ‘γ’.

When the house was still under construction, I had been thinking about the various things I would sell in our shop but I didn’t want my goods to interlap with the things that Margo and Sarasa sold in their shop so from there on, an idea came to my mind. I remembered the fire attribute thermal bottle I had developed with Heinrich and the water dagger scabbard. I was thinking of making a water bottle by combining both ideas. 

And if I give it a cute design that matches the adorable concept of our shop, won’t the water bottle become a pretty decent item? 

And so with that thought in mind, I asked for Yurina-san’s help to make the prototype for our new water bottle. We tried adding a wolf cub’s paw design on the bottle and the lid just like the one we designed for our shop’s sign. Also, since the plain iron color looked dull, we tried making three color variations, pastel pink, pastel orange and moss green. Just like the color scheme of our shop. 

Yeah. The water bottle looks pretty fancy. Suitable enough as something to sell in our shop if I may say so myself. 

After that, we demonstrated the water bottle in front of everyone while they were eating and drinking. I warmed milan fruit wine and poured it into a mug for Bavarian-sama and Margo. Suddenly, the two of them yelled and weeped, “UWOHHHHH!!!” while shaking my shoulder vigorously. 

These two people… Are they alright (in the head)?

Alan-san and Volga-san also looked flabbergasted to the point their mouths were gaping open. Both fire dagger and water dagger were already commercially sold in Sarasa and Margo’s shop though so I didn’t expect these water bottles would come as a surprise. 

After that, the price negotiation battle commenced between everyone. As if they were in an auction, Bavarian-sama and Alan-san were fighting over 20 water bottles, the only product available as of currently. 

“No, umm… Actually I was thinking of giving this to everyone as a gift for attending this party…..”

When I told them that, Sarasa became absolutely furious. As of now, the temporary price of this water bottle has reached up to 60 gold coins.

“Giving something as expensive as that as a free gift is absolutely unthinkable!”

So they said. 

In the end, after a thorough discussion between Bavarian-sama and Alan-san, they decided that the retail price of one water bottle to be 50 gold coins. 

“However, please do note that the current price is just a temporary price. Depending on the amount of the demand and supply, the price might change at any time.”

So it was written on a piece of paper.

The two of them decided on their own without inviting me into their discussion.

I mean, there’s no need for me to abide by the rules decided by other people about how I run my business but oh well, since we are in the middle of a party, I don’t want to become a wet blanket. So I will just flow along with them for now.

And so, Alan-san and Bavarian-sama bought 10 water bottles each. Since they already decided on 50 gold coins as the price of one water bottle, that meant I got 1000 gold coins. Bavarian-sama gave a cheque to Volga-san and Volga-san did something with a plate the size of A4 paper and the amount of balance written in my commercial guild card changed. I had received 1200 gold coins before from selling my small house by the forest and now I had received 1000 gold coins from selling the water bottle. In total, I received 2200 gold coins today. 


I shivered upon realizing I had easily earned half the money required to have my brand new shop. 

According to Sarasa, not only was this product something both adventurer and peddler desperately wanted to have, but the cute design of these bottles was also a pretty rare thing in the market so fashion conscious nobles would surely love it. With all of those aspects combined, the water bottle would definitely fetch a high price in the market. 

So this is why Bavarian-sama and Alan-san’s eyes turn into dollar signs….

Averting my gaze toward Margo and Sarasa, they were grinding their teeth, looking very vexed at the situation.

As I expected. An ordinary merchant like Sarasa and Margo are not on the same level with a noble and a commercial guild when fighting for a product to sell.

“Everyone, please calm down. I also don’t like it when a shop doesn’t have any product in stock but at the same time, I also don’t want to keep on working like a horse so I will be the one who decides the price and the amount of product I will sell myself. Also, as I’ve mentioned before. I still want to give a gift to everyone who’s here for the party. I will make another water bottle for everyone later. The same water bottle I’ve shown to you guys tonight.”

I said, while Yurina-san translated my words into Lancaster language for everyone else. Bavarian-sama and Alan-sama vehemently objected to my decision but I was standing firm.

“This is something that I’ve made myself so I’m free to do whatever I want with them.”

And so, I asked each one of the people in the party whether they wanted Wakimizu-kun β or Pokapoka-kun α to end the discussion about the water bottle. I still had some ideas of products to make by granting different attributes to them but I guess, I should refrain from telling the people from the commercial guild or Bavarian-sama about it even after I had completed making it. 

Afterwards, during the party, Alan-san looked like he was charmed by the big sisters from Butterfly’s Cradle. Seeing that, Sarasa let out a cold wave emitting from her body. Furthermore, both Margo and Juno turned ghastly pale just by seeing the angry Sarasa.

As the night grew late, the joyful night came to an end.


T/N: Alan-sannnn, you already have a daughterrrrr! 

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