Shoushaman no Isekai Survival ~Zettai Hito to wa Tsurumanee~
A Trading Company Employee Isekai Survival ~I’m Definitely Not Interacting With Other People~ Chapter 212

Chapter 212


The next day after the party to celebrate the completion of Wolf Pup’s Apron building, we decided to make more products to display and rearrange the shop in order to prepare for the shop’s grand opening. Before actually opening the store, we needed to work on the product and test it in the workshop to ensure the product could function properly. We’d be losing our reputation if any defect was to appear in the future after selling it to our customer. And so, I had Margo to join me in supervising the testing of the product in our workshop.

While I was silently lighting the fire in the furnace to make Wakimizu-kun β and Pokapoka-kun α, Yurina-san was rearranging the display shelf when she came to call me out. I was told that a tax collection officer had come to our house. 

“Tax collection? But our shop is not even open yet….”

While I was questioning for what reason the tax collection officer came to our place, I went to the reception space where the tax officer was supposedly waiting for me. And then, I was surprised. Right in the reception area, there was a beautiful blonde woman who looked like an intricately made french doll.

“Huh? This lady is the tax officer?”


Yurina-san said curtly. 

Standing up straight, I was clasping my hand together in front of my chest while smiling at the beautiful lady. 

“Good afternoon.”

I greeted her in Lancaster language. 

The woman said her name was Charlotte. She introduced herself as a tax collection officer, a sister from the church and as an inquisitor. She extended her hand to me for a hand shake and I introduced myself as Keigo Okuda, the owner of this shop while shaking hands with her. 

I was captivated by Charlotte-san’s sweet smile but I quickly returned to my senses when Yurina-san cleared her throat audibly. Glancing at Yurina-san sideways, I saw she had the same expression as Sarasa last night. She was smiling but it was evident to see her smile wasn’t genuine. You could practically hear the menacing sound effect playing behind her back. This was the kind of expression Margo often suffered under Sarasa.

I could feel myself sweating under her gaze….

Individual Name: Keigo Okuda has acquired Psychological Fear Resistance Level 1.

I would much prefer it if I didn’t get that skill in a situation like this…. Well, that just shows how much I fear losing Yurina-san. Troubles involving another woman is definitely a dangerous thing for a married couple. I need to be wary. 

And so, I asked Charlotte-san what was the purpose of her visit today while hiding this shameful heart of mine.

“And so, may I know the purpose of your visit today?”


Charlotte-san was here for two things. 

  1. Apart from tax income, there’s another tax for setting up a shop. I need to pay her 10 gold coins for shop opening tax.
  2. She’s asking for a donation for the church she belongs to, the Zelarion Church, and for me to join the said church (this one is optional though). 

I don’t want to deal with unnecessary trouble in the future by refusing to join their church or donating but… With all that said, giving a small donation is not a problem for me but if I agree to join their church here, I’m sure they will ask me to do all sorts of things later… 

“I see… I will pay the tax for opening a shop as per required but about joining the church, I’m sorry I will have to decline. Of course, it will be an honor for me to be able to donate for the church.”

After saying that, I took out 11 gold coins from my pouch and placed it onto the table to pay the tax and the donation. Then, seemingly happy with the donation, Charlotte-san took out something resembling a rosario, grasped it in her hands and put her hand in front of her chest and made some sort of a sign like a cross sign as she started to pray for me. 

“May God’s blessing be upon you.”

Or rather, the rosario thingy she had looked similar to the thing Heinrich had left behind. Which was surprising to know given how utilitarian that man was. 

I engaged in small talk with Charlotte-san. We talked about Heinrich and the charity works carried by the church. After talking for a little bit, she then took her leave. 

It’s better to humor the people from the tax office. That’s the golden rule in trade occupation. 

After sending her off, I thought to myself that it was weird for Margo to not come to show his face. It turned out that sister-sama was notorious in town. Be that be as a tax officer or as inquisitor, she was ‘excellent’ in every sense of the world. Everyone in the town feared her. 

Upon knowing that, I was glad I didn’t act curtly when refusing her offer to join the church. I was also relieved I had given her enough donation to keep her happy. 

However, I completely failed to notice that Yurina-san’s mood had taken a deep dive because I was enthralled by Charlotte-san’s beauty for a moment there. 


T/N: Thank you for the kofi! I really appreciate it! You know, just the thought of someone giving me kofi without expecting anything in return (because I literally can’t give anything back. I can’t build stockpile chapters like I used to), it’s just so endearing! It makes me feel like… Ah so this is unconditional love… Haha! (,,>﹏<,,)

Also, tax officer both in isekai and irl are the same, huh…. They are all kinda seedy…

  1. Folkebrat has spoken 4 months ago

    And so the Church appears… But it’s not this kind of novel so I think our friends will have relative peace from it.

  2. BellCross Wolfstein has spoken 1 year ago

    She should be the girl Heinrich tasked to torture Yurina right?

    • luukia has spoken 1 year ago

      Nooo! Heinrich is a good(sort of) man now! He already rescinded his power!


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